Picking up right from where we left off last week, Ryner has made it back safely to the carriage but it seems that Ferris is late. Ryner momentarily wonders that maybe its because Kuu is chasing her but he quickly brushes the silly thought away. He checks on Arua but he is still sleeping and he recalls Sui’s words about crystallizing his AS. And he wonders if maybe that’s one way to save Arua. As he finishes musing that out loud, Arua wakes up with a wince and looks around confused at his surroundings.

Ryner opens the carriage door and holds out a hand to him but Arua slaps it away before jumping out the carriage. He asks for his mother and father but immediately recalls what happened to them and cries that it was his fault. Ryner is calmly and detachedly watching him as he says that its Ryner’s fault and he’ll kill him. Ryner easily stops his attack saying that he’s way too slow. Arua cries, why him? What did he ever do to deserve this? Ryner is unaffected by his cries and asks if he wants to run away or die, he won’t stop Arua.

Arua angrily asks that he’s also trying to kill him? A monster…someone who doesn’t have any reason to live. Ryner says that its true and shows him his own AS eyes and says that he’s given it much thought – that just by existing, he’s hurting everyone important to him, putting them in danger of being killed. So why is someone like him here? Why was he created? Not wanted, hated just for being alive…so why not just die? Many times he thought that but then he met people who told him to keep living. Sioin was curious about him and wanted him to live, Kiefer tried to persuade him that he wasn’t a monster…and Ferris who calls him her manservant. So maybe there might be some reason for his existence. Ryner lets out a small laugh, saying that he rambled about some nonsense just then.

Arua looks down, frowning as he says that he doesn’t have anyone left for him, anyone who would want him alive. Ryner asks him what his father’s last words were to him. A reminder for Arua to live on. Ryner reminds him that there is still Kuku. He says that he’l have to go and save her but…what will Arua do? Arua immediately says that he’ll do save her. Ryner mutters that at his current level….With a determined expression Arua says that to save Kuku, he’ll do anything. And he asks Ryner to teach him. Ferris suddenly jumps over the carriage, grabbing Arua and warning him not to be fooled by Ryner.

For Ryner is a man who’d sleep on the job, get drunk etc etc, the usually story but this time, Arua seems to be believing it. He asks if that’s true and Ryner tells him NOT to believe Ferris. He greets Ferris formally and she gives Ryner a look. He tells her that he’s asked him to teach him to fight so that he can save Kuku. Ferris says that if they left it up to Ryner, his perversion would spread too. As Ferris and Arua walk away, Ryner clambers into the carriage musing that between learning Ferris’s martial arts and his AS, he may become quite the prodigy after this whole deal. Arua lets out a loud yell but Ryner turns over with a smile and a “Do your best Arua.” Yer so mean seriously 😛

At the noble’s mansion at night, Ryner, Ferris and Arua are scoping out the location and Ryner asks if Arua’ll be able to save the ‘princess’ Kuku. Arua says that he definitely will. Ryner points out that he may die. Arua says that he will still go, even if he has to do it alone. Ferris gives Ryner a look before smiling and saying that Arua has grown up well…just so long as he doesn’t turn out to be a good for nothing like Ryner. After some bantering, it seems that Ryner and Ferris have made it inside the mansion with ease…but its too easy. No traps of ambushes so far, clearly they’re being made fun of.

From atop a grand staircase, Kuu says that but of course. But there really isn’t anyone who can fight on the same level as her Scythe anyways. Sui steps forward as well, greeting them. Ryner asks if Kuku is alright and Sui replies that but of course. Ryner reminds them of what happened last time and tells them that they can’t win against him. Sui however replies that because of that they want his power even more now. So wouldn’t he peacefully surrender and aid Gastark? For eventually, Gastark will rule the entire world – a world with a peaceful kind where there is no discrimination, no one gets hurt or cries, where everyone can be happy. He tells them that their King, Refal Edia, has the means to create such a world.

Ryner amusedly says that their king sounds like quite the guy. A world where no one gets hurt and where everyone can be happy? If their king can pull off such a feat, perhaps it would be easier to just join up with them. But if that’s the case, why are they killing people? Why has he seen nothing but sketchy acts from them? Just for the sake of gathering all the hero relics for Gastark, they killed so many people, made an AS holder go berserk JUST to gouge his eyes out…if what they’re doing is on orders of Refal, then their king is just filled with bullshit.

Ryner wouldn’t want to go to such a place where AS holders aren’t even considered as being human. Sui tells him that killing people is a necessity – they suppress other kingdoms with the minimal amount of necessary sacrifices. They do it not because they enjoy it…rather when they do, they bear the – Ryner angrily cuts him off saying that he doesn’t bear anything at all. He has killed many of his nakama thanks to his eyes but his life isn’t worth anything – that’s what he used to think. But Arua is different. He hasn’t killed anyone and may not either. Yet still they are trying to kill him…it’s still not too late for Arua and he still may have a future. Sui reminds him that there isn’t any country that would accept an AS holder.

Ryner scoffs at him and says that Roland is quite different. Sion and Refal are quite different. Because Sion is seriously pursuing the goal of making a country where everyone can be happy. And he is quite the petty, greedy king for wanting to save the commoners along with everyone else. Thinking that he can actually pull it off and whenever someone dies, he’ll blame only himself…but its because of that that he helps Sion. If it’s a world that Sion created, he’ll be fine living in it. Sui descends the stairs, telling that at times Kings are forced to make decisions. So even if he avoids sacrifices right now, who knows what will happen in the future. Ryner retorts that he’ll smack Sion on the head and set him back on the straight path should that happen.

Sui and Kuu exchange a look before commenting that their negotiations are breaking down. Ryner says that they were here for negotiating with them in the first place. They’re just here to take Kuku back. He tells Ferris that they should get going. Ferris comments that was quite the nice speech, she doesn’t dislike that line of thinking either.  She pulls out her sword, saying that she’ll win. Kuu jumps forward with her scythe and Sui takes out his own arm dragon. Ryner jumps out of the fire attack and Kuu slashes away at a dodging Ferris. He sends a bolt of lightning towards Sui but it bounces off the wall and towards Ferris, who redirects the attack with her sword at Kuu. Kuu sets up an ice barrier between her and Ferris but Ferris slams her sword into the ice as the barrier rises and manages to jump over the top of it.

Sui is facing off Ferris and he is about to turn her into toast when Ryner yells that he won’t let him attack that fast. Sui starts to cast a spell, followed by Ryner. Ferris raises her sword to slash at Sui and he sends a ball of fire at her that she manages to dodge. Ryner lets loose a streak of lightning at Sui, who gets a face full of it. Before another bolt can hit him, Kuu jumps in and absorbs the attack with her scythe. They look up at the hole made from the previous lightning attack as Kuu says that they have another enemy. Ryner says that they got found out pretty fast. Ferris tells him to call Arua back. Arua jumps out from his hiding place as Sui says that they’re tinkering with the impartiality of magic now? Arua fired his lightening from outside while Ryner used his magic matrix to alter its path.

Ryner commends him for realizing that so quickly and says that he really would not fight him after all. Sui returns the comment to him, saying that he used to consider it a highly low level magic but it’s unexpectedly bothersome. Though through this fight, he has come to understand why humans are always antagonizing him. Arua has come to stand behind Ryner and Ferris and takes hold of Ryner’s sleeve as Sui says that humans can’t help being afraid of a monster that exceeds their imagination. Ryner pats Arua’s head saying that they’re the one who’re the most scared…always regretting being alive….always being scared that they might hurt someone, or kill them.

Sui asks them that why don’t they die then? If possible, he’d rather not fight him again.  Ryner retorts that why don’t THEY return home then? Sui calls for Kuu and steps back, revealing his sister..who is holding a conked out Kuku in her arms. Suii says that it is true that they can’t win against them, so they’ll kill the girl to get to the boy. As Arua yells at them to stop, Ryner curses and runs forward and Arua yells again for them to stop when HOLY SHIZ *hands up in the arm* YES! NICE TIMING MIRAN!

Te…choutou matei..how did you?!?! Dear GOD this man’s information network is flat out SCARY. Miran’s shadow demon comes from behind and REALLY takes a bite out of Sui – say bye bye to your other arm..and your hero relic. Miran’s shadow demon fades away and Kuu is left stunned. Taking advantage of that, Ferris darts forward to grab Kuku out of her arms. Kuu picks up her scythe and freezes Sui’s injury and she wonders that the magic from before was the same rule fragment as … Aaaaaaaaaah so that pink haired guy from before was your nii-san as well huh? And Lir is his name…

Miran’s voice echoes in the empty hall that rule fragments and hero relics weren’t part of his knowledge until recently. He steps out from behind Ryner and stands before the Dolueli Swordscale before picking it up. Ferris and Ryner recognize him from the time they fought him in Nelfa. Miran comes to stand at the foot of the stairs as Kuu frets over Sui – the later telling her to just run. Miran inquires if they are the ones who’ve been making a mess in Luna? He lets loose his shadow demons and Ryner yells in exasperation before casting a lightning at the pair. Ryner’s lightning catches and dispels the shadow demon and he turns to stare at Miran.

Sui is surprised at Ryner’s move and begins to ask why he did that when Ryner tells him that he’ll collect that debt one day and Sui and Kuu quickly run away. Miran says that he’s having a bit of trouble taking in these circumstances. He admits to overhearing their conversation…they say that they are from Roland yet why would they protect people from Gastark? Roland says that they aren’t like him, eliminating all obstacles…what would be left in the end if they do that. Miran quietly eyes him as he wonders what Sion is planning by using an AS holder and searching for hero relics. Without a word, he turns away as Ryner asks in confusion if he’s just leaving like that. Miran says that he sees no reason to fight the two of them. And though he doesn’t want to stick his nose into their business but he offers them some advice. He turns back to face Ferris and Ryner and says that he believes that by continuing to eliminate every obstacle in his path, all that will be left are useful people…useful to him that is. And for an AS holder like himself, killing every human would lead to a world where he can live in comparative peace. And that’s the truth of the matter. For humans can’t live without dispute so the thought of everyone being happy without any sacrifices? It’s absurd.

Him being an AS holder, he should know how ugly humans can be…he muses that he’s really butting in too much. A moment of silence before Ryner thanks him for helping them save Kuku. Miran asks if he really thinks that he saved the girl. Ryner admits that he doesn’t think so but his timing gave them a good opening. Miran says that it’s regrettable…he will have to kill him one day.  Sion wouldn’t take too kindly on that Miran…SERIOUSLY. Miran walks out, leaving the small group behind. Kuku wakes up and clings to Arua, sobbing in relief as Ferris asks what they’ll do now. Ryner says that they can’t take them on their journey…but he does know the right person for this job! Bascially…he meant Milk and company…I think.

In Roland, Sion is sitting in his dark office and thinks that maybe he should turn on a light. Lucile comes to stand before Sion, saying that he really likes worrying over everything doesn’t he? Sion simply replies that the war has started…and the Luna Empire is behaving strangely…and a revolution may start in Nelfa. Now that the whole world has started moving, no one can stop it anymore. Conflict seems inevitable now and yet no one desires it. Lucile muses that people do kill each other – for self defense, a happy future, for their dreams and ideals…and they all entrust their dreams and ideals to Sion, their King.  Sion replies that he wants to answer them all, a world where everyone can be happy and safe…even where people can take afternoon naps all day. Lucile completes the thought that Sion is reaching for the dream which is the furthest away. Though he knows that such a thing is impossible to accomplish.

Sion quietly says that he can still see it…he should still be able to reach it. Still…he promised that to Ryner. He reached out his hand, saying that he needs to turn on the light…as the light around him slowly fades away. A sign of things to come?

Score: C+/A+


Steady as she goes kind of episode this week. Fairly bland if you ask me really…just enough action to keep your interest steady though I had hoped for a more awesome showdown between Sui, Kuu, Ryner and Ferris. This was not awesome enough. Though Sui got owned…AGAIN. And now he’s lost his other arm. Anyone else got the thought that “Is he gonna pull a Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail and start dancing around going ‘I’ll get you for that one! Come at it you ponce! It’s just a flesh wound!” XD

And aha~ So that pink haired guy was their sibling huh? Does that mean that Refal’s aide is also their sibling? And now I’m wondering if those pink haired guys are a familiar similar to the Eris family…in charge of looking after the Gastark royalty/King. They’re irritating…like a cockroach…just as persistent too! And again I ask, I REALLY want to know how they got their hands on those relics! Its bugging me…of all points to be bugged bout huh? 😛

Sudden thought, how on Earth did Refal get his hands on that sword anyways? The thought came rather late to me but I want to know how Gastark suddenly developed an interest in the hero relics. And speaking of Refal, loved the whole bit where Ryner compares Sion and Refal. Totally wanted to clap for Ryner at that point cause its only too true that Sion takes his dream very seriously. The real difference between the two really lies in the place that Sion places way more value in lives – commoner and noble. A very naïve approach one can argue but hey, I like that one.

I don’t like the shady way Gastark is going about its world domination. Its like…its just not right. Killing people for the sake of world peace? It’s like trying to sugar coat burnt toast! It looks awfully suspicious and when you bite it, you want to spit it out at the exact second you take two chews! No matter HOW you try to slice it, Gastark’s approach is just…flawed. And it is quite egotistical and high handed to go about saying that they bear the weight of the lives that they have taken for the sake of peace. Tch. Hardly man, HARDLY.

Don’t really any more opinions about this weeks ep…like I said, found to be a bit on the ‘meh’ side. Next weeks should be way more fun 😀 Next week Ryner gets to meet with Sion again! YAY 😀 Im tempted to turn into a Ryner x Sion fan..just cause….it’ll be funny ADMIT THAT MUCH ATLEAST D: And speaking of…that last last part of the episode..Sion sitting in the throne room and the light slowly fading away around him. The growing darkness that threatens to swallow him whole? A sign of things to come? That what Sion really wants, he’ll never be able to achieve it? And that he will be forced into making decisions that will force him further away from that dream? D: GOD I hope not!

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