Flashbacks. I love it when an episode starts with a flashback. That usually means that we’re in for some good stuff from the week’s episode. Wouldn’t you agree? =3 A child is sobbing somewhere, a red light falling on her as she cries that she’s had enough, that she can’t take it anymore. A bolt of lightning races across the skies before it falls on the ground. A large group of children are running away from the attacks as a soldier yells from the sidelines that those who cannot survive these attacks are useless for Roland needs the strong. The girl from before is crying as she straggles behind the group and stumbles.

She lies amidst the burning rubble and can see nothing but her dead comrades around her before she swoons. A boy kicks her on the back and calls her an idiot. She looks up to see him. Ah, it’s Ryner. He tells her that he’ll beat her up as so many of them who died still wanted to live so she should stop acting so spoiled. She cries back that she doesn’t want to see this scene and everyone dying in front of her. Quietly Ryner says that he doesn’t want to see that either. He holds out his hand to her and activates his Alpha Stigma as she takes hold of his hand after a bit of hesitation. He tells her to never let go of his hand. End flashback with the same girl but older sitting up in her bed with a start. Wait a minute…is that..Milk?!

Back at Nelfa, at a fortress somewhere, all the guards having a little rest after being beaten by Ryner and Ferris. In other words, they got their ass handed to them and in the Treasure Chamber, Ryner has his head in a chest as he chucks paper out of them at quite a fearsome rate as he keeps making exclamations of dismayed surprise. Ferris sums it up by asking that there aren’t any hero relics here no? She’s got her sword pointed at Ryner while he tosses up a last bunch of papers before he comments that the fortress was built to hide something so it should’ve been one of the relics. Instead, all that’s hidden there was the records of tax evaders. Ferris is not amused and Ryner can’t believe it.

Ferris says that she totally understands the situation. Ryner looks at in her confusion before she raises her sword over her head and asks if he has any last words. Ryner hurriedly takes out a map and consults it saying that the place where the relic is supposed to be really is where they currently are. Because the location is quite close to where the weapon of a historic hero is supposed to have been. Her sword lowered, Ferris asks “So?” Ryner explains that the place that they passed by yesterday, in the forest…Ferris gives him a cold ass look and Ryner nervously says that the map had a marking on it indicating their current location.

Ferris goes “ooooh? And you didn’t mention this from the start?” Stammering a tad, Ryner assumed that cause they didn’t see the hero’s weapon, either someone took it already or it was buried. And it would be too much of a bother to dig up something that’s been buried for like several thousand years. In short, he just didn’t want to do it then? Ferris concludes before raising her sword. Sweating buckets Ryner flaps his arms around as he tries to apologize. Ferris suddenly turns her sword the other way asking who the suspicious person in the corner is. Ryner immediately re-gathers his marbles and turns to the door way as well saying “Yeah yeah! If you’re gonna attack, get it over with already.”

A girl with a long pink braid comes out saying that if her Sui-nii-chan hadn’t been making so much noise then they wouldn’t have been discovered. Sui-nii-chan follows her saying that it’s his fault now? Girl says but of course it is. They come to stand before Ferris and Ryner, saying that the treasure is right in front of them but the two in front of them look real strong so, they should run away while they can. Dangerous glares are exchanged before the girl suddenly turns to her brother (?!?!?!?! MOOD WHIPLASH) saying that he’s 26 and yet so poor, still holding onto his dreams which causes all sorts of troubles and he has to depend on his 14 year old sister. Sui raises a sheepish hand to his head saying that this is a bit troubling but he’ll do anything to make Kuu happy. And therefore~ Kuu clasps her hands together and bows as she asks Ryner and Ferris to possibly share some of the treasure with them. Even just a little could cover the cost for Kuu’s marriage.  Nanda kono baka kyoudai? (- – ;;;)

As Ryner and Ferris exchange a tired glance, the girl yells “An opening!” and they dash through them and I do mean DASH, like ROAD RUNNER dash. Now they both are going through the chests and exclaiming in horror that there isn’t any treasure here! Kuu comes up to Ryner and angrily asks him where he hid the treasure. He crosses his arms and says that its always been like that. She’s surprised as hell and asks then what are THEY doing here. Ryner is thrown for a bit of a loop and before he can let it slip that they’re lookin for the hero relics, guess who bonks him on the head? ^^;;; Ferris explains that they are Nelfarian investigators who were secretly dispatched by the emperor.

Kuu states that in that case, they have no more business here and the baka kyoudai leave. Ryner gets up with a sigh. Kuu looks back at the couple as she walks out. At a random normal Nelfa Inn somewhere, Milk-san is having her bread (a LOT of it) and drinking her drink before she asks Lear if he’s feeling ill or something cause he’s not eating. The poor guy is just feeling a bit down that they haven’t had the best of luck with their mission. Orange head sighs heavily and says that if only the ‘taboo breaking dude’ would use some showing magic so they’d have a rumor trail to follow or something, but nada. Blond-who-looks-like-he’d-look-very-pretty-in-a-pink-frilly-dress says that if THAT were to happen, Roland’s magic would be exposed. Oh my~ his name is Moe, how cute~

The white, long haired guy comes and sits down saying that blonde/Moe is right for Roland’s secrets are theirs to keep. If they were to get out, it would be a disaster for Roland. And it’s for that reason, taboo breakers are dangerous. Milk states that if someone has learnt their magic and then defected, its not a good thing. And what the hell What the hell WHAT THE HELL? Sion personally gave this mission to Milk and her companions? Oo Why the hell….

Oh my…THAT looks like such a tasty piece of cake. GIVE ME THAT GIVE ME THAT GIVE ME THAT *gets bricked* uwuuuu T^T Milk eats away as… her ‘fans’ happily watch her eat that cake. But then she recalls sitting all alone on a big table and eating her food and she doesn’t realize that a tear came out from her eyes. Immediately the guys ask if something wrong and if shes alright. And they start to blame each other when she wipes away the tear and says that its nothing like that. She’s just happy that they all are having a nice meal together. Awa, Kuu and Sui approach the group, apologizing for the interruption and ask if they’re the group that’s been looking for information regarding the taboo breaker.

Milks says that they are and Kuu says that they did come across two people who seemed like the people that they were looking for. Milk jumps up and asks them to tell her everything. Back in Roland, Sion is visiting Fiole’s grave and he apologizes for coming sooner. He comments that he still lacks the power to change things and to do something against the noble’s. From behind, Claugh (I think it was Claugh…) tells him to cut that out already. Sion turns around to see Calne and Claugh and ara? Tis Eslina, Fiole’s little sister. Sion has a dark look on his face, somewhere between self hatred and a ton of guilt as Eslina tells him to not make such an expression because that would make Fiole unhappy. In reality, Fiole was very happy to be serving Sion. Eslina breaks down crying and Sion looks like he pretty much hates his own guts.

Back in Nelfa, Milk spies on Ferris and Ryner from behind some bushes. Ferris is sitting while Ryner is digging holes. Milk thinks that Ferris HAS to be using some weakness of his to keep him under her thumb. DUDE WHAT is up with that hilarious mental image of Ryner being whipped around by Ferris? XD Not that its THAT far off the truth though – – lll Milk thinks that shes the only one who can save him now. Cue silly delusion complete with silly happy expression hehehe. White haired guy pops her bubble and asks for their orders. And the plan is this!

Milk will attack first, blond/Moe will back her up. Luke, Lach and Lear will attack with their swords to decrease the pair’s combat abilities and then arrest him. And lets go! Milk stands up and casts Izuchi – lightening. Without even opening his eyes, Ryner raises his finger above his head in a circle and is ready to deflect the spell about 3 seconds before it hits him. Milk is surprised and Luke/white haired guy(?) yells that this is bad and they should protect the captain.  Ferris rams the butt end of her sword into Luke’s gut (ooooh that’s gonna leave a mark) and then pow whack bam! She takes out the blonde and orange head too and Milk is left going “eh eh EEEEH?!” in shock as Ferris jumps in front of her.

Ferris lets out a fairly ominous “ke ke ke” while holding up some rope and Milk can only yell in fear. Oh look she’s hog tied. Ferris asks Ryner is he knows her and he wonders on it on to the point that she yells that how can he not remember her?  She yells that they were from the same orphanage. A spark of recognition in Ryner? NOPE. Milk is depressed and then she yells that she can’t BELIEVE that he forget. And he even had promised to marry her. Ryner’s confused while Ferris is SHOCKED (yea right~ XD) that he would use such tactics to devour girls at such a young age. Ryner denies it and Ferris ignores him, choosing to ask Milk that if that promise was real, would she really like to marry Ryner?

Milk is pouting but then is surprised at the question. She blushingly admits that they promised that when they were kids … but to meet again after so long, it must be fate yes? (HELL NO) Ferris commentary starto- “And that boy you met when you were young has now turned into a master pervert!” Milk smiles and goes “Yes! A pervert!  . . . HUH?! STOP making weird interjections!” Ferris replies that shes only doing this out of mercy! So she’ll help her by simply lopping his head off. Ryner stares down her sword in a semi-exasperated way as Milk yells for him to run. Ryner waves a hand saying that he doesn’t feel up to this anymore and walks away.

Ferris admits that they ought be getting back to work already and they walk away…leaving the five of them all tied up…Ryner’s grumbling as he digs that if Sion gave them those orders, WHY does he have to get chased around? Ferris reminds him that their mission is top secret so any instructions about them haven’t probably spread that far. Before Ryner can reply back he seems to have found something! Is that the hilt to a sword? Oh it’s a dagger. Ryner activates his Alpha Stigma but says that he can’t get a read on it. There are some traces that point out that it’s got SOME kind of power but..suddenly a large flock of birds rise up from the distance, surprising the pair.

Lach is tried to undo Luke’s ties with his teeth and Milk is still hanging when she catches sight of … oh shit it’s a Nelfa patrol garrison. The group debate if they should ask them for help because they do have permission to be here but they’d lose their chance to capture those two. Milk thinks that the patrol is most likely there to capture Ryner and she thinks that she has to protect him. The four guys look at her in surprise as she just thinks that this time she’ll save Ryner for sure. And she yells that she needs…to…GO TO THE TOILET?! WHAT THE….!!! The guys are shocked as the patrol is looking around wondering who the hell is yelling.

They catch sight of the five of them but before they can get to them, Ryner casts a spell that’s like a red ball of fire that lands between the two groups. The spell is ‘Ante’, Luke explains. It stops vibrations in the air, preventing sound transmission. So the patrol party is left moving their mouths around but no sounds coming out. The spell wears off quickly and before the patrol can get their bearing back, Ferris steps in and takes out the guards. Ferris does this move where the soldier’s sword gets thrown out of his hand and that sword cuts the rope typing Milk up and she falls to her knees. Ryner comes to her and Milk is surprised and touched to see him…but then she yells that he’s an idiot because why didn’t he run away!? She went to all that trouble just so that he could escape.

She stops mid yell as he sighs and says that after he went through all the trouble to save her, he had expected her to be more happy about it. The other four come up to her, asking if she’s alright.  Ferris says that if they protect the girl and the guys, they most likely won’t win again the patrol soldiers. She reminds him that he has the hero’s relic so he’s the hero and he should do something about this situation. Grumbling Ryner pulls the dagger out but he comments that he doesn’t even know how the damn thing works.

Letting out a half scared and half exasperated “Taku!” Ryner holds out the dagger and activates his Alpha Stigma when Ferris says that NOW IS the time to find that out. She’s still beating guys left and right and Ryner is staring at the dagger, really not getting how to use it cause he just can’t see it. Exasperated he yells that he can’t tell at ALL how to use it and tosses it behind the patrol guys. The dagger falls into the ground and…why is the ground shaking? Whats going on? Hello?! What’s with this huge pillar of light?!  Ferris asks what the hell did he do and Ryner just calmly says that who knows~ The ground splits opens and…a..creature comes out..holy crap that looks like a demon …no wait, IT’S A DRAGON! D8 A HUGE ASS dragon!

The patrol runs away as the dragon roars. Ferris calmly says that its kinda cool. Is that supposed to be a legendary hero? Ryner and Ferris seem to be the only two people totally calm and like “meh” as they stare at the dragon while the other five are stuck in variations of “WTF?!” as Ryner says that he doubts it’s the hero cause it looks like a dragon. Ferris sighs saying that for the time being they should kill his “unnecessarily dangerous thing” Ryner coolly asks “How?” She gives him a knowing smile and he returns it. And THEY BOTH WALK AWAY!

Milks yells that they can’t be serious! They were the ones who brought the damn thing out so THEY should take care of it, it’s only common sense! Can you say…comment falling on deaf ears? XD Its evening pretty soon and looks like the dragon’s done a fair bit of damage and it’s still going strong as Milk says that she’s got no right to be called a captain.  The guys are surprised as she thinks to herself that she was going to save Ryner this time and to do that she was ready to throw away the four guys with her, the guys she cares about. Luke tells her not to make such a face and asks her to remember the day that their team was formed.

She recalls the incident when she was in Sion’s office when she accepted the mission. Sion asks if she’s sure about this because this job means that she’ll have to kill those who used to be her brethren. Others MAY use that as a reason to go after her later on. But Milk doesn’t balk as she thanks him for his concern but she says that she’ll accept the consequences as they come along. She looks a bit sad as she admits that once she had given up on life and was running away from reality but a boy she met when she was a child, gave her the courage to live on. And she wants to repay that boy (she’s talking about Ryner as she recalls the initial flashback) and she wishes to protect this country where she met him. And it’s for that reason she proudly accepts the mission to pursue the taboo breakers.

Luke tells her that at that time, they all had already made up their minds to believe in her so she should just assume that what she’s doing is the right thing. There’s no need to worry that she’s doing anything wrong and in case she does slip up, they’ll be there to fix it. No matter what, they’re on her side. So they should have a meal together soon because they are like a family. Milk happily smiles and agrees. Back in Roland, Sion is back at Fiole’s grave as he thinks that it was his fault that Fiole wasn’t under protection or more exactly, that it’s his fault that Fiole was killed. Esline’s words ring in his head that Fiole was well and truly happy serving Sion because ever since he met Sion, he never stopped talking about him. Esline tells him that her wish is also to be useful to Sion, the man who made her older brother so happy.

As they leave the graveyard, Sion turns to look at her as he asks if she wants to serve him. She looks determined as she says that she does. Miran steps forward, stating that the noble’s of Estabul have just started a rebellion. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU what the hell what the hell what the hell?! Can’t this guy catch a break D: Oh crap I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of THAT look on Sion *hides*

Score: B/A


A rather normal episode I suppose if compared with the previous ones. Mellow and not a whole lot happening, filler ep is what I’d like to call it. So Milk and Ryner were together back at that orphanage huh? I hadn’t thought that that might be the back story to them. But does Ryner really not remember her? Does he have that bad of a memory? I’m asking a really stupid question aren’t i? XD Though its odd that Ryner doesn’t remember her…amnesia? Repression? Shitty memory like mine? XD

The opening scene was hilarious as hell – a pissed off Ferris and a totally flustered Ryner make for a fabulous comedic pair. Though that Kuu and Sui, what’s up with them? They’ll be back soon enough I reckon but who’s side are they gonna be on…And, someone explain to me how does a girl like Milk get her own mini fan club? XD Or maybe I just don’t get the appeal of her… she strikes me as a bit of a klutz or tenmei type XD

Sion is still grieving over Fiole and I was tempted to yell “Oye STOP emo-ing already and get back to work you!” but I suppose that’d be insensitive of me right? ^^;;; I think its interesting that Eslina is also wanting to serve Sion now and I wonder if Sion would really take her up on that fact. Though I suppose he would, the real question is what he’ll be asking her to do. And I loved Sion’s look during the whole ep. He looks so…like he’s on the edge and so dark and just dangerous. I seriously wouldn’t want to be on the business end of that glare he has in the end of the episode. Kowaiii~

And you..two..IDIOTS XD Ferris and Ryner, you’re supposed to be finding relics and not just…randomly and accidentally activating them all willy nilly! At that rate, most of Nelfa will be wiped out if you ask me! And speaking of, WHAT happened with that rock King Kong from the first ep?! And what happened with the dragon anyways?! Atleast try to tame the damn thing cause I mean come ON it’s a DRAGON for crying out loud! XD You two are SERIOUSLY not serious about your job.

Someone explain to me why Sion sent Milk and company out after Ryner? I can’t wrap my head around it honestly 😐 and HUH? Now there’s trouble from the eastern front?! But if they say rebellion…does that mean…war? ;A;

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