A long long time ago….hey wait a minute. This aint the regular opening scene for Ookami-san! Where the heck are we? What’s the castle doing there? AND WHERE’D that genie come from? More importantly…why does he looks like that ero-jiji of a Director? And why is he asking Ringo what her three wishes are. Emmm…mixing up the wrong stories arnt we? Anyways, Ringo says that she only has one wish – to make up with a certain person. AND Ringo wakes up thanks to her cell phone alarm. A weird dream indeed but with a deeper meaning perhaps?

Back to our regularly scheduled Otogibana City but this time we’re starting from an unfamiliar house – outside which Ringo-san is..err…hiding behind a lamppost. She watches one Shirayuki Hime (winner of the Miss Otogi Academy Contest) as she walks by with a bag full of groceries. Ringo open her mouth to speak and takes a step forward but stops on her own, looking quite down. Meanwhile, Ryouko and Ryoushi are…baby sitting a whole bunch of kids. Ryouko has the kids totally under her thumb while Ryoushi is being walked all over like a rug. Ah they are Shirayuki’s SEVEN younger siblings. Shirayuki comments that it musta been hard to look after so many kids at one time but Ryouko assures her that it was nothing and Ryoushi can only looks away with a mumbled agreement.

Wow what kids! Shirayuki says that she’ll get dinner started while the kids pipe up that they’ll do the laundry, clean the bath and other household tasks. As the kids run off, Shirayuki asks that Ring really didn’t come in the end? Ryoushi says that something came up with her apparently and they even had asked her to come. Ryouko apologizes but Shirayuiki waves it off. Though Shirayuki reassures her and thanks her but Ryouko is still not happy.

The next day at the Otogi Bank, the Pres asks how the babysitting job went. Ryoushi comments that his body is still hurting and Ryouko adds that Shirayuki is really amazing that she takes care of all those kids at the same time. And to pay for the whole thing at the same time by having a part time job too. Ryoushi wonders if she finds any time for herself and if she’ll be able to study for the exams coming up. Alice tells him that Shirayuki plans to get a job right after high school instead of going to university. True that with her grades she shouldn’t have a problem getting into a university but most likely, she decided this due to her financial constraints.

The Pres hums contemplatively and says that that’s quite the problem. Otsu asks if Ringo accompany them to Shirayuki’s house. Ryouko sighs heavily before shaking her head. Tarou comments that it was supposed to be Ringo’s job and yet…Ryouko says that she’ll try to convince Ringo again given that Shirayuki’s asked their help again the next day. After a moment of silence, Ryoushi asks if something has happened between Ringo and Shirayuki. That night at the girl’s dorm, Ringo and Ryouko are having a late cup of tea with Ryoushi. Ringo asks if something is the matter given that they both came back in such a formal manner.

Ryouko simply says that Ringo should already know why. She tells Ringo that Shirayuki asked about her. Ringo looks sad as Ryouko adds that the request was initially for her in the first place and it’ll only get worse the longer she doesn’t do something about it.  Ringo remains quiet, choosing to pour the tea out into the cups as Ryouko tells her that after graduation, Ringo might not be able to see Shirayuki again. Ringo looks down as she finally speaks that that could be possible. Ryoushi suddenly speaks up and asks if she can tell him what happened. She’s helped him out a lot before so (She starts to stare at him…)if he can help…(more staring…)her…(even MORE intense staring) out…. (Our boy’s about to cave in…) and sure enough he just hides himself underneath the seating cushion. Ringo…that’s playing dirty. She comments that he was acting so cool for a moment that she thought he was an impostor.

Ringo quietly says that perhaps this is a good chance. Ryoushi looks up from underneath his…hiding place, if you can call it that, before sitting back in his place. Ringo says that it’s not like she needs to hide this or anything. Ringo begins to tell the story. When she was young, she and her mother used to live together alone in a nice little apartment complex. Her mother is stroking her head and telling her to wear a bright smile and to behave herself. Because if she’s a good kid then people will treat her nicely. If she wants to act cute then she has to be that way towards everyone – by doing so, everyone will do whatever she wants….wow talk about teaching weird things to your kids XD And that explains where Ringo gets it from~

As her mother is hugging her, Ringo looks up when her mom says that just being cute doesn’t quite cut it. Ringo looks up confused before her mother says that from now on, she should talk as politely as possible. Particularly, if she adds a “no” at the end of everything, she’ll sound like a smart and refined girl. *eyes the mother with wide eyes* Oomai na…^^;;; Ringo looks down contemplatively as her mother asks her to say “Hai, desu no.” and Ringo repeats it and her mother praises her and strokes her head. Ringo explains that that was the way they lived but then one day she was taken to this big mansion. Her mother takes her to a room with some toys in it as she tells Ringo that she has to discuss some important things so Ringo should be a good girl and play in the room.

Ringo smiles and agrees. She tries to play with some balls but she says to herself that its lonely to play on her own when a voice asks if she can play with her. Ringo looks to the doorway and it’s a younger Shirayuki peeking in. They’re outside and Shirayuki’s taking her around the garden but soon enough, her mother finishes her talk and it’s time to leave. Ringo comes to the main door, following Shirayuki and her mother. Before they leave, Ringo asks if she’ll be able to see Shirayuki again. She smiles and says that if she’s a good girl, she’ll be able to meet Shirayuki again. Ringo comments that she was really happy at that time because they introduced her to her father who they had been living away from and she started to live in that big mansion.

Nut then one day…Ringo walks into a study and she attempts to pull a large book out from a shelf that’s just a little out of her reach. But the book falls out of her hand and falls to the ground, near the study table. Ringo leans down to pick it up but while standing up, notices a letter on the table addressed to his daughter. That was when Ringo realized that Shirayuki was actually her older sister from another mother. Turns out that the important talk that her mother had was about Shirayuki’s parents’ divorce. Her mother forced Shirayuki and her mother out of the house basically. So when Ringo asked if she could see Shirayuki again, it was the worst thing that she could have said.

Ryoushi quickly says that that wasn’t her fault though. Ringo looks at him sadly as she says that that doesn’t change the fact that she stole Shirayuki’s father and her home from her. And once she found that out, it was hard for her to stay in that home and so, she came to Otogibana City to live on her own – without anyone’s help. She looks at the table and sadly wonders if she can do anything for Shirayuki but she couldn’t find the courage, even after 3 years. Or more like, she feels like she’s ignored her all this time. Ryouko angrily points out that isn’t this her chance. Shirayuki came to her on her own. Ringo admits that shes scared because whenever she tries to meet her, it’s like her feet won’t move. Ryoushi tells her that she can’t start acting like him now…With a bit of amusement, Ringo says that she doesn’t have a comeback for him at this time. Ryouko slides forward a ticket towards Ringo and tells her that the Pres got this for them. They’ll be taking the kids to the pool with the whole Club and Shirayuki will be coming as well. Ringo looks up as Ryouko tells her to decide on what she wants to do. Ringo looks contemplatively at the ticket.

At the Mermaid Pool the next day, the whole gang plus Shirayuki and kids are waiting outside. (Just FYI, this pool is owned by the Aragami Syndicate too~ and rumor has it that there’s an observation room for looking at girls in their swimsuits. Yeah.)  Shirayuki is over at the side, thanking the Pres for inviting them for they rarely come here because she can’t swim very well. The Pres waves her thanks away saying that they asked her help before so it’s quite alright. Shirayuki asks if it’s alright to have ‘her’ fill in at her part time job. WHY HALLO THAR DOUBLE MILLET DUMPLINGS~ The Pres reassures Shirayuki that its totally alright as she had a loan to pay back anyways. Meanwhile Ryouko is glaring away at the entrance as she grumbles that Ringo isn’t coming as expected. Ryoushi says that she is here. Ryouko turns in surprise towards him as he quietly says that she’s just hiding somewhere nearby. Ryouko can only sigh and say that she needs to be more honest with herself (Take your own advice there hun~ XD)

And the group heads in as Ringo watches from behind a “not quite so far away but still not nearby” tree. And behold the wonderful world of swimsuits! Majo-san, Otsu, Alice, Otohime, and Ryouko! All the guys are in various err…stages of… admiration. One of the siblings suddenly asks where’s his older sister. Geh. She’s being hit on by some cheap guy. The kids to the rescue! They jump up around her yelling “Mama!” which makes the guy back away, only to be smoothly tripped by one of the kids. Nicely done *thumbs up* Good job!

The Pres claps his hands and says that they should break into groups and look after the kids and they should try not to get lost. And so the kids are having a blast at the slides and all. Ack, swimsuit malfunction with Otsu and GACK! Maj-san! You’ve got a kid with you so can you slow down a bit! GAAAAH NOT GET FASTER! Gack, more hijinks with Ryouko and Ryoushi over trying to hit a beach ball. Fu fu fu~~ *snickers behind her hand* taking her down while at such a public place~ YARASHI~~~~ Geh, of course Ryouko will punch him out. Meanwhile, Tarou is hitting on the girls while the two younger boys are watching (To use the joke from HanaKimi: Ikkemen Paradise – His name ought to have been Nanpa instead of Tarou.) As they comment on how formidable his skills are, Otohime quietly comes up from the side

And GACK that’s quite the dark evil look. And guess who gets dragged away yet again~ And after various things being extracted, Tarou is back in gentleman mode. Hem hem~ the kids comment that Otohime is now glowing, what exactly happened? (Narrator: you’ll know when you grow up) Back with Alice, the two younger girls are surprised to find out that Ryoushi and Ryouko aren’t going out. The three of them are gossiping away (hey girls are girls, no matter the age XD) One of them comments that she does seem hard to get, not even having much of a chest. And while on the topic…they eye Alice’s chest and comment that even she doesn’t have much (but its more than Ryouko and Ringo). They suddenly ask her if she’s going out with – they eye the Pres who is sun batching just a stone’s throw away. Alice firmly says that they are just cousins who can’t shake each other off. One of the girls quickly states that its clearly a care of “they can’t shake each other off but she’s just saying that she can’t break up with the useless guy” thing. Wow, they are indeed sharp~! Alice can only deny them while blushing and looking away. The Pres is sleeping away…complete with nose bubble…le sigh

Meanwhile, Ryoushi is in an inflatable boat with Shirayuki as Ryouko and one of the younger brothers are pushing it along. The kid says that he’s gonna go swim by himself for a little bit and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Its Ringo in a school swimsuit! Geh. She looks like she’s an elementary school kid *gets smacked* Ringo smiles as she watches Shiryayuki and thinks that it looks like she’s having fun. She turns around, still clearly hesitant. A sudden yell from her has Ringo turning around. Shirayuki dives in the water to get to her younger sibling who is having difficulties. She tries to hold the kid up but she herself is having difficulties as Ryouko swims up to them. Shirayuki tells Ryouko to take the kid and she does so. As Ryouko helps the kid into the small inflatable raft, Shirayuki is going under.

Ryoushi quickly dives in after her and manages to pull her up but she’s out. He puts her down on the ground and Ringo comes up as Ryoushi is saying that they need to do some emergency first aid. Ringo calls out to her before checking her heartbeat. She starts to do chest compressions before performing CPR. She continues to do so as she thinks that she still hasn’t done anything for her so please…please…Shirayuki suddenly coughs and sits up as the younger brother runs to her, clinging to her in tears. Ringo smiles and is about to leave when Ryouko grabs her by the hand and gives her a hard look. Ringo turns to look at Shirayuki.

As the day winds down, (this is staring to become a pattern….) the two of them are sitting outside on a bench. Shirayuki quietly thanks Ringo for saving her. Ringo nervously says that it was nothing. Shirayuki wonders how long it has been since they’ve talked to each other. Ringo turns to look at her but when she sees Shirayuki looking at her, she quickly returns her gaze down as Shirayuki says that if Ringo thinks that she’s at fault then she’s wrong. Ringo looks up with a surprised “Heh?” Shirayuki smiles before turning to look at the kids as she says that thanks to Ringo, she has all these kids in her life. As she waves to them, she tells Ringo to not worry herself. She softly says that she’s sorry that she couldn’t be much of an older sister to her though.

Ringo shakes her head and looks up in surprise at Shirayuki comes to stand in front of her. Shirayuki thanks her for being her little sister before she pats Ringo’s head. Ringo bursts into tears as she calls her one-chan. Shirayuki takes out a handkerchief before wiping away Ringo’s tears. She says that she’ll introduce Ringo to the others. Ringo smiles and says “Hai desu no!” Shirayuki calls the other kids over to them and introduces Ringo as her younger sister. Ringo blushes brightly as she greet s them. aaah that’s nice and sweet. Aint that nice Ringo?

The next day, Ringo is standing in the Director’s office saying that she has a favor to ask of him. She says that she heard that he would grant three wishes if she worked at the Otogi Bank for three years. She asks if he really meant that. He says that he did. Ringo says that she would like to ask him to fulfill one wish right now. He strokes his beard saying that isn’t she getting ahead of herself? She hasn’t even worked the one full year. Ringo determinedly says that she will work all three years and that she doesn’t need the other two wishes because she only has one wish. The Director stares at her before saying that if she shows her determination then he just may grant her wish. Said with a very suspicious blush on his cheeks. Ringo stares at him before she gets stars in her eyes as she runs to cling to his arm and says with a blush on her cheeks “Ojii-chama, pwease???”

He can only chuckle and say that it can’t be helped. Yep…he really is an ero-jiji. That night, Ryouko comments that she heard that Shirayuki got a special scholarship to go to university. She asks if Ringo had anything to do with that. Ringo shakes her head as she earnestly says that her onee-chan earned it because she’s always had good grades so it’s only natural. She turns to Ryouko and says that it’s her turn next. Ryouko asks with a hint of confusion, what bout. Ringo comes like this close to Ryouko’s face as she chirps that Ryoushi can take on everything about her! Ryouko blushes and backs away saying what the hell Ringo is talking about! Ringo can only chuckle behind her hand that Ryouko isn’t being honest with herself. Ryouko jumps into bed as Ringo laughs.

And now, a peek into Ryouko’s dream. Er..why is she in a field of flowers? What up with the princess style dress? GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I just got goose bumps at how manly Ryoushi sounded! BUWAHF<ASDPJSAD *falls out of her seat and on her bum* THE HELL! He looks so…so….manly! And prince like! She sits up surprised and he tells her not to worry, she can leave everything up to him. She’s surprised as hell when he pushes her back down on the ground saying that he knows how to wake a princess. She blushes as he begins to lean in as the narrator asks if she’s gonna let him do that. She can only blush and tightly close her eyes as Ryoushi leans in JUST as his lips touch hers…THE DAMN PHONE ALARM RINGS *takes the cell phone, places it on the table and proceeds to smash it into a million tiny useless pieces with a hammer* DIE DIE DIE!

Ryouko sits up and for a moment stares away into space drowsily before she mutters “A dream?” ANNDDDDND then she remembers what it was. As the narrator APTLY puts it “It sounds like something broke inside Ookami-san’s head.” Ryouko can be heard…err…yelling…its like a audio version of “asbdapd;ahsd;abhfpaojdas~” and that yelling wakes up Ringo who yells and asks whats wrong?! As they make their way to the school, Ryoushi yells from behind. Poor guy has just finished his “Good morning!” when Ryouko turns around and punches the unsuspecting, innocent Ryoushi in the cheek. As he falls to the ground, he can only weakly ask “Why….”

Ryouko mutters that they should go. Ringo sneakily comments that she’s at that age huh? As a bruised Ryoushi asks them to wait for him, we leave our kooky couple at this point. Medeitashi medeitashi~~~

Score: B+/A+


Now that was a nice and sweet story. Y’ know what I’m liking about this show? That behind everyone’s comedic antics, there’s a proper depth to the character. Everyone has some story that is both sad and sweet at the same time. I’m loving the way how the character slowly deals with their problems during the course of the episode. And this was no exception.

I find the thought of Ringo being an imoutou absolutely adorable, especially cause Shirayuki is her older sister. Though, whats up with the seven siblings Oo;;; As in…they ARE her blood siblings right? *eyes the mother* My someone’s been busy….ku ku ku~ I loved the kids – they were all awesome in their own way. The way they ganged up to show that flirt up was hilarious. Kinda makes you want your own younger siblings XD Though those two girls talk with Alice was the cherry atop the sundae of awesome!

Swimsuits = YAYS~ I had been expecting some flat chest joke for sure but to have that come unto Alice was awesome! XD And speaking of awesome, Ringo when she gets into game mode and clings to the Director and asking him in a cutesy way for him to help him out. Oh L.O.L. I think it was so sweet of Ringo that she helped Shirayuki out that way. All in all, a very touching and sweet episode.

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