An over cast sky with a distinct red hue to it is the first shot of this weeks episode. The shot pans down to focus on the back of a young boy as he stares off into the distance as loud explosions occur in front of him. Ryner stares in shock before a metallic clinking sound has him turning around. He sees men riffling through the dead bodies, taking off and inspecting the armor and weapons of the dead before hauling it away. One of the men notices him and yells at him and asks what he’s doing. Startled at the sudden attention, Ryner takes a small step back before he looks down at his bloodied hands. The man walks up to Ryner and asks if he’s the son of some Roland officer or perhaps a kid from the Estabul village.

Ryner doesn’t anything, prompting the man to lean over and roughly ask what his name is. Quietly, Ryner gives it but the man strikes him down saying that he can’t hear him. He stands over Ryner as he rubs his bruised cheek – his name is Talron and between the two of them, if he wants to live, he needs to work as though his life depends on it. Ryner looks down to realize that he’s leaning on a dead body before he backs away. He watches Talron walk away as he says that if Ryner understands that then he should get to work, no two ways about it. Or else, he will kill him. Ryner watches the other kids around his age help the other men gather up the weapons. He looks down at his hand, an oval pendant in his grasp. He turns to look at the dead soldier and sure enough, a broken chain is around his neck.

Back to the present day, at any normal Inn in Nelfa…Ryner is staring away into space with a completely dazed expression on his face before Iris attempts a jump punch on him but he easily grabs her. She’s dangling in front of him as Ryner tells to stop attempting to hit him every time she comes to them. She can only yell at him to not touch her cause it’s all over if the wild beast touches her. Ryner lets go of her and asks if Ferris really got her to believe that she can get pregnant from just one touch by him. He reassures her that such a thing isn’t possible so she can just relax. The sharp sound of a sword being drawn out from its scabbard is heard and with a resigned expression Ryner stands there cause Ferris has her blade pointing at the back of his neck.

Ferris starts that he grabbed her sister’s hand, and Ryner completes the sentence “Abducting her, assaulting her or getting her pregnant? There’s no way I would do that.” Complete with a “meh” face. Ferris seems a tad surprised when Ryner gives a bit of a bemused smile as he says that him being able to guess the expressions on her expressionless face is starting to scare him. Iris attempts to glomp Ferris but she grabs Iris from the back and holds her up as she expressionless says that its good of Iris to come to them and if she had a safe trip. Lacking the customary flowers around the head but still happy as a cricket, Iris says that she wanted to see Ferris so she hurried A LOT. She turns a glowing red as she asks if Iris has been a good kid. Ferris watches on as Iris passes out due to lack of air and Ryner pipes in “Oye oye!”

But Ferris doesn’t get it as she keeps holding onto the string as she asks if there’s a problem? She just put her cute little sister to sleep. Ryner listens, completely GOBSMACKED (like me) when Ferris explains that when SHE was a kid, Lucile did that all the time to put her to sleep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…WHAT A WEIRD FAMILY. Ryner asks what kind of family is that. While Ryner tries to revive Iris by blowing air at her with a hanky, Ferris attacks the dango. One, two, three boxes are tossed into the dust bin. Ryner points out that instead of eating, shouldn’t she we taking care of her little sister?  AH! There was a letter underneath that last box! GYAH someone see that letter before it gets tossed out with the trash!

Back in Roland, Sion muses that Iris should have arrived by now and he hopes that they get his message in time. But back in Nelfa, Iris is fawning over Ferris who in turn is nomming on dango while Ryner is being his usual snarker self. He turns to Iris and asks her why she came to them. Iris thinks a bit…for a while…before remembering that she came to deliver a letter, an express delivery. It’s a really important letter that they gotta read. Iris digs through her bag looking for it but of course she can’t find it. Ryner can only sigh heavily before he asks if she has heard anything form Sion then? Iris thinks momentarily before saying that he had said something about a dragon suddenly vanishing. Ryner and Ferris recall that particular debacle and Ferris comments that Sion most likely wants them to go and investigate that incident. Ryner comments that its really troublesome. Iris is still thinking, trying to remember what else she had to tell them, something else that was really important. But…

Ferris stands up telling her not to worry, they’ll figure it out when they get there. Ryner asks if shes serious about that and gets a sword to his face which pushes his enthusiasm levels up to high levels! Ferris lowers her sword and asks Iris to tell Sion that they’ll investigate the matter. Iris disappears and our wacky couple make their way out of the inn. A lady is taking out the trash and she sees the letter attached at the bottom of the dango box and takes it off. She opens it and starts to read it. Sion writes that the dragon that was unleashed the other day killed a large number of villagers around the forest and now the dragon cannot be found. He tells them to give up all research on that relic and to never go near that forest again. Oh…crap…doesn’t even begin to cover it does it?

So Ferris and Ryner are making their way through the forest and they come to a rather lovely little waterfall spot where they decide to have some afternoon tea. Ryner however proposes to just cancel the annoying investigation and to have the tea. As Ryner stretches his arms, a body falls with a splash into the water. Shocked, Ryner and Ferris look up and there are multiple body hanging limply from the branches as Ryner asks if the dragon did this. Ferris says that they’ll look into that. The come to the edge of a cliff and they come across quite an odd scene. Men, soldiers are perched upon dead trees as Ferris points out that there was no blood spilt. As Ryner wonders why, we see a familiar pink haired couple standing just past the tree line.

AAAAH! THE guy’s got the dagger! Ryner calls out to them from behind and he recognizes them from before. They recognize the couple as well before greeting them. Ryner asks what they’re doing in such a place and the girl says that they of course came to see the dragon. The guy comments that a real dragon would REALLY kick his writer’s spirit up. He starts to imagine the typical scenario imagining a princess and a dragon when his sister cuts him off asking if he’s seriously gonna add in the cliché of the hero showing up to slay the dragon. He can only sheepishly grin as she scolds him that THAT is why his writings never sell. It’s a critical hit to the poor man’s ego. The girls turns to Ferris and Ryner and asks what happened. Ryner replies that they don’t have any idea either and there isn’t any blood from the corpses either. He starts to walk forward when Ferris takes hold of his wrist, stopping him from walking any further.

Ryner turns to her questioning when Ferris also steps forward and asks them to explain themselves. She had noticed the dagger on the guy’s hip and Ryner recognizes it too. The guy comments that they have noticed it already. Ferris asks if they’re the ones who killed all the villagers. The guy reveals that their reason to visit the fortress back then was the same, they’re after the heroes relics as well. Ryner asks if they followed them after that and picked up the dagger after they left then? The guy says that the Taboo breaker squad really helped them too – they found the relic for them and abandoned it for them. They really are quite grateful to Ryner and Ferris. Ryner tells him to stop bullshitting. They were the ones who silenced everyone who saw the dragon right? In order to keep the number of people who know about the relic to a bare few.

The guy smoothly retorts that it would be better if they were the only ones who knew how to use this unknown power. And so, Ferris and Ryner would have to die as well. Ferris asks just who exactly are they and what they hope to achieve with the hero relics. The guy says that so she’s planning to survive this encounter? That must be why she’s asking that particular question. Ferris lazily says that she doesn’t need his answer because she already knows what country they’re working for. Ferris gives Ryner a look before pushing him at the side, Ryner runs off as he uses the super speed spell from Estabul. The pink haired couple jump away. The guy starts to cast his own spell, a completely new one but Ryner immediately copies it and activates his Alpha Stigma. Half way through the casting, the guy is startled to see the sigils and claps his hands to stop the spell but too late. Ryner casts the full spell.

The guy is surprised that though he stopped the spell halfway, Ryner was still able to cast it. As a colt of light streaks towards him, he calls out to his sister. Seems like she can cast up a barrier when she wants cause she blocks Ferris’s attack (while shes lookin up at her brother) and a quick barrier blocks the spell from hitting her brother. It looks like a thick crystal, the barrier that is. Ryner and the guy land on the ground and Ferris slashes through the barrier, forcing Kuu to turn back towards Ferris. A particularly hard slash from Kuu has Ferris flying off into the air. Ryner curses out loud before he runs to catch her and it’s a bit of a hard landing for the two of them as they come down. Ferris jokes that no matter how pretty she is, this is hardly the time for him to assault her. Ryner asks her just HOW can she still stay calm?

Feris turns around to say that she’s always calm. Ryner asks that even to this extent? She turns back to face the couple as she says that she’s calm enough to know that if Ryner hadn’t caught her, that attack just might have killed her. Perhaps Kuu is also using a hero’s relic? Ferris and Ryner stand up, eying the wicked looking scythe that Kuu is holding as Ryner comments that scythe is pretty damn dangerous. Ferris asks if that’s a heroes relic. Ryner says that it is and it also boosts the wielder’s physical abilities QUITE A BIT. Ferris holds her sword in front of his face as she says that it also does this. Ryner eyes the ice frozen on the sword as Ryner realizes that that’s why there wasn’t any blood from the corpses AND that barrier/crystal/ice wall. It was all the power of the scythe. Ferris muses that a sword clashing against it would eventually get too heavy to wield thanks to the ice and the lowering temperature would make it harder to move as well.

Ryner says that he’ll support her with some fire magic, creating an opening for her to stop that scythe. They both smirk as they get ready to charge and Ryner asks if she’s ready. She says that it’s not like they have a choice. The guy asks if they’ve decided on a plan then. Ryner says more or less, yeah. The guy smiles disarmingly saying that that’s good. But having the Alpha Stigma…that’s quite a valuable possession to have. He’ll have to exercise caution when crystallizing it. Ryner repeats the term, “Crystalizing?” The guy is surprised that though he doesn’t know of it though he holds the Alpha Stigma. The man pulls a small pouch out and turns it over, a small green stone falling into his open palm. Ryner angrily says that if he KNEW that he wouldn’t ASK about it.

Ryner gets a flashback from the time when he was a child and used his Alpha Stigma to fight other enemies. His eyes narrow as he wonders if this guy knows more about the Alpha Stigma than himself. The guy holds the green stone up in front of his face as he muses that they really don’t know anything at all. He lowers his hand saying that given that he left the rule fragment behind, that’s to be expected. Ryner and Ferris look on as he says that he’ll show them how to use the relic that they left behind. The man pulls the dagger out and pushes it into his arm. Ferris and Ryner look in shock as his entire arm turns black and begins to convulse before it turns into a dragon’s head. He points the dragon’s head towards them and a barrage of fire is shot towards Ryner and Ferris.

They jump out of the way, the fire engulfing the trees and the dead bodies. As Ryner watches the trees burn, he mutters if that is how the relic is used. The Dolueli Swordscale. A weapon which can burn its targets whoever much the user wishes. Sui is breathing hard as he explains that the ground itself has no will so that’s why the dragon from before was totally harmless. Ferris and Ryner are still on the ground as Sui says that they will show them the true power of the relics. They both stand up and at the same moment, Kuu swings her scythe. She freezes the entire flame and Ryner is taken aback at the move. Sui comments that hes gotta be the calm type to react to that move in such a manner. Ryner runs, casting the lightening Izuchi but Sui pulls out the hair ornament from his hair and it cancels out/absorbs the lightening. Ferris asks if even THAT is a hero’s relic. Sui smiles and says that that is Elemio Comb (and Kuu’s got the Ailecrono Scythe). The comb holds the power of nullify magic.

It’s a fight against three relics and Ferris says that there is no way that they can win, it’s better for them to back off. Ryner grinds his teeth in frustration and anger as Ferris calls out his name. Pissed he says that he gets it and they beat a hasty retreat. But Sui comments that they won’t let them get away. He tosses the green stone up in the air and cries out, “Resonate!” A pulse seems to go through the air and Ryner falls to his knees, gasping in pain. Ferris turns around and asks him what’s wrong but his vision is swimming and her voice is fading out. Ryner hears the same voice that he heard the time he went ape shit on the fifty Estabul Magic Knights.

The voice tells him that his desire remains the same – for everything to disappear. Ferris asks what did they do to Ryner. Sui lazily comments that if the Alpha Stigma doesn’t awaken then he can’t possibly steal it. Ferris is surprised and Sui asks that she doesn’t know does she. The reason why the Alpha Stigma is hated is because it can go out of control and destroy everything.  That is the reason why they are called insane devils or dirty murders. Ryner is breathing harshly as the voice tells him that nothing matters but he himself remembers the massacre on the Roxanne Field and he tries to fight the feeling. With Ryner in the middle ground between the siblings and Ferris, she calls out to him. But Ryner is still stuck in his memories, recalling standing in the middle of the bloody battlefield as he held up his friends.

The heavy voice repeats, “Nothing really matters…” Ryner chokes out for Ferris to get away from him. Sui and Kuu wait and watch as Ryner pushes out, saying not to look at him like he’s some monster. Flashbacks from his past run through his mind as he says that he doesn’t want to kill her. His Alpha Stigma fully activates and the voice tells him to destroy everything. Ryner is engulfed with red light as he hovers above the ground, cackling in mad glee. Sui calmly states that he has finally awakened. Ferris dashes forward, asking what the hell they did with Ryner. Kuu intercepts. Sui says that before he’ll destroy everything within sight, they’ll kill him and take his crystal. Red lightning bolts fall from Ryner’s form and to the ground around them as Sui comments that didn’t she just witness that?

He holds up the comb and says that his comb nullifies ALL magic and it absorbs the red lightening. Ryner analyzes it and focuses his power on Sui, lazily commenting “Disappear, insect”. The comb just turns to dust in his fingers before his fingers start to crumble away like sand in the wind. Kuu pushes Ferris away before rushing to her brother’s side. He uses the dragon to bite off his arm before the disintegration can spread and he commands the dragon to burn the wound. Kuu comes up to him and asks if he’s alright. She looks at him expressionless before he looks up at Ryner and wonders that he isn’t a normal holder of the Alpha Stigma. In a haughty tone Ryner asks that he would try to kill him with that power? As if Elemio’s miserable power would be capable of killing him.

Ryner starts to cast another spell as he declares for everything to disappear. Sui sits up and says that they should run while they can. He grabs hold of her and they run away just as Ryner levitates down to their former position. A huge explosion takes place from that point, pretty much wiping away all the land form around. Ferris has her sword dug into the ground as she holds onto it, squinting against the flying debris as she calls out to Ryner. But the force of the blast is too strong and she flies away, sword and all. Multiple explosions surround Ryner as he chants that nothing comes from his except destruction, he blesses nothing, he saves nothing – he only obliterates. A final massive ass explosion follows.

Ryner recalls a time when he was sitting at the doorstep of a small home in some small village. A girl and a boy sitting next to him as they clean the armor they had collected from the battlefield. The girl asks is he feels lonely living by himself. Ryner says that that’s not so because they are with him. The girl smiles and says that she’ll be Ryner’s mom. Ryner looks at her in surprise as she holds up a hand up to hser chest and tells him to call her “Okaa-san” from no onwards. The other boy leans in, pointing to himself saying that he’ll be the father then. The girl gives him an “Eeeeeeh?” looks while saying that she doesn’t want to be a husband and wife with him. The guy covers his eyes with his arms, weeping that he just got coldly rejected. The threesome laugh which is cut off by a shrill scream.

They turn to see four fully armored men making their way towards them, calling them low life corpse plunders (Well actually didn’t it use to be a legit thing to do?) and telling them to return everything that they stole. The kids watch from their perch, eyeing the bloodied sword in the leader’s hand. The soldiers manage to get all the collected armor but they’ve killed a woman and gravely injured Talron as he croaks out that it’s not possible because if they let them take it back then…the girl screams as she’s held back by the soldier. Her mother runs up to the soldier but she gets his sword run through her. She lies dying on the ground as her daughter weeps. The boy runs forward, yelling for the man to release the girl (Quill). Ryner watches from his position as the man tosses Quill aside and casts Kurenai, the fire spell. Wait…this ass is a ROLAND solider?

The boy is burnt to a crisp, yelling and screaming in agony. Ryner remains standing, his eyes covered by shadow as the soldiers walk past him muttering that they would dare defy them. Ryner listens as they kill the innocent villagers while they beg for their lives. Ryner’s hand twitches by his side as the spell circle forms before he casts the fire spell back on the leader. Two of the soldiers are shocked as they notice his eyes. Ryner walks up to Quill in a daze, his eyes glowing with the Alpha Stigma. The soldiers run away in fear as Ryner slowly walks to Quill. But she’s staring at him in fear with tears in her eyes. He holds out his hand to her but she whispers “Monster…” Roland is frozen in shock as the villagers curse Talron for bringing such a monster to their village.

Ryner takes a step back and stares into the setting sun. As the flashback ends, Ryner seems to come to an understanding. He muses that he indeed is a monster.

Score: B+/A+


Hot DAMN. FINALLY we get to see some hero relics and what powers they can have. The Scythe was pretty god damn awesome and I love that Kuu seems way more bad ass than she let on. Same with Sui. They acted like quite a baka duo but actually were … actually they were like Crouching Moron Hidden Badass! Then again, that trope applies to Ferris and Ryner as well but…the relics! So THAT’S the way that the dagger was used but errr…quite the violent bloody way to use it isn’t it? AND THAT reminds me. What country are these two from? And how do THEY know so damn much about the relics and the AS? Its mind boggling! They knew the names of the relics and how to use em! What Google are they using?!

Setsukan, you got your wish. We got some kick ass action from the Ryner and Ferris front. And now I wonder…given that Sion told them not to pursue the dragon relic, did he know that the siblings had it? And given his penchant for wanting all the information possible, does he know perhaps know more about the Alpha Stigma than he lets on? Most likely I would guess. But, I’m also happy to see some serious development instead of more comedic development on Ryner and Ferris’s side. Way more interesting and sits in better with the over all show theme no?

So Ryner is no ordinary Alpha Stigma holder. That doesn’t surprise me really. Whats surprising to me is the fact that there are more “normal” AS holders. What was that all about? There are more magic users out there who can use the Alpha Stigma? And if that’s so, what is up with Ryner’s AS that it is THAT FUCKING BAD ASS that is can simply DISINTEGRATE a hero’s relic if he wishes. And crystal? Whats up with that comment? Does that mean to imply that the source of the AS is implanting a crystal within the individual? If that’s the case, perhaps Ryner doesn’t have one thereby making him more bad ass?

And so Ferris finally sees the true destructive power hidden behind Ryner’s normally cool and lazy facade. Wonder how she will manage to shake him outta this state. If she bonks him on the head then I will quit this show.  . . . no no I won’t but it better be good that’s all I’m saying. Looks like it’ll be interesting, thats for sure.

Poor Ryner though. Having to go through so much persecution when he was just a kid. Very harsh man. This episode does explain a whole lot why Ryner was so content to spending the rest of his natural life in jail. Gotta comment on Sion’s selfishness for dragging Ryner back into the thick of things. I wonder what his reaction is gonna be if and when he finds out about this. That is not gonna go down well with his conscious. Then again on the bright side, no one died. Though those two siblings managed to get away.

Will they come back with a grudge to boot? I’m willing to bet my ass on that one. They’ll come back more bad ass than before. I hope that by that time, Ryner and Ferris will have some hero relics of their own so we can have a more bad ASS fight. Oh and appropriate weapon choice is appropriate much? Kuu gets the ice and Sui gets the fire. Makes sense to me.

Next week, its gonna be intense.

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