First of all, a quick thank you to Setsukan for taking over last week.  I was out of town and wasn’t able to watch the first episode until early this week.  I owe you, man. =)  NOW ONTO LE REVIEW!

We open this week where episode one left off; Elcie has informed Keima’s class that they are siblings and no one seems to believe her.  Of course, Keima is completely absorbed in his PFP (which face it, it’s totally a PSP) until Elcie declares that every girl will be dying to get their hands on him.   This seems to bring him out of his fantasy world long enough to splutter and watch as the rest of his classmates laugh at Elcie’s declaration.  Quite a blow to his ego, me thinks.  Elcie seems to be a bit disappointed that no one believes her, but she’s so adorable when she’s pouting I could care less.  Gah, I just want to take her home with me and smoosh her cheeks!  (≧∇≦)/

On the way home, Keima looses his cool and starts shouting at Elcie, demanding that she remove his “guillotine of a collar” and go home to where she belongs.  Elcie tells him that until they’re able to retrieve every single lost soul from the city, they won’t be able to fulfill his contract, thus keeping her in the human world with Keima.  Looking none too pleased about this outcome, Keima stomps home, Elcie on his heels.  This is where it starts to get good.  We meet Keima’s mother, a seemingly very sweet, cheerful woman with bright orange hair and the owner of a small cafe in the downstairs of their home.  Elcie greets her happily before telling her that she’s the illegitimate child of Keima’s father and will be living with them from now on.  I think it goes without saying that Keima’s mother goes ape-shit insane and calls Keima’s father, telling him not to bother coming home.  So much for that marriage!  Somehow Keima seems unfazed by all of this…

Keima decides to go shopping for yet another game with Elcie in tow.  She asks him why he can’t accept her as a little sister and he informs her it’s because she doesn’t have the correct qualifications.  In this case, he refers to it as BMW: Blood (as in blood bond), Memories (aka, childhood memories) and Waichan Moe (i.e., having that “moe factor” that we all know and love.  Wait, does that mean Keima’s a pervert?) Elcie unexpectedly bites his finger hard enough to draw blood, then claiming that now that they have the same blood flowing through their bodies, they’re officially brother and sister.  It’s kind of weird logic, but it’s logic that works none the less!  Embarrassed and quite possibly flustered, Keima storms off for home, Elcie on his heels.

After a somewhat traumatizing dinner and cleaning spree brought on by none other than Elcie, we then find Keima in the bathtub doing – what else? – playing a dating sim on his PFP.  He begrudgingly admits to himself that Elcie is quickly fulfilling the qualifications to be a little sister before being startled when the lights suddenly turn off.  Wide-eyed and red-faced, Keima finds himself face-to-face with Elcie in the bathub.  After much yelling, blushing and scrambling out of the bathtub (all three mainly done by Keima) it’s revealed the Elcie really is a little sister.  Her older sister is apparently an incredibly successful demon and can do everything that Elcie can’t.  It was really upsetting to see her in such a vulnerable state and it seems that Keima thought so too since he agreed to let her stay with them.  Needless to say, Elcie is thrilled.

The next day at school, Elcie and Keima find their next target, a girl named Aoyama Mio who is the daughter of the owner of Aoyama Central Industries.  In other words: she rich and practically a snob (which is noticed when she buys out the lunch cart earlier that day.)  Keima doesn’t thinks he’ll be much trouble since according to him and his infinite wisdom of girls – or so he says – that she’s most likely the type of girl who acts tough but is really very shy and innocent on the inside.  He then decides to test out his love confessions he’s learned from games on Elcie, who becomes so flustered that she thinks he’s really confessing to her.  Kid’s got some skillz, yo.

After coming up with a plan, Keima “confesses” to Mio only to have his back nearly broken by her bodyguard/escort.  Unfazed by his rejection, he and Elcie follow her home and discover the startling truth about Mio.  She lives in a run-down apartment by herself.  Talk about a twist of fate!

Opinions: This episode was absolutely hilarious!  This show is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows this season.  The relationship between Keima and Elcie is both endearing and hysterical what with Elcie trying to get Keima to accept her as a friend/little sister.  Plus, the fact that each girl Keima must “conquer” is completely different than the last is an excellent plot.  I’m really looking forward to the next episode and I want more Elcie!  Now!

Score: A+/A+

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