Summary Key Points:


  • A Nuclear missle explodes above Japan, causing a HUGE EMP effect that renders most Electronics useless
  • Due to the electronics, Shido crashes into one of the barricades and opens a crack
  • The Zombies come through and eventually reach the house
  • Takashi and the group make a break for it, while Takagi’s parents hold off the zombies
  • Takashi and co decide to head to find Rei and Takashi’s parents
  • The Series ends with Takashi saying “That  day marked the end of our world. And even now, there is a a possibility that everything has already gone to hell. Even so… no, because of that rather, We…”


Opinions: (C)

Despite the low grade, this was a decent episode. A decent episode yes,  but it was also the last episode of the series, and because of that, it had a much larger role to fulfill than simply being decent and interesting. High School of the Dead didn’t go for an anime original ending, but it didn’t end with a bang either. I found it rather interesting that Madhouse added that quote saying how the world didn’t end with a bang but a whimper. It so fits how the series ends as well.

All in all, not a lot happened this episode. The EMP hit, blasting everyone into the dark ages. Takagi’s parents heroically sacrificed themselves to get their daughter and her friends a chance to run. Takashi and Rei are going to look for their families, and the series ends. So in terms of story, we’re left with an unresolved, unfinished story, and one that probably may not even ever get a second season (I cannot recall when Madhouse has ever even DONE a second season/series).

In many ways, this episode seemed to tone down everything a bit. There wasn’t the great shocks or emotional moments that some of the other episodes have had. The fanservice also became nothing more than a random odd shot of Takagi from below. The action didn’t have any memorable scenes either. In terms of quality, I’d call this episode the worst in the series.

It did drive the story forward, and leave some interesting questions though. I wondered who the Police officer chick was that was shown briefly at the end, and It seemed that Takashi and his friends made it through the high way as well. I guess for all intents and purposes, this episode is asking you to go and read the manga, which I’m sure many of us, including myself, will now do.

I’ll save my overall opinions of the series for thee full review, but honestly? I really hope to God that HOTD becomes the exception to the rule and gets a second season. If not… Well I guess its time to move on to other things? XD


Is there going to be a second season? It doesn’t seem so. There hasn’t really been an announcement, so yeah… this is the end I guess? Look forward to the new season though! In a few we’ll head into October and the Fall Season (Check out our Preview!!) <3

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