Miran starts off this week by greeting some visitors and not being aware that a certain pink haired individual is eyeing his residence with particularly sharp eyes. But in a forest in the Luna Empire, Ryner is grumbling about where Ferris wandered off too while Arua is still out like a light, not having woken up since Ryner and Ferris saved him. As he recalls the experience he mumbles that it would be better to dream away and is cut off by a blow to the head by Ferris, who is afraid that his perversion might spread to the boy. Ryner is very happy (NOT) at being put at the same level as an infectious disease. After some bantering, Ferris shows their means of transportation.

A shiny new carriage. Te…oye! Where on earth did you manage to get that?! … I’m sorry, just HAPPENED to find it toppled beside the road? WHY don’t I believe that? Ryner angrily points out that she OBVIOUSLY stole it from some noble. Ferris tells him to put the kid in the back and get in already before his perversion infects the boy. Ryner admits that he can’t carry him all the way to Regit and puts the kid in the carriage but before he can get in (while praising Ferris for being considerate), Ferris whips the horse and the carriage goes off with Ryner trying/attempting to catch up. Poor guy…seriously, who is in the worse off position – him or Sion? XD

And speaking of him! Eslina enters his office with his meal but Sion’s busy with his paper work as always as she puts it down and tells him to eat it before it gets cold. He hands her a document that has come from Claugh and in it, he’s basically complaining to Sion that he got saddled with one hell of a boring job and Sion’d better watch his back once he gets back. Eslina giggles at it as Sion explains that the pile of documents he’s going through have been submitted by the recently promoted people. Eslina comments that there are a lot of commoners amongst them. Sion says that its not like he’s deliberately trying to exclude the nobles, it’s a simple matter of selecting the person who can do the job best.

And those same people, within a few days, have submitted many proposals for the sake of a better country and a better life. Eslina turns the argument neatly against him by telling that that for their sake, he should also look after his health and have his meal. She excuses herself and Sion’s smile slips off his face as he thinks out loud that it’s too quiet. It’s the calm before the storm Sion. He turns towards the door as Claugh knocks and enters. Sion asks if something happened and is informed that the nobles of the Arkmel region are feeling uneasy. That is part of Miran’s territory. Sion turns to look out his window as he thoughtfully muses that it figures that it would start from Arkmel.

At Miran’s house, a party is in full swing but there are guards posted at every door. Some of the nobles do seem anxious. Miran’s father is getting ready to put up an appearance, Miran coming in to inform him that all the guests have arrived. He comments that its really to be expected of him that with just one word, all the important people from all over the country have gathered in one place. His father returns it by saying that his efforts played a part in it as well. Miran bows and says that his power is nowhere near his father’s. And okay creepy old man touching a young guy – creepy dialogue accompanied with it. I feel unclean now. But Miran doesn’t even move a muscle as the man strokes his cheek. Miran pulls his hand away, asking him to leave the rest (!!!! BRAIN BLEACH STAT!) until later as the guests are waiting.

Downstairs, Miran greets everyone for coming and points out Duke Stearead (and his father) as being the people responsible for the organization of the party. As Froaude senior starts his speech of thanks, Miran meets the Duke’s gaze, who suddenly starts and breaks their gaze. Miran’s eyes turn to the doors which are closed one by one – the nobles not having noticed. The nobles seem to think that the reason why they all have been gathered is to plan to kill Sion or atleast dethroned. Miran smiles as the last door is closed, Miran smiles as his father declares that Sion needs to be removed lest their country be destroyed.  All the arrangements have been made and with the help of Luna Empire, they will remove Sion. He asks Miran to step forward and explain the details of the plan that he came up with.

The Duke quietly starts walking backwards as Miran steps forward and asks everyone to do something for him before he starts. To please die. The nobles, least of all, his father are shocked. Miran uses his ring to kill all the nobles and pretty soon, the whole room is littered with dead, bloodied bodies. He turns towards his father as he stammers that he would even kill him? Miran admits that he’s been waiting for his day for a long time, from the very beginning if he were honest. There was a place that he wished to reach and for that purpose, Froaude was but a stepping stone. Papa can’t believe it, for Miran was but 5 years old at that time. Miran comments that at that time, his older brother was the head of the house yet one by one, all the other family members and the older brother died in unfortunate accidents.

Papa is shocked as he asked if Miran was the one who killed the whole family. God DAMN, I seriously dunno what to make of you Miran. Miran is about to kill the old man and bids him farewell before his shadow demon slams through him. The Duke comes up to him from behind and Miran thanks him for his cooperation. The guy is sweating as Miran begins to threaten him but he cuts off the younger man, saying that he would never think about betraying Miran. But before even he can finish his sentence, a rope of light wraps around his neck and off goes his neck. As his decapitated body falls to the ground, Miran turns around to gaze at it as he wonders what that was.

He turns around fully, to see the young pink haired man standing across the room. Miran asks who he is, managing to survive his shadows. The man starts to say that he’s obviously part of the Roland nobles but Miran cuts him off – saying that no one on the south continent would have that colored hair. The guy is impressed that Miran is sharp. Miran asks which country he came from. The guy gives him a look before saying that does he look like someone who would answer that? Miran tells him that the answer would be appreciated, as he holds up his hand – ring glinting in the low light. The man apologizes, saying that he has another job to take care of and though he hadn’t planned on using too much power in such a place but it can’t be helped.

He holds up his own ring. Miran’s shadow demons are now facing off the man’s lightening demons. Miran states that as he though, he carried a weapon similar to his own. The man on the other hand is surprised that he didn’t receive the usual response of “Oh I don’t want to fight with you any more”. Miran is also surprised as he hadn’t expected an individual like him to show up. And even going so far as to kill the Duke. Miran theorizes that someone didn’t like being betrayed by the duke and that someone is connected to his country who happens to be in Roland. The man amusedly states that he really should have left when he could have but while he’s here, he might as well take Miran’s ring.

As the two demons clash, Miran casts a spell for fire and the man lets forth another lightening demon straight at Miran’s circle. The man comments that they both are equal in power and this fight won’t end if they continue like this. Miran however, calmly asks if he has realized by now. That he can’t use magic because by doing so, he will reveal what country he’s from. So if their rings are equal in power, Miran holds the advantage by being able to freely use his magic. And the hall in which they are fighting is sealed, meaning that he’d have to use his lightening beasts to escape. But as soon as he turns his beasts to the door, his own shadow demons will go for his neck. The man states that Miran mustn’t have friends. Miran calmly says that he’s heard that a lot. He asks what he will do? Give up? Flee, knowing he’ll be killed?

The man puts his hand inside his shirt saying that he has one more option so he’ll pass on those two. He pulls out a crystal stating that its na Iino Doue crystal and this is his win. He tosses the crystal in the air and it ‘activates’ (for a lack of a better word). He summons his lightening demons but before Miran can summon his, a purple blue flame falls from the crystal. Miran jumps away as the fire slowly consumes all the dead bodies. Miran runs to the doorway but surprisingly, even his shadow demons are being ‘eaten up’ by this flame. He stares at the flaming room before he thinks out loud about his situation. If he focuses on the door, his back is open to attack. Miran admits to have underestimating that man.

As the flames are about to pour over him, a loud yell from the outside tells him to duck. Miran does so and a ball of magic slams through the door. Hallo thar Claugh! He grabs Miran and they run out, Miran asking why he’s there but Claugh tells him to hold off the questions. The flames follow the couple as they run through the hallways – much like a flood as Miran admits that his shadows won’t be able to hold out for much longer. Claugh uses his own magic to blow a hole in the wall and they run out. The final burst of the magic flame breaks all the windows of the mansion as Miran and Claugh watch from outside.

Miran comments that somehow they’re safe. Claugh tiredly falls down to the ground, sitting as he does so. Miran asks why he is here. Obviously on Sion’s order, he grumbles. Miran asks then why would Sion send him alone. Claugh says that of course he brought soldiers with him because Sion said that it might be dangerous if he went alone. He berates Miran for doing such secretive stuff and comments that he really wants to punch Miran in the face for that. He just happened to get there before the others, that’s all there is. Miran says that that is quiet strange, didn’t he say that he didn’t want to come? Yet he left his soldiers back to hurry to Miran’s residence. Claugh says that he wanted to punch him in the face so THAT’S why he hurried.

Miran comments that he wound up saving him without even a single punch, he’s a strange and complicated man. Claugh grumbles that he doesn’t want to hear that from him. Miran thanks him for saving him and Claugh asks what the deal was with that blue flame.  Miran says that he doesn’t have a clue but it looks like the war has finally started. Sion is receiving word that Miran and Claugh are on their way back. Sion dismisses the guard from the Audience room and closes his eyes, when a low angry growling has him opening his eyes. Three lightening demons appear before him and approach his throne as he quietly says that its useless.

As they jump to attack, they disintegrate in mid-air. Lucile steps forward from behind Sion as he comments that that is an interesting attack – but that is all that it is for before him everything else is useless. He comments that if ‘he’ wants to attack the king of Roland, then ‘his’ existence will be erased. And he would do well by telling his friends what would happen to those who would dare raise their hand against Roland. Lucile turns to Sion saying that he can’t sense the man’s presence anymore, it seems like he ran away. Sion asks would it have been wise to capture the man? Lucile says that that is for Sion to decide but if he wishes, he could go and get the guy. Sion tells him to leave it. Lucile turns to Sion saying that he is still fine – he still hasn’t broken yet.

A time of great change is upon them but with Sion as their Sion, Lucile believes that their country will prevail. Sion asks what if he isn’t able to protect their country? In a colder tone, Lucile says that he would kill Sion and crown a new and more competent king. So until then, he can do as he pleases. After Lucile leaves (and by that I mean he fades away as he walks away), Sion comments that something is starting. Outside, on the top of some random building, the pink haired man is eyeing the royal castle as he comments that Roland is full of monsters (Pot Kettle man!) AND he failed his mission too. In Luna meanwhile, the king is standing alone amongst the corpses of his defeated guard as he faces down a familiar pair.

Sui and Kuu tell the king that their own king wanted them to come to Luna as ambassadors and to join up with Luna.  The king tells them that the Luna Empire already has an alliance with Roland. Sui asks that wasn’t he part  of the plan to overthrow Sion? The man is surprised that they knew of this and even more when he revealed that the Duke has already been killed by their associate. As such, they can no longer go to Roland for help. So they ask him again if he would join hangs with Gastark. Sui tells him that they will give some time to think over the offer, as they have some work to do as well. He asks the younger girl about their next location. Their next location is Regit – in search of the kid with the AS.

Ryner and Ferris are being chased by some magic knights and Ryner complains that those guys sure are persistent. Ferris keeps poking Ryner in the back with her sword, telling him to hurry it up while the magic knights attempt an attack at the carriage. Ryner counters and attacks em with the shadow demon. The idiots taken care off, Ryner returns to his seat and Ferris asks if they really are gonna take the kid back to Regit. Ryner says that they are and that they should take the girl Kuku with them too. As long as they stay in that town, neither Arua nor her can be happy. They’ll take them to some place where they can live quietly. After a moment of silence, Ferris resumes poking Ryner in the back as he yells and cries out that it hurts.

At the Stohl empire state border, it seems that people are wondering at the harsh inspections to get into the country. Even Stohl is at war against Gastark and the people muse that the latter is said to be a really strong country but it seems unlikely that Stohl would lose to such a small country. AH! A FAMILIAR FACE! ITS KIEFER! Looks like she’s trying to get into Stohl. Maybe she wants to return to Roland? . . . . naaa… she wouldn’t do that…would she? Oo;;;

Score: B/A+


Well well well, the plot thickens! The war is finally starting, we’re staring to see what Gastark wants and Miran just met his match and dare I say this, got bested by a man who he never really took into consideration! A most interesting episode indeed!

Looks like Gastark is serious about taking over the continent and it makes sense why such a small country is able to do so. They’re collecting the hero relics to get the power on their side. And tell me I’m not the only one on this, but I love the idea/thought that people’s hair color isn’t a random thing in this show. When Miran said that bit I was like “DAYUM I LIKE that!” Hair color, no longer a random coincidence in Legend of the Legendary Heroes! XD

Again, interesting that the guy used a crystal. And given that even Miran wasn’t able to get what was gonna happen, does that perhaps mean that the use of crystals magic is something that is either alien to Roland alone or a specialty of Gastark? Though maybe it’s not either…or maybe it’s a more arcane form of magic that Roland no longer uses? Either way, the use of those crystals just bugs/irritates me. I want to know more about it cause well..its just pissing me off XD

Come to think off, we aint been told what Lucile thinks bout Miran right? Damn, I’d love to hear that. That will be interesting indeed. Long time no see on Lucile and hot damn, that man is one powerful mofo! As expected of the family who is in-charge of the protection of the King of Roland. But HOW ON EARTH did that guy manage to get into the Audience Hall with Sion? Another magic trick? Use of a hero relic? Ninja skills? God damn it >< I’m wondering if there’s a certain number of shadow/lightening demons that the pink haired guy and Miran can summon at one time…there’s gotta be a limit riuht?

Claugh coming to save Miran’s ass, amusing to see. And was I the only one getting some BL vibes from that part? The potential – I senses it! With Claugh being a total tsun-tsun~ *gets shot* Right…back at that. Come to think off, I wants Nao D: I miss her!

I was surprised to see Kiefer again but not all that surprised. It was like “Oh hey you, long time no see! How you doing? I was expecting you to show up! Come in come in!” instead of a “HOLYCRAP WHAT are YOU doing here?!?!?!” kinda surprise. What is she doing trying to enter Stohl? Or maybe she’s simply on a journey as far away from Roland as she could? Well, maybe we’re told the details in the next episode. It should be interesting indeed. And looks like we’ll finally meet Gastark’s king! The Hero King of the North huh? Thanks to him using his brawn and hero relics I bet…and a war king to boot. Give me someone like Sion who uses his brains rather than brawn!

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