It’s a rainy day in Roland as Miran brings Sion up to date about the situation in Luna. Sion is surprised and shocked to hear that Luna has aligned with Gastark, but no official statement yet on that particular issue. Miran also tells him that the Duke Stearead was in cahoots with Luna’s king, no doubt about that. Sion sighs and wonders if Luna’s king just wished to show a front of friendship with them then? Miran says that he wasn’t able to meet with the King but it seems clear that he was threatened into joining with Gastark.  Sion asks how many people were killed to convince the man.

Every soldier protecting the castle, Miran answers. And going from bad to worse, Miran says that when Gastark fought with Stohl, they used some strange magic. One that negated Stohl’s grand magic in a single shot and killed a shit load of people. Sion makes a surprised face and Miran says that it’s clear that Luna was forced to surrender. Sion muses that Gastark has started to use the hero relics as well…but what if every country starts focusing on finding enough hero relics in their fights? Then the world will go to hell in a hand basket with bad weaving.

In the middle of a LARGE body of water…Ryner wonders out loud what Sion is doing at that precise moment. Lying on the small raft with Ryner, Ferris says that he’s probably using his evil ways to get what he wants. They agree that when they get back, they’ll totally get back at Sion. But Ryner’s enthusiasm wanes before he falls flat on his back again and asks just how did they wind up in this situation? While Ferris’s side of the story is err…colorful, Ryner says that it seemed to him that between her and Milk’s crew, they did the wrecking job on the ship. Just as Ryner finishes saying that, storm clouds start gathering and of course they get swept away by a GIANT wave. Oh look, pretty underwater view.

Ryner manages to wash up ashore covered in seaweed and surprised at his awesome luck that he managed to live through that. But he can’t find Ferris but he CAN smell something tasty cooking. Oh, tis Milk’s Luke cooking up a storm. Seems that their unit has kinda been split up from each other. Hey, why did you put in the mushrooms whole like that? Why not slice em? Luke hears some rustling behind him and quickly douses the campsite fire before hiding behind a large rock. Ryner is hiding in the long grass and mutters that he’s already ready to fight it out? Ryner runs out…grabs the fish on a stick and noms on it before dodging some knives.

They both rush at each other but just before their blows can land, they recognize each other and stop. Milk meanwhile is hoping that everyone is alright (especially Ryner) but then she sees Ferris. But before she can even make a damn move, she trips over a root and rolls down a cliff. NICELY done. Oh and right in front of Ferris too. Some bantering between the two of them and wow…that is SOME acting Ferris. And whoa whoa whoa HOLD the crazy stories already! SERIOUSLY STOP D: Come nightfall, Luke and Ryner are camping on the beach and grumbling all the way. Ryner comments that it must suck being in the Taboo Breaker Squad and Sion must always be on their backs. But Luke says that Sion just works hard for the sake of the kingdom so they’re happy working under such a king.

Ryner goads him on, saying that he must want to say a lot of Sion though. Like “don’t make me work so hard” etc etc. The quiet is disturbed by an irate Milk’s yell before she sends a bolt of lightning at Ryner as she demands an explanation. Yeah sure Mommy.  She asks him to explain the stories that Ferris told her and Ryner can only dodge one blast after another while running alongside Luke. While Ferris calmly watches as she eats her dango. Ryner asks where the hell she got that from and she reveals that they are in Roland, House Eris’s territory even. Even a manor is visible on the other side. Ryner says that of COURSE he can’t see it from down on the beach! But then it sinks in that they are in Roland and he is determined to go and destroy the source of all their problems. Ferris agrees! For the sake of a Dango and Afternoon Naps Empire! And they run off into the forest..leaving Milk and Luke behind.

Sion narrates that a long time ago, there were tales of great powers like demons due to which the world was always in danger of being destroyed. But then the legendary heroes showed up and destroyed the devil kings. Should one find the relics of those heroes, capable of such great powers, perhaps a more peaceful world would come into being. Sion lowers the document in his hand as he wonders if it’s just a fabricated dream in the end. He recalls when he held out for Ryner when they were back in the academy and angrily says that if that is so, then for what reason he became king. In order to change everything, to change the corrupt aspects, to create a world of happiness for everyone, that was the reason why he became king. And now it’s gotten out of his reach…and now he’s just supposed to take that lying down?

A gasp from the side stops him in his angry rant. He looks up to see a scared maid and he apologizes for surprising her before he leaves. Then she suddenly thanks him and he turns around towards her in surprise as she explains that back home, their local lord had been treating them horribly but then thanks to Sion, everyone is now living happily. Sion smiles at her and thanks her for her praise. As he walks through the hallways with a gloomy and dark expression, Ryner and Ferris are sneaking through the palace. He thinks that Sion is always putting on a happy face in front of others to show that he’s good and all but actually he’s just hiding his oppressive side! Today is the day he will become rust on her sword!

Milk and company are chasing after the two, scared as hell that Ryner may kill Sion! Seriously, WHAT was Sion thinking by putting this little girl to the task of getting Ryner? Ryner asks her how they should go about tormenting and killing Sion? Ferris suggests stealing something dear to Sion? Ryner asks what would be precious to him? They can’t really come up with anything and are watched by the whole Milk brigade. While the group is hanging behind a corner and sneak watching the couple, Claugh comes up from behind and asking them what the hell they are doing. Luke goes up to greet him and Claugh is surprised to see him and asks why he is there. Luke asks that wasn’t HE supposed to be in Estabul?

Claugh sighs and says that he heard rumors that someone might try taking a shot at Sion’s life again, so he came back to investigate. Claugh overhears the group as they wonder if they already had planned this a while ago. Milk’s idea of a quick ‘diversion’ is to yell that she’s got a stomach pain and needs a toilet! Luke gets it and points in the direction where Ryner and Ferris went and says that the toilet’s down that way. They exchange a quick nod before Milk runs away yelling that shes gotten hurry. Before Claugh can raise any objections, Luke asks how Sion is doing. Claugh more or less says that he’s same as always – overworking 😛

Milk manages to catch sight of Ryner turning the corner. She turns and fails to see the cloaked figure behind her. Ryner tells her to duck and Ryner sends a bolt of lightning at the guy. And he’s got friends, who get taken down by Ferris. Ryner asks Milk if shes okay before he comments to Ferris if those guys were trying to assassinate Sion or something? Milks jumps up, happy as a fiddle that Ryner wasn’t planning to kill Sion after all! Ryner curses and says that if he hadn’t gotten those guys then they’d have gotten to Sion before him! Milk can only let out a confused “EH?” Ryner tells Ferris to let the guys go and let them do their job! Milk starts playing “Wack the Ryner” again XD Sion meanwhile is still walking through the dark hallways, wondering what to do to stand against Gastark. He is about to push open the door to his bedroom when he suddenly stops. Then slowly opens the door and a book falls in front of him.

He picks the book up and heads towards the big lump in his bed. Ryner is totally conked out and then gets to eat a big book to the face. Sion cheerily greets Ryner and he can only yell back at Sion that WHAT IF he broke his nose? Sion retorts that he tried the same thing by leaving that heavy book on the top of his door. He asks when did he return. Ryner replies this morning. Sion asks why he is in his bed. SOMEONE STOP MY YAOI FANGIRL SIDE! Its ready to supply multiple answers with diagrams and accompanying images! Ryner stretches before saying that he realized something really amazing the other day.

Being stuck in the middle of the ocean gave him the change to think about his life and if he’s satisfied with the way it is and why he goes through so much trouble every day. And that’s when it hit him. ITS ALL SION’S FAULT!  Sion asks if that’s why he wanted to kill him with a DICTIONARY? And THAT is the truth that he has arrived to after ALL his travels? Ryner grins at him, “Its seriously amazing isn’t it?” Sion bursts out laughing saying that it really is amazing. Then Sion berates him for acting too quickly for trying to assassinate a king is a serious matter, especially when it’s a well loved hero king. They banter with each other in a real heartwarming way. Yeah, these two are really awesome friends. <3

AUUUUUUUUGH SOMEONE STOP ALL THE BL FODDER PLEASE *tearing her hair out* Ryner tackles Sion, saying that he’ll kill him and bring peace to the land and now he’s on top of Sion. He comments that Sion must be really tired by now. Sion asks if that is so and Ryner says that IS the case. He moves away and Sion sits up as well saying that he’ll be fine, he JUST had a bit of a lie down. Ryner comments that that was hardly a lie down. They banter some more before Ferris and Milk throw the doors open! Ferris tells Sion to prepare himself while Milk can only wail but then stops…and sees that Ryner and Sion are sitting…on a bed…alone…

Ferris tearfully states that he even assaulted their king?! Ryner denies it. Ferris teases him some more saying that she’s sorry she never noticed it before. Sion laughs and falls back on the bed laughing as the circus around him continues. In Sion’s office meanwhile, Miran is reading Ryner’s report and he wonders at the end that Milk is Ryner’s lynch pin. . . . don’t let that mean what I think it means please. NO NO SHE ISN’T WHAT KEEPS HIM FROM LEAVING SION! D: And hey, Ryner leaving on his own isn’t Sion’s weakness!

Ah, so Miran did keep that dragon-dagger with him. He thinks that being the ideal king of the chain which ties Sion down at the same time, break him. An ideal king…such illusions break people…they break kings. He places the dagger on top of the report before he walks out saying that it seems Ryner’s removal is necessary after all.

Score: A/A+


High score for the extremely heartwarming moment in the end of the episode. It did the heart good to see Sion relaxing like that and just suddenly unwinding and laughing at Ryner, Ferris and Milk’s antics. Sometimes I think Ryner might do more good for Sion if he stayed by his side…totally implying that Ryner should apply for the position of court jester XD

And the plot thickens even further with Miran trying to make decisions for Sion. Alright so you have the man’s interests at heart but why not like ASK the man what he wants too? Okay fine so he’s at the other end of the ethics and morality scale from you but that doesn’t mean that you can’t compromise no?

…now I find myself wondering if Ryner would be the uke or the seme…it would be interesting if he would be the seme to Sion’s uke…very interesting indeed~~~ I wonder if there’s fanfic for these two. I’d totally ship that 8D SO MUCH BL~ And Ferris, now THAT joke was funny XD Poor Milk, always being roped into Ferris’s stories and tall as hell tales~

Milk’s days are totally numbered now aren’t they? Okay so I don’t like the girl but I don’t want her dying either! Sion would totally blame himself and Ryner totally will too and that will lead to both of them giving Gloomy Guss a serious run for his money! It just wouldn’t be a happy situation at all D: Yes, I’m channeling Captain Obvious….Come to think of, if ANYONE would be Ryner’s lynch pin, wouldn’t that be Keifer?

Miran, trying to take down Ryner? Three words – Can’t touch this. I doubt you’ll be able to do ANY harm to Ryner once he goes berserker. And if Miran does something like killing Milk in front of Ryner or something else like that, Ryner really won’t be able to keep it all together. It’ll be madness.  But then if Ferris was there too…would Miran know about her? Like she’s from the House of Eris? I wonder what he’d think if he knew about that.

The pressure is finally starting to get to Sion and in the words of Miran, the illusion is starting to develop cracks along the borders. Sion is starting to realize that the ideals for which he sacrificed so much, may in the end be nothing but a pipe dream that are being swept away by the cold bitter breeze of reality. Clearly he’s stubborn enough to keep working towards his goals but I think in the end, that’ll just crack him faster and make the blow of reality all the more harsher. Poor Sion, he’s really got the worst deal out of all of em 🙁

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