Summary Key Points:


  • Fairy Law fails because of Laxus’s heart and the fact that he doesn’t really consider the Fairy Tail guild members as enemies
  • Natsu takes it upon himself to stop Laxus
  • As Natsu is about to be taken down by Laxus, Gajeel interferes and takes the brunt of the attack again.
  • Natsu, enraged, attacks Laxus with everything he’s got and knocks him out
  • A day later, Fantasia is about to commence, and Natsu and Gajeel are still recovering from their fight with Laxus
  • Makarov is also well, and Laxus heads into see him
  • Laxus is stopped by Natsu
  • Natsu says that he didn’t count the last battle as a victory and that he will fight Laxus again anytime
  • Laxus just moves past him, waving a hand as a sign of acknowledgment, which pleases Natsu immensely
  • Laxus is expelled from Fairy Tail, and he apologizes for all the trouble he caused
  • Elsewhere, we learn that Igneel, the dragon that raised Natsu has declared that none of the dragons are allowed to interfere with humans. There is also talk about Zeref and leaving him to the humans
  • On another side of the planet, Ultear is talking to someone, who comments that she masterfully manipulated Jellal
  • Jellal is shown drifting inside the ocean.
  • Fantasia occurs, and everyone from Fairy Tail open their thumb and point their index finger into the air, giving Laxus a proper send off as he leaves town


Opinions: (A+)

This week’s episode was another great finish to a bumpy arc in general. It seems like, while the bulk of what Fairy Tail’s story arcs is somewhat underwhelming, the finishes and character moments are nothing short of spectacular.

Things definitely progressed in terms of the overall story for the series itself. We caught a glimpse of Igneel and the fact that the dragons are apparently staying out of whatever it is that’s going to come down. Zeref is probably involved, so it can’t mean anything good. I’m guessing each of the dragons took in a child to train them and ready them for whatever storm is coming up ahead. Either way, its nice to know that things are definitely brewing on the Zeref/Igneel front, and I’m sure we’ll get to learn more about that as the series moves forward.

It also seems that Ultear and Jellal are both alive, and it seems that Ultear was the mastermind behind brainwashing Jellal. It also seems like she’s attempting to break some seals, and maybe even eventually release Zeref himself.

I really do have to comment on how much Laxus and Natsu mirrored the “Big brother, little brother” relationship, and just how much Natsu really did look up to Laxus as an older brother. The way he’s hesitant to take on Laxus till the very end, and the way he feels extremely happy from the hand wave that Laxus gives him, which really does show his acknowledgment.

Laxus was definitely the central character in this episode, and it really did wonders in developing his character. He may talk rough and be all about anger and what not, but Laxus does have a good heart beneath all that anger and lust for power. The moment between him and Makarov, where he is expelled was a heartfelt one. You could totally see how Laxus had indeed seen the error of his ways, and how he fully intended to take responsibility for his actions.

At the same time, I’m sure everyone in Fairy Tail could have made an exception. I mean, we’ve seen Gajeel been brought into the guild, as well as Juvia, who were once solid enemies of Fairy Tail. I think it was kind of not meant to be though, and Laxus really did need to carve out his own path and do things his own way. As much as it kinda sucked that he had to leave, it was kind of necessary for him to go about his own path in life.

And of course, anyone who leaves Fairy Tail is never really leaving Fairy Tail anyway, so Laxus is still welcome back whenever he wants. I’m guessing, and this is only speculation at this point for me (manga readers don’t spoil! XD) but half the reason that Laxus may have been so worried is because he might know of whatever plan that his father Ivan, is hatching against Fairy Tail.

Speaking of Ivan, it seems that Gajeel was a double agent, or was he? Its too early to really tell what side Gajeel is on. Part of me really wants to see Gajeel become one of the good guys, but part of me refuses to believe it. I think the whole idea of keeping us guessing as to what side Gajeel is going to eventually take is going to be very interesting.

On a final note, the Fantasia parade was pretty cool, and slapped in some extreme Erza and minor Lucy fanservice for the fans… and even some Makarov cat cosplay? XD. The scene with everyone pointing at the sky in acknowledgment of Laxus was pretty sweet though, and  a nice little way to end the arc and send off Laxus. We’ll probably see him later down the line, but for now, I guess Laxus is off to do his own thing.


The fated meeting? Seems like there’s some Lucy love stuff going to be happening next episode. Is my dream coupling of NatsuxLucy just a pipe dream?!?!?! We’ll find out next week! XD

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