This week’s episode starts off as a regular day at school – students milling around, chatting with each other, Wako’s friend teasing her that perchance there are some sparks between her and Takuto…Takuto getting freaked out when the girl behind him kisses a guy through glass. The long haired bishoujo introduces herself as Watanabe Kanako and asks if he minds glass between them..EH SHE’S MARRIED?! D: Shindo walks up and says that he’d like to meet him after class and Takuto agrees.

After school, Shindo takes Takuto to an old building behind the new school building and then to meet the Night Flight drama club. Jaguar and Tiger senpai neeeeeeh? The Vice Pres is a “kyuu kyuu” mini fox? Sarina, the President, suddenly asks Takuto that he piloted a Cybody yes? Wait how did she…? Takuto pulls his shirt open to reveal a cross shaped scar on his chest which starts glowing after he focuses on it. The girls are surprised to find out that the symbol comes over the scar and that is something they haven’t heard o f before. Takuto asks why Wako was kidnapped and who were those guys.

Sarina asks if he remembers what happened to the world around him when he called out his Cybody. He says that he got pulled into some weird space. Sarina explains that Cybodies can only move in that ‘weird space’. When a Cybody starts, time stops for the rest of the world. So a Cybody can only move around in Zero Time. Outside of it, they’re just big statues. Of course if you could get them to move outside of Zero Time then well…everything would change in an instant. That club consists of people who want to do that.Takuto asks just who they all are but Sarina laughs and says just the drama club.

Back under the abandoned gold mine, a meeting is being held between the different Glittery Crux Brigade section heads. So they exchange some success stories (having broken the North Maiden, used the Cybercasket to command a Cybody) then move on to discuss the appearance of Galactic Pretty Boy. How was it that he was at the third level? And Tauburn, his Cybody as well, what was up with that? Ara, seems like this group doesn’t have a leader so far. How peculiar.Head (purple haired guy from the first ep) proposes that the person to take down Tauburn gets to take charge until the departure. No objections from all parties.

At an outdoors hot springs, Ginga Bishounen is taking a soak and pondering on some words when he gets interrupted by the dorm head…sitting right next to him…in the bath…wearing only a towel. She tries to come onto Takuto, who only gets more and more flustered and she comes closer to him. She leans in for the kiss…and the door opens to some guys and holy shit that was QUITE the Houdini disappearance act she just did! Outside, funny hair guy is spending quality time with his bike when the dorm head comes out and asks where George is. Georgey boy’s been holed up in his room, training hard and trying to get over the fact that he lost his Cybody and his Star Driver rights.

The two discuss that he wants payback for what happened but it’ll come back to hurt him though. And the two start making out. Aite. *shrugs* At a beach house somewhere else on the island, Shindo asks Sarina if she thinks that perhaps Takuto is a Crux spy. She says that he’s different, that’s why the Vice Pres likes him. She comments that they’ve finally started going after Wako and though they can apprivoise (I dunno, ‘merge’ with the Cybody) the ultimate Cybody, Shindo won’t do it. Wako chimes in that she won’t let that happen as he is not like the others. Sabrina changes the topics, asking if HE knows whether the two of them (Shindo and Wako) are engaged. Shindo says that yes and Wako lets out a small noise of surprise but stays quiet as Shindo explains that someone must have told him.

While Takuto is enjoying some alone time on the beach, funny hair guy is pushing his bike to go faster and faster…and yeah, I second that virgin comment XD Purple haired guy/Head is talking out loud as he lies on his bed/couch/thing – Scarlet Kiss’s first phase lets her charm any man she kisses but HE already seems to have fallen for Shindo (*falls over* HUH? WUT? HUH?) he asks the North Maiden to tell him a story as he can’t sleep again. Back at the beach house, Sabrina asks how Takuto feels about the whole matter. Flashback to when he came to the drama club and he says that perhaps he came here to fight those guys. Wako cuts him off and berates him that this isn’t a game. Shindo comments that Takuto is quite interesting.

Sabrina comments that while she expected other Star Drivers to be out there but she never thought one like Takuto would be there. Wako speaks up saying that to continue fighting them is quite different. Something has to change and soon. Sabrina asks if she wants to take out the Crux once and for all. Wako remains quiet. The North Maiden is telling her story and Head says that it was a good love story.  She goes on telling her story meanwhile other Star Drivers are…wait, that’s funny haired/virgin/bike boy! He gets into the Cybercasket and activates his Cybody. Takuto feels a change and as time stops, his and Wako’s sygil begins to glow on their chest. Wako gets pulled into Zero Time and she watches Takuto face off bike boy, who is only too eager to kick his ass.

Takuto brings out his Tauburn and they start to fight. On I LIKE that roller blade type thing, very sweet idea! But even then, he can’t land even one blow on Tauburn – instead gets knocked down on his back. Bike boy is totally fired up and huh…how very Tron that motion. Ah his name was Tetsuya and ho ho, he manages to land one hit on Tauburn! And a second and a third! But then Takuto gets Tauburn to stand back up and Tetsuya gets to eat a face full of Tau Galaxy Beam, okay, nice big move name. And chalk another bad guy who got his ass kicked. AND his Star Driver rights revoked.

And it seems that Wako has changed her mind regarding Takuko and Tauburn fighting…maybe? Or at least shes gotten her appetite back.

Score: B/A+

So we get more information in this episode but still not a whole damn lot. So now we know a little more about the Cybodies and the Glittering Crux Brigade and jeez, all its Brigade Heads are in highschool. Reminds me a bit of Bible Black it does! Crazy cult with its leaders all 17 year olds? Check please. But no, seriously, I find that weird 😛 I wonder if the Maiden’s know about the identities of the Brigade heads…And oh yeah, I’m never ever gonna do that v sign over the closed eye gesture ever again. Don’t wanna show that I’m part of an evil organization…way too obvious

What was up with Wako being all weird like that bout Takuto fighting anyways? I’d have thought that she’d be happy that they’ve now got a pretty damn strong ally on their side! Need some manner of back story here. And JUST a drama club? *coughbullshitcough* sorry, I had something stuck in my throat. And do there be a love triangle brewing somewhere over the horizon? Dare I hope that THAT may turn Shindo to turn to the dark side in despair, frustration and or anger? I’m totally letting my imagination run away at the speed of light.

I likes the shiney animation, oh yes I do~ the fight sequence between Takuto and Tetsuya was so shiney and sparkly and glittering and awesome. A-! Pictures TAKE NOTES. Though I wish that they hadn’t introduced so many new characters at once in this episode. I was scrambling to remember all the names. Drama Club Pres, Sabrina, Tiger and Jaguar members of the club, Tetsuya who got his ass owned and…I’m forgetting someone I think…The Vice Pres…and…all the Brigade Head’s from whom I can only remember Filament (someone’s just burnt out YEEEEAAAAHHH), Scarlet Lips..or was it Kiss? And…purple haired guy was Head. The rest, don’t remember D:

And given that the form head says to Tetsuya that she’ll avenge Tetsuya, I suppose that next week we’ll see her ass getting kicked by Takuto. And looking back on the ep, it feels that not a whole lot went down in the ep. Slow pace is slow in this show I suppose. Hey that all rhymed 😀 Or atleast had a nice lit to it~


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