Summary Key Points:


  • Erza sees her own funeral, and realizes that she died
  • Erza laments at how how she only wanted to keep everyone’s smiles, but everyone’s so sad
  • Erza wakes up to find herself very alive, and in Natsu’s arms
  • Natsu saved Erza by finding her in that vortext of magic and escaped with her
  • Natsu tells her to never do something like this again, and she agrees, stating that one doesn’t die for their comrades, but lives for them
  • Natsu ends up lying in bed for 3 days
  • Erza asks Sho and co to join Fairy Tail
  • Sho and the rest decide to go on their own though, and Erza, along with Natsu, Gray and Lucy, send them off with a Fairy Tail Graduation ceremony
  • Natsu, Erza, Gray and Lucy return home to find the new Fairy Tail building, a big upgrade from the previous one
  • Some new members also join, Juvia and Gajeel
  • Everyone is horrified and angry at the fact that Gajeel joins, but no one goes against the Guild Master’s decision
  • Later, outside, Gajeel is attacked by Marian’s two body gaurds who he roughed up back when he attacked Fairy Tail
  • Gajeel takes their punches without retaliating, but the pain is hardly over, as Laxus shows up
  • Laxus is angry for the fact that Fairy Tail’s name has been tarnished, and unleashes a flurry of attacks on Gajeel, who again, takes them without defending himself or attacking back
  • As Marian and the rest try to get him stop, Laxus in his rage, attacks them, only to have his attack blocked by Gajeel
  • Gajeel, exhausted from all the beating he’s taken, asks if everyone’s satisfied and then leaves to do his guild job
  • Laxus walks away, very angry.
  • Laxus states that this isn’t what he has in mind for Fairy Tail, and decides that he can’t take it any longer.
  • Laxus decides he’ll make Fairy Tail his.


Opinions: (A)

That was a pretty solid closing episode for the arc. I really do wish we hadn’t seen what the next arc was about in the OP, but a lot of the impact of stuff was kept largely intact none the less.

The scene with Natsu and Erza was awesomely cool. Natsu is definitely earning points for being amazingly awesome and saving everyone’s hides when the times get tough. He not only took out Jellal, but he ALSO saved Erza? Man… can’t top that. The part with Erza wanting to live for her comrades was a nice touch, and a good change from her recent “I need to die” mentality that we’ve seen in the past few episodes. I really didn’t care that much for Sho, Wally and the Neko girl, but they got a pretty heart warming  send off that definitely tugs at the heart strings.

The second half of the episode really set the stage for what will be the next and very highly anticipated arc for the series. Gajeel and Juvia join Fairy Tail, and while everyone’s cool with Juvia, Gajeel is another story. Honestly, I do think the master is in the right, as far as accepting Gajeel goes. It wasn’t Gajeel’s fault he was scouted by a sadistic madman of a Guild Master, who only served to cultivate him into the sadistic freak that attacked Fairy Tail. If he’s in Fairy Tail, I’m sure Gajeel can amount to some serious good, as its been shown in his battle with Natsu that he isn’t all bad.

Either way, even if I think its a good idea, and even if most of Fairy Tail has accepted it, Laxus was sure as hell pissed off. Him unleashing those attacks on an already beaten and bruised Gajeel was pretty twisted, but it shows just how rutheless he is. Laxus is actually, ironically, very similar to the very Guild that attacked Fairy Tail, and even more similar to its Guild master. He’s all about strength, reputation and pride, and hardly cares for the things that make up the very spirit of Fairy Tail, namely the whole Comrades and friends and family thing.

It seems that Gajeel joining Fairy Tail is the last straw for him, and he’s definitely going to challenge his grandfather for the right to run Fairy Tail. If he does indeed get control for Fairy Tail, a lot of the Guild members are in deep trouble. Either way, we’ll see what Laxus has planned starting next episode!


Seems Laxus is going to use a Fairy Tail Tournament to try and seize control. The big arc starts next week, and I can’t wait!

~Blogged By Setsuken

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