Summary Key Points:


  • The group is able to cross the bridge
  • They change clothes and Hirano begins teaching the others about the guns and weapons they’ll be using to survive
  • On the other side, they decide to head towards Takagi’s house
  • As the near the house, a huge horde of zombies is seen
  • Due to the sudden appearance of a wire fence, Marikawa Sensei is forced to hit the breaks
  • The resulting shock from the breaks sends Rei flying off into the street, at the mercy of the zombies
  • Takashi jumps down, takes his shot gun, and with a little help from Hirano begins shooting at the zombies
  • Hirano also begins shooting, and Saeko also comes into the fight
  • They fight admirably, but there are just too many zombies
  • In an effort to save the others, Takashi and Saeko head through the horde of zombies to the other side of the street and try to lead them away from their friends
  • They are able to lure a few zombies away, but a good number still advances towards Rei and the others
  • Just as things look bleak, a few people with fire fighter suits and hoses come to their rescue
  • Takagi’s mother seems to be the leader of the fire fighter group, and saves Takagai and her friends
  • Takashi and Saeko, now seperated from the group, decide to find another way towards Takagi’s house
  • The episode ends as Takashi comments that he has hope because despite all the fights and killing, they’ve still managed to survive.


Opinions: (A)

Another good episode, with tons of action, fanservice moments and comedic antics, a recipe for epic fun! I’ve been amazed lately, by how a lot anime blogs seem to be posting some really negative comments about HOTD. I mean… this isn’t a series that will change your perspective on life, it isn’t supposed to be! It’s a series that’s good clean fun and isn’t mean too be taken too seriously!

That said, This episode started off with everyone having a good time. Hirano is in heaven , taking care of Alice, and they’re singing songs will the jeep tries to make it through the river. I laughed hard at Hirano’s parody song:

“Shoot! Shoot! Shoot Your Gun!
Kill them all Now!
Life is but a dream”

Next up in happy land was none other than Takashi, having Rei sleep on his shoulder and Sakeo rest her head on his lap. Rei woke up and at first was happy to see Takashi, but that quickly changed when she saw that she wasn’t monopolizing him, and that Saeko was sharing some of him too XD. This lead to Saeko waking up, and being embarrassed by the fact that she was drooling.

Hirano teaching everyone about guns was entertaining. I’m tempted to call him the Gun Sage, or the Gun Sensei, cause he’s always there, instructing everyone all through the tough fights while also keeping his cool and shooting. While Takashi chose to shrug the use of guns off a bit at first, it quickly proved to be very useful.

The fight with the horde of zombies at the wired fence was intense. Takashi handling a gun was epic, and even Takagi stepped in for some of the fun. It also gave the animation team a chance for some “interesting” slow motion scenes. I’ve got to say, THIS is how a man should shoot, and I’m sure Hirano will agree XD. The day was finally saved by none other than Takagi’s mom, of course, not before Saeko and Takashi were split from the group when they tried to save them.

Now… It seems that Takashi and Saeko are going to find a different route to Takagi’s place. I gotta say, the scenes were the screen got that yellow tint, seemed really dark and glum, like things were going to end here and now. Especially with how Alice began crying and told Hirano that she didn’t want to be left alone. That was some powerful imagery and dialogue right there.

While as usual, the plot is crawling at a snail’s pace, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Dedicating an episode to a particular scene or event is rather awesome, and makes it feel like things really are progressing in real time, or gives an illusion of said feeling anyway. Good episode I should say!


Next week will be an episode dedicated to the adventures of Takashi and Saeko, with some tingling romance in the process? HELL YES PLEASE! I WANT! I WANT! :O

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