Summary Key Points:


  • Still inside the house, Takashi looks in disgust at the scene in the surrounding streets from the balcony
  • A man his little daughter look to a house to get asylum nearby, but the father is killed and the daughter is left outside for dead
  • Not being able to endure it any longer Takashi heads to save her, with Hirano backing him up as a sniper
  • The girls decide to pack up and grab their supplies, and head to into the van
  • They rescue Takashi and the young girl from the zombie infested street
  • The Episode ends as they head towards the bridge, intending to cross the bridge


Opinions: (A)

The fanservice in this episode was really amped up to eleven. Poor Hirano, he say so much skin he’s probably going to die of blood loss soon enough XD And man… you’d the girls would be embarrassed but how they’re almost smoothering Hirano with their “assets” XD

The episode had a lot of jiggle, and I really can say that the whole thing about the director loving boobs and fanservice was spot on, as he throws in jiggle shot or a butt shot at every friggin chance he gets. And if he doesn’t get a chance? he simply makes one! XD

That said, the action and epic moments also took a rise this episode, with some truly awesome shooting and Biking skills displayed by Hirano and Takashi. Hirano is seriously perfect assassin material with how quickly and easily he can master the use of firearms. That said, Rei’s dialogue about “them still being human” was spot on, and I couldn’t help but agree with her. If they had indeed left that girl to die, they would’ve lost an important part of their humanity. Its one thing to not be able  to help people, its another to just leave them for dead.

Seems like the pink haired girl and the puppy have joined the group too.


Seems like its back to the streets and on foot for everyone. It was only half an episode since they had the van too XD Ah well, we’ll find out next week!

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