Last week we left the gang in a DAI PINCH with Ryoushi training to get stronger and Ryouko, Otsuu and Tarou being captured by the bad guys, Alice on the run with Usami-chan and the Pres getting ready to roll up his sleeves. We pick up from Ryoushi still training with Neko and he gets a call telling him that Ryouko’s been kidnapped.

At Onigashima, Ryouko (tied up in a chair) wakes up to see Reiko – who comes off a bit of a crazy cat. Before she can do anything though, Shirou tells her not to be rough with Ryouko. He walks up to the pair saying that he’s not gonna do anything to her yet. Ryouko asks what his end game is and he says that he simply likes seeing people in despair (then go watch Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei or put in a transfer to their school). So basically, he thinks it’d be fun to drag her and her friends into the whole mess for the heck of it.

Pres gives an update to Neko-san, Ryoushi, Ringo and Majo-san. Though they totally fell into his trap, they still quite a significant amount of loans on their side. They sit down to think of a plan. Alice and Usami are still being chased but they manage to give the punks the dodge. Usami apologizes to Alice, saying that because she went along with “her” plan, she’s in this mess. Alice is surprised at her honesty and they share a bit of a laugh and…is that an iPad that the Pres is using? XD or the HP one? Anyways, Neko asks Ryoushi if he’s sure that Ryouko is in Onigashima.

Ryoushi, while putting on his slingshot, says that this act was meant to draw him out. Tarou meanwhile is put in with Otohime, who is fine. He gets pissed that they dare treat a girl like that but the delinquents are like “Your opponent won’t be us!” Tarou is surprised and a FLOCK OF GIRLS pounce on him…did I mention they’re just wearing swimwear? Meanwhile Otsuu is being teased and harassed by…the…THE HELL?! *falls over out of her seat* They’re just cosplay nitwits! They want her to change into a nurse outfit? I’m surprised they didn’t take out the Chinese dress..Otsuu is shocked and appalled that they would try to make a maid wear that!

Tarou manages to cleanly jump over the hurdle and after a little of bit of indulgence, he goes to Otohime’s side before he beats the guys up and good. Otohime gets fired up and turns to the group of girls with a fearsome aura around her. Clearly Otohime is a person you don’t want to get angry…Otsuu is meanwhile being forced to throw away her maid role for nurse, school girl, stewardess, miko…but Majo-san shows up for the rescue! She grabs Otsuu after letting of a fierce smelling gas bomb and they run out. Aaaaaaaaand why am I not surprised that Majo-san broke out the Chinese dress. Oh Bunny girl, I forgot that one~ Otsuu’s crisis continues!

Alice is having trouble running and twists her foot. The delinquents manage to find them and are ready to beat some ass when Riikun shows up to save the day, in his FAB disguise. He’s been taking down the delinquents one by one as he searched for them. He admits that he’s a bit worried about Ryoushi. Ryouko meanwhile is angrily asking Shirou is he expects to come out of this whole ordeal unscathed after all the stunts he’s pulled. Shirou brushes the matter aside saying that its much more fun to watch them fall apart. To see her hopes being shattered at the very end. Ryoushi, Ringo and Neko show up at the school entrance, only to be faced with a large group of delinquents.

When Momo-chan and her followers show up! Plus the Tonda brothers! They all took out loans during the 30% sale~ With Ryoushi and Neko leading the charge, the gang fight the delinquents but the school is entering into lock down mode! All entrances are being shuttered close but then! Two of the Tondo brothers somehow manage to get underneath one before it can close and hold it open long enough for the others to get through. With the three Tondo brothers blocking the entrance, the delinquents suddenly are caught between a shit load of blubber and the rest of the Otogi Bank who has showed up at the nick of time! Usami is watching from behind a tree as the others fight when she sees Otohime being grabbed by a guy. Usami clonks the guy on the head with a pipe, ‘not helping’ Otohime.

Inside, Momo-chan’s servants tackle a new group of delinquents as Momo-chan tells Ryoushi to go on ahead. As Neko-san and Ryoushi run up the strairs, we find out the reason why Neko-san is helping Ryoushi. Seems that three years ago, he abandoned a girl and ran away, even though she got caught trying to save him from delinquents. (Reiko? Is it? Or is it Ryouko?)  In order to honor the life that the girl saved (though he considered himself garbage), he swore that he’d get stronger, to help if only ONE person if he could. Ryoushi is surprised when Neko-san turns to him suddenly and says that he respects him.

Yet another group of meatheads chase Ryoushi and Neko through the school. Neko-san turns around to face the, yelling to Ryoushi to go. Ryoushi looks to see Neko-san fighting, the latter notices this and yells that he’s the only one who can protect Ryouko. Ryoushi can only clench his teeth before resuming his run. He runs into the office, yelling out Ryouko’s name. She looks up surprised, Shirou how ever is not – rather, he’s been expecting Ryoushi for a while now.  Ah crap, Ryoushi you already forgot Neko-san’s lecture!

He flies at Shirou, punching and kicking and trying to land a blow on the guy but he easily doges it. As Ryoushi attempts to launch an attack using his slingshot, Shirou slashes the elastic before kicking Ryoushi in the stomach. He stands up saying that he’ll fight as hard as he can for Ryouko’s sake. Holy cheese sticks with garlic sauce…his fight skills suddenly remind me of the Spike and Vincent fight in the tower! With Shirou pulling off both guy’s moves. As Ryoushi falls to the ground, clutching his ribs and coughing – Shirou asks how does it feel to get beaten down in front of the girl that he loves. Ryoushi looks up at a concerned Ryouko and recalls Neko’s words – no matter what has happened, he had seen through Ryouko’s act and has been supporting her from the shadows. He is different from himself who ran away from her.

Ryoushi asks if maybe he’s talking about…Neko admits that its Ryouko. But he didn’t think that he could protect Ryouko the way he was. That is why he helped him. He asks him WHY he wants to protect Ryouko. That feeling will not only make him stronger but also allow him to protect Ryouko. Ryoushi takes another kick to the ribs as Ryouko cries for Shirou to stop this already. She hangs her head, crying but looks up when Ryoushi grounds out that he will protect Ryouko. As he jumps back up and starts throwing punches again, he recalls Neko’s words – fight with a cool head.  The minute he recalls that, he jumps back and watches Shirou for a moment. Shirou smirks before jumping forward but Ryoushi dodges! Shirou is shocked and Ryoushi lands a punch on the guy’s jaw.

Shirou  wipes away the blood from his split lip before standing up, commenting that he made a guy like him bleed…he’s in for a hellish experience now. Before the fight can go any further, the Pres calls out that that is enough of that. As Ringo helps Ryouko, Rikkun turns to Shirou and says that he’s been quite the problem creator for them and for that, there will be reparations involved. Shirou smiles and asks if that’s a threat. That the Pres would be asking for adult intervention. The Pres isn’t amused at all and says that cause he brought the fight home to Otogi Bank, they will return it with full force Eeeeek he just opened his eyes. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS D:

With a clap of his hands, the Pres directs his gang that they’re leave. With a laste glare to the white haired boy, Ryoushi follows the others out. Reiko sits on top of Shirou’s desk and comments that was quite the waste. Shirou however has gone around the bend…twice. With an extremely crazed expression he comments that with this, their bonds will grow even more strong and thus, it will be more delicious to rip them apart with his bare hands. You…have issues. Go talk to a head shrink. Or check yourself into a mental institute.

At the club, the Pres is thanking everyone involved for their help but Ryouko looks severely down. She apologizes to everyone but the Pres says that there’s no need for that because there are times when you can’t do everything on your own. That’s why the Otogi Bank is there after all. All everyone heads off on their own paths, Usami is approached by Otohime. Otohime thanks her – for helping her friends when they were in trouble. In her typical manner, Usami brushes it off saying that she was just repaying her debt. She turns to face Otohime and apologizes for the way she acted towards Otohime in Middle school. Wow, she’s surprisingly honest and cute at times. Otohime in turn apologizes for the way she treated her during the Miss Otogi Contest.

Ryouko, Ringo and Ryoushi thank Nekomiya for his help in the whole matter. When Ryouko thanks him, he pulls his hat over his eyes before smiling slightly and acknowledging her thanks. They turn and walk away in opposite directors. After a few steps, Neko turns around to watch the trio’s backs as he muses if he didn’t run away this time. With the trip meanwhile, Ringo comments that Ryoushi really did a lot of work today. While he modestly denies that, Ryouko peeks at him with one eye but turns her face away with a small ‘humph’ when Ryoushi notices her look and gives her a smile. Ringo says that doesn’t Ryoushi deserve a reward?

Ringo offers various reward suggestions (putting on dog ears and a tail and rubbing against Ryoushi as thanks, coming onto Ryoushi while wearing cute underwear or swimsuit or frilly one piece etc etc). In short, it’s the regular routine on the way back home. That night however, Alice is conked out on the couch, the Pres draping a blank over her sleeping form. Otohime and Tarou are out walking arm in arm. Majo and Otsuu are taking a walk as well. Ringo and Ryouko are talking in their dorm. Ringo tells Ryouko that Ryoushi had been training to get stronger (in order to protect Ryouko).

Ryouko contemplatively stares at her tea as Ringo gently tells her that she has to get stronger with Ryoushi. Ryouko is surprised to hear that at first but then she closes her eyes, opening them again to give Ringo a smile. Hesitantly, she starts to ask Ringo something. The next day, Ryoushi is taking his dogs out on a walk, along with Ryouko. Ryouko quietly watching Ryoushi from behind (wow, has his back always been that broad?) and recalls Ringo’s words that just her being with him is enough of a reward. Ryouko basically took that advice and joined him on the walk. Ryoushi questioningly calls her name and she looks away saying that its nothing. Ryoushi states that he’s happy that she’s not avoiding him, like he thought. To be like this, it’s like a dream. He looks at her back and says that he’ll be the one to protect her. Still looking the other way, Ryouko stammers that when they were at Onigashima, she…(oh shes trying to be rare) she turns around and Ryoushi’s bent over crying not to stare at him as a large group of kids run by.

Nice timing. He asks Ryouko if she was saying something but she just punches him out. And as always, they lived happily ever after.

Score: C/A+


Let down. Severe let down. I was expecting something more concrete in terms of information and in terms of action! Like a more exact reason why Shirou is so fixated on Ryouko for starters. Just to mess with their heads for the heck of it? Don’t fuck around man seriously! It goes beyond that, anyone can tell. His unhealthy obsession with Ryouko HAS to have a reason behind it. I thought that it would be explained (I was expecting that he abused her and tried to break her. Came to check on her and found her happy and that pissed him off and drove him on this mad cap adventure to break Ryouko just so that he could get his happy kick that he can do whatever he wants to whoever he wants) My point being that they just didn’t explain why Shirou is so fixated on Ryouko (the one who got away perhaps?)

And I wanted Ryoushi it land more than one punch. I wanted him to lay the smack down on Shirou much like Shirou did on him. That was a nifty fight scene to be true.  But for everyone to get free so easily? That just made me go “ahh that build up and for that? Jeez….climax, yer kinda doing it wrong.” Its like…there wasn’t enough of a build up in terms of emotions. Sure by the end of episode 10 I was like “O NOEZ!” but once 11 started rolling i was like ” . . . . . wut?” and the Pres wasn’t HARDLY enough awesome and I hoped that he would be! TCH!

Though it was really nice to see Usami apologizing to Alice and then helping Otohime out. Added nice depth to her character – there’s more to her than her usual tsun-tsun conniving side. She was genuinely worried about the repercussions of her actions on Alice and the others. Very sweet.

Other than that, the whole second half was like one major case of déjà vu. It felt…forced and over all there was a ‘meh’ feeling to it for me. Every time a new bunch of hooligans jumped out I was like ( – – ). No proper sense of suspense or worry to me. On Nekomiya though, so THAT was the kid who got bullied and Ryouko saved him! So he felt bad for running away and letting a girl take the heat for him huh? Neko-san, yer quite the good man!

Feh *drops into her seat and crosses her arms* Hope that the last episode redeems this lack of a climax!

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