Summary Key Points:


  • The meeting between Lag Seeing and Gauche Suede continues from last season
  • Lag desperatly tries to have Gauche remember him and his past, but to no avail
  • Gauche believes he is now a Marauder, a person who steals things for others
  • As Lag insists on trying to take Gauche back, Gauche who now calls himself Noir, responds by shooting him in the chest with a Shindan
  • Lag topples to the floor, helpless as Gauche walks away
  • Just a bit far off, Niche and Roda go at it, with Niche actually getting scratched by one of Roda’s attacks
  • Roda comments that Niche is really a failure of a Dingo, and escapes, heading to rejoin Gauche/Noir
  • With Roda and Gauche gone, Niche carries Lag on her shoulders and starts heading back
  • They run into Jiggy Pepper, who takes them back to the Hive on his bike
  • Lag regains consciousness thanks to Professor Thunderland’s treatment
  • He reports what happens to Aria and the Hive master and heads back home, distraught at what he now has to tell Sylvette
  • At home he is greeted by a party to celebrate him meeting Gauche
  • Sylvette tells him that she’s happy that he was able to see her brother and keep his promise, and that because of him she can believe in one day being reunited with her brother
  • Lag swears to bring Gauche’s heart back
  • After the heartfelt talk, they realize that Niche is not here
  • Zezzie comes in, with a pair of underpants, which seemed to have belonged to Niche.
  • Elsewhere in the city, Niche is reflecting on how she is a failure as a Dango and says that she doesn’t have the right to wear Lag’s understands (XDXDXDXDXD!!!) The episode ends


Opinions: (B)

A pretty decent start to the second season of Letter Bee, which is cleverly titled Letter Bee ~Reverse~. I’m guessing the Reverse corresponds to how Gauche has taken a total 180 degree turn, becoming a thief instead of the righteous honest Letter Bee he was before.

The episode picked up right where Season 1 left off, and in many ways, it felt like a continuation of the first season rather than a full fledged second series. I do think that’s nice, as it feels like Letter Bee only ended yesterday (even though it was quite a few months ago).

A lot of interesting things happened this episode, but the first was definitely learning more about Gauche and why exactly he thinks he’s Noir and a Marauder. I can’t say the explanation was very exciting, as it was pretty much just Gauche losing his memories and being told by the sly Lawrence that he was a Marauder. What I am interested in is how Roda became a human, because she was clearly a wolf/cat thing at first.

The highlight of the episode for me, was undoubtedly the talk between Sylvette and Lag. Sylvette is definitely becoming my favorite supporting character from amongst the cast, and it was nice to see her welcome Lag with a smile and cheer him on. That pep  talk that she gave him was EXACTLY what Lag needed to move on and go at finding Gauche again, and I’m glad they wrapped up his “emo” stage in half an episode. I wasn’t too interested in seeing Lag brood over what happened, because he’s just not that sort of character.

I am definitely a fan of the Sylvette and Lag pairing, and as Aria-san puts it, They are a good match! =D

Niche on the other hand, is really taking Roda’s words to heart, and it was really interesting  how she went from denial to actually thinking that she had indeed failed as a Dingo. Most of the comedy of the episode came from Niche too. I chuckeled at the part where she was ready to grill Steak for Lag, and Steak pretty much got ready and saluted. I laughed at the part where she said that she wasn’t “worthy of wearing Lag’s underpants” too. Oh boy… that joke is never really gonna get old is it? XD

I do have to comment on just how beautiful the animation and art style for this show is. Letter Bee Season 1 was very pretty and unique in its art style and impressive visuals, and Letter Bee ~Reverse~ doesn’t disappoint. Very very pretty show, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s seen season 1. Anyone who hasn’t? Well… I really can’t understand why you’re watching this then XD


Its time for Lag to get Niche back, and to give her some underpants. Seriously… this show and the whole underpants thing! Yes, I will be blogging this series, so see ya all next week! XD

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