Last episode for Ookami-san, shiku shiku, I’ll be sad to see this one end. It was a fun series! Anyways, a girl is doing newspaper rounds early morning. Right after she finishes (and muses that money is tight this month so she’ll hafta skip lunch), she sees Ryoushi leave his dorm to walk his dogs. Though she can’t recall poor Ryoushi’s name, she quickly determines that this is her chance to marry into a rich family!

Later the same day, one Machiko (lols at the naming sense! I will SERIOUSLY miss that factor!) is running at full speed towards the school, yelling through a mouthful of toast that she’s gonna be late. Ryoushi manages to dodge yet she still falls face first with her panties showi-the hell, why does she have her own name stamped on them? XD She looks up at Ryoushi and asks if he saw and Ryoushi’s like “More like you showed them…” She teasingly calls him a pervert before going off with a giggle. Narrator-san VERY aptly and in a total dead pan asks if this girl alright in the head. Course she aint if she calls that a perfect impression!

While Machiko-san is yelling that she will succeed, Ryoushi is still in a bit of a daze over what happened with him. Ringo and Ryouko come up to him and he explains what happened. Ringo rightly comments that it seems like a scenario out of a dating sim. And guess who shows up to stand on the other side of Ryoushi’s desk? Machiko spaz’s that it must be fate, Ryoushi shoots her down. Ryouko asks what’s going on and Ringo is just close. Machiko yells that all the run around is too much of a pain and goes straight for the jugular – she tells him that they should go out and then get married. Oh and everyone in class heard that.

Tarou and Otohime show up (from where…?!?!) and point out that Ryoushi already has Ryouko…and Machiko confronts her, asking her how her and..DARLING(?!?!?!) are related. Ryouko averts her eyes (and more) and says that they aren’t related at all. Ryoushi is totally lost about what’s happening and can’t help but cry and wail in despair as Ringo smiles evilly and considers this an interesting development. DO AGREE! At the club, the Pres commends Ryoushi for being unexpectedly popular while Ringo teases Ryouko by saying that she never expected two people to have the same strange taste in men. Majo-san pulls no punches and asks why Ryoushi when he’s such a bum. A ring at the club door and its Machiko. Ryoushi is reduced to a shivering heap behind the sofa as he yells to tell her that he ain’t there.

Alice asks how she can help Machiko who says that she wants to borrow Rytoushi on Saturday (the next day) for a date. Ryoushi asks Ryouko what he should do and she gives him a shoulder colder than the Russian tundra…waaaaah that’s so cold Ryouko-san. Pres tells Alice to accept the request and Ryoushi can only get dragged along miserably as Ryouko is still as prideful as ever. Though she is pounding away hard at the sand bag, she recalls Ryoushi’s confession to her before yelling out in anger. Machiko arrives home to find out that her father ain’t home yet. Ah, looks like they don’t have any electricity at their house either…she puts down an envelope and marks it down as the monthly payment.

At the dorms, Ryouko is peevishly hugging a pillow as Ringo is going over a book…but having a load of fun watching Ryouko’s expressions. She finally brings up Machiko and her sudden confession – perhaps she’s plotting something….as Ryoushi’s friends they should keep an eye on them! Course she agrees. The next day, an unhappy Ryoushi and a perky Machiko meet at the same park where he had his date with Ryouko. Machiko comments that she wants to know more about him – like what his family does, how big his house is and how much he makes in a year. Yikes. Ryouko and Ringo are peeking at the couple from behind some bushes as Machiko tries to show off her appeal. By opening her shirt (aaaah its so hot~~~ approach) all the … wa…why does she have her name on her bra too? Ryoushi blushes and looks away. A little while later, they sit down for lunch but Ryoushi is just a bit suspicious of the special home-made bento. Ringo comments that Machiko really knows how to get a guy’s heart. She tries to feed Ryoushi some tamagoyaki but he quickly snags a pair of chopsticks and eats some on his own.

NEXT ATTACK! Boats! Ringo watches the two through her binoculars and muses that she can’t hear them from this far away. Perhaps they should go closer? Ryouko mumbles that it’s not like she needs to see. She just can’t be honest as she? XD Ringo suddenly yells that they’re holding each other’s arms! Ryouko grabs the binoculars and watches as Machiko is deliberating rocking the boat on purpose. Ryouko looks really down as she watches before Ringo takes the binoculars away and comments that he’s totally being dragged around by Machiko’s pace. Ringo teases Ryouko some more but she seems more down at that.

Ryoushi is telling her a little about how he got his fear of people and is about to say that thanks to Ryouko he got over his fear but quickly corrects himself that its thanks to the Otogi Bank. Machiko thinks that he’s pretty considerate that he wouldn’t talk about another girl in front of a girl. He asks about her family and she quickly changes the subject, saying that they should go somewhere else. Ringo and Ryouko are still following – Ringo saying that Machiko might make her move soon. Machiko thinks that though her small apartment is kinda run down, a proper mood can still be achieved. She’s totally ready to get this all written in stone ain’t she? What determination. How fearsome!

She suddenly stops and pushes Ryoushi away, saying that she forgot to do something so he should leave. Ryoushi leaves but Ringo and Ryouko remain in their place to watch. Two shady looking guys come up to her and she says that she’s already given her dad the month’s payment. They tell her that her dad’s already up and disappeared. She’s shocked to hear that he’s taken the money and run away. So the burden of her father’s debt now falls on her shoulder. Before the guy can touch her, a sudden flying projectile whips past her and a smoke bomb goes off. While the guys are choking and coughing, Ryoushi runs up, grabs Machiko and they run away.  Ringo and Ryouko follow them.

Ryoushi and Machiko wind up in a small part and he says that it seemed dangerous so he stayed behind. She thanks him for saving her. To thank him, she asks if he would like her first time. TOO SUDDEN! All three parties listening are shocked! Ryoushi is surprised and Machiko says that she wanted it all to go like she planned but her father’s run off with the money that she made thanks to her part-time work. She doesn’t want to live such a life so she wanted to get close to him and live a happier life. She apologizes for dragging him into her family affairs but she now has to work harder to pay off the debt so at the least, she wants her first time to be with him.

Ryoushi seriously (and very manly-ly!) asks her if she wants his help. Dude don’t do that seriously, it does weird thinks to my breathing. She asks if he’s angry and he says that he is but not at her. He pulls out his phone and says that there’s an emergency request that needs to be fulfilled. Ryoushi mails the necessary information before standing up and facing the five guys that show up to beat him up. Ryoushi, using steel bearing balls shoots the guys. Three of them run towards Machiko when Ryouko jumps out yelling that shes got some serious stress that she needs to get rid off so they’d better be ready! Ryoushi comes to stand at her back and they fight the guys off, together instead of just Ryouko in the front and Ryoushi from the back. Machiko is entranced by how cool Ryoushi looks. Once the fight ends, the police comes to pick the punks up and Ringo is using all her acting skills as she whimpers that she was terribly scared!

Machiko thanks Ryouko but then Ryoushi asks what she was doing there. She stutters that she just happened to be in the area. *sings* tsun tsun dere tsun dere tsun tsun~ then again she totally can’t say that she was tailing them. Ryoushi gets a call and it seems that all the paperwork has been done! Everyone’s meeting at the Okashisou form where a party is being held for the newest resident, Himura Machiko! Machiko herself is kinda dazed at the sudden development and staring at everyone in surprise. She turns to the Pres and thanks him for not only taking care of the debt but also finding her a place to stay.  Rik-kun says that its no big deal cause she’ll be paying them back anyways. She watches Ryoushi as he chats with Ryouko and Ringo before he walks over and says that she needs to talk with Ryoushi. They leave the room with Ryouko and Ringo watches. Ryouko leaves the room saying that she’s going to the toilet as Ringo snickers that she just can’t be honest.

Outside, Machiko thanks him for his help but he modestly brushes it aside saying it was everyone that helped. She corrects him that they helped because HE helped her. Ryouko is eavesdropping from behind the corner as Machiko thanks him again and says that he was really cool. She looks at him, blushing as she starts to say something when Ryoushi hurriedly stammers that Ryouko was really amazing today. Machiko and Ryouko are surprised at the sudden outburst as he says that she may look strong but she’s actually weak – so weak that she acts strong in order to protect herself. Still, she works hard to move forward on her own. He smiles as he admits that seeing her like that makes him a ashamed of being a bum. That’s why he wants to be strong for her.

So if he looks manly, it’s all because of Ryouko.  Machiko smiles before theatrically sighing and complaining that she got rejected before she could even say a word. Ryoushi gets called in by his aunt and he hurries in, leaving Machiko at her perch. She turns to where Ryouko was hiding and stands up as Ryouko approaches. She asks her how she feels about Ryoushi – though he might look like a bum, he’s kind and manly when the time comes. She knows that right? About how good he is? She looks away shyly/in embarrassment. Machiko tells her to say it straight. Or else she won’t be able to give up on him. Does she like him or not.

Ryouko hesitates before she quietly admits that she doesn’t dislike him. Machiko sighs and says that she’ll try not to steal him away. Guess that’s as much as we can get from Ryouko. Ryoushi comes out holding a huge packet of fireworks, saying that they should open this with the others. Everyone is enjoy the fireworks in their own ways, including Ryouko and Ryoushi. She starts to say that someday she’ll…Ryoushi cuts her off by saying that no matter what happens, he’ll always like her. He gives her a happy bashful smile as Ryouko gets ready to hit him but then she stops and looks away. Until the day when Ookami-san takes off her wolf clothing, their story will go on. Medeitashi Medeitashi!


Score: B+/A+


A nice fun episode to end a nice fun series (that had a dash of serious drama in it). I admit to laughing very hard at the ep title. “The girl who didn’t sell matches but was poor anyways” pffffft. I’m gonna miss that kinda silliness that this series brought. But yeah, it was a nice and silly episode with all the tongue in cheek pokes at dating sims. Though I gotta say that my most favorite ep has either gotta be the Cinderella spoof from episode 01. That was one hell of an impact maker (pun kinda intended).

The whole ‘trip and show panties’ approach was hilarious as hell cause it was SO apparent that she was faking it and yet she never realizes it..everyone else does. Cloud cuckoolander much? XD And looks like someone’s been picking up all the wrong ‘pick up’ points from all the wrong places~ XD But gotta sympathize with the girl – all she wanted was a better and less harsher life. What an ass of a father to leave him daughter like that D: Hope he gets knocked on the head with a plank! But cheers to Ryoushi cause we can see the results of Neko-san’s training! XD He looked so manly and kool when he asks help from the Pres and then fights with Ryouko. But dont do that too often please Ryoushi…it does weird things to my breathing and my heart XD

Ryouko Ryouko Ryouko…I did kinda hope for some more open jealousy but I guess I was asking for too much by thinking that right? *le sighs* but i think it was kinda cute that she does admit straight forwardly that its not that she dislikes him. Though i was hoping for that a shy “I do…l-l-li-like…Ry-Ryoushi” TCH *kicks a random pebble peevishly* Tsun-tsun as always Ryouko-chan! But she gives him such a nice cute smile at the very end! She is changing slowly towards him. GYAAAAAAAH why is this series only 12 eps?! ;A; ZURUUUIII~~~

NARRATOR-SAN *clings to her neck* I’MMA GUNNA MISS YOU SO MUCH ;A; Finally there was a narrator whose mental level I could match! How many times my own thoughts would be echoed by your whilst I’d be thinking them! Its been so long since such an awesome snarker has been a narrator! *shiku shiku*

Fare thee well Otogi Club! Fare thee well Otohime, Tarou, Otsuu, Majo-san, Rikkun, Alice, Ryoushi, Ryouko and Ringo. It was awesome meeting y’ all! Medeitashi Medeitashi indeed~!

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