Summary Key Points:


  • The Episode Starts off with a news cast of the current situation of the Zombie Infestation
  • Meanwhile, the girls are taking a bath, while the guys are searching the house for weapons
  • Hirano and Takashi find a cache of weapons, namely rifles and shotguns and begin loading them
  • Marikawa interupts them by suddenly appearing and hugging both Takashi and Hirano with nothing more than a towel on
  • Takashi takes her downstairs to the living room, and runs into Rei
  • Rei is also very tired and falls asleep in the living room
  • Takashi heads to check out what’s in the fridge and runs into Busujima
  • Busujima is wearing nothing but an apron, since there were no clothes that fit her in the house
  • She asks Takashi to call her Saeko from now on
  • Rei begins calling Takashi and so Takashi leaves
  • Rei and Takashi sit on the stairs as Rei talks ridiculing Takashi and brings up Hisashi again
  • Takashi gets angry, and tells her off, repeats that Hisashi is dead, and that they are still alive
  • Rei quiets down and grows sad, and then flings herself onto Takashi
  • Takashi pushes her away though, saying that if it goes any further he won’t be able to stop
  • A dog begins to bark outside the house, interrupting them
  • Takashi heads back to Hirano, who is on watch on the top floor balcony
  • Takashi and Hirano look at the street in front of the house in horror as dozens of zombies have now crowded around it.
  • Takashi comments on the fact that he had been wrong before, and the real end had just begun


Opinions: (B+)

So the 6th episode was the fanservice episode. There was a surprising lack of censorship in this, compared to the last episode where even groping was pretty much censored out. That said, once again, not a lot happened on the plot side of things, as most of the female characters bared all in this episode and went on to do other… *ahem* things.

Seeing Saeko/Busujima in an apron was probably the highlight of the episode in terms of fanservice. Seeing that she was still in her senses was also good, as she is definitely the most mentally strong of the females in the group. The moment where she tells Takashi to finally call her by her fist name was nice, and Takashi proceeded by not being able to say her name at all. In reply to that, she smiled and said that he can call her that after he practices? Man… I Saeko was a real girl, I’d be head over heels for her!

Hirano also geeking out at the guns was funny as hell! Hirano is definitely one of the few characters that can bring up jokes like that and make them as entertaining as possible. He really does remind me of a friend I have, who is the same with cars and anime and the like. Hirano saying “This isn’t Good” in a manly voice as he was looking out the rooftop with a nose bleed was a nice touch too XD

Rei… oh boy, that girl definitely has issues. She brought up Hisashi AGAIN? And once AGAIN began to list to Takashi, the reasons why she disliked him and the reasons why she didn’t choose him over Hisashi. Is that all she has to talk about? I’m getting just as annoyed if not more than Takashi is. It wasn’t exactly easy for him to kill his best friend, and yet she keeps bringing up the fact that Hisashi was better than him and what not. Right after that she proceeds to try and seduce Takashi? I mean… what the hell! I’m glad he pushed her away, because anything happening there would’ve been distasteful at best. I really do hope Takashi shrugs Rei off and he and Saeko eventually form a pair, if only so I can stop hearing about how Rei thinks Hisahi was better than Takashi! Jeez.

Also, I think the little puppy is quite cute. I hope it survives and joins the gang!


That said, next episode it should be back to the streets and the zombie killing! Also, it seems a new character will be introduced!

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