Welcome back to Otogibana City and it’s the start to another beautiful day with clear blue skies and not a rain cloud in the sky. It’s a day off and we start off with Ryhoushi who isn’t in high spirits no matter how good the weather is. He’s leanin on the balcony railing and thinking about Ryouko’s reaction after she saw Shirou. He wonders who that man is as he stares contemplatively out into the skies.

Over at Ryouko’s, Ringo is cleanin up the room while the former is getting ready to hit the gym. Ringo tells her to hurry home as dinner will be hamburger. Ryouko waves and leaves as Ringo’s left standing there in shock saying that usually Ryouko would be more happier than that. Ah…do I take that she hasn’t told Ringo that she met Shirou then? Elizabeth and Francoise are out for a walk but Ryoushi looks very depressed. He recalls when he confessed to her in the start and recalls when he said “But actually you’re-“ and he repeats the last words before standing up.

Ringo gets a call from Ryoushi, who is inquiring is Ryouko is there or not. Ringo tells him that shes at the phone but that aside, Ryoushi really sounds like a man over the phone. Maybe it’s the tone of his voice Ringo-chan? Ryoushi says that he wants to talk about Ryouko. They meet up as a family restaurant where Ryoushi has just finished telling the whole incident to Ringo. He says that he was thinking that Shirou might be the reason behind her current mood.

Ringo agrees that while Ryouko is acting like usual but…Ryoushi asks if Ringo knows what kinda past the two of them shared. He really wants to know that. Ringo stares at him quietly, contemplatively. She says that she can’t. Rather, with something this important, he should ask Ryouko. If he gains her trust, from the bottom of her heart, she’ll be willing to tell him what happened, of that Ringo is sure. Ryoushi merely looks down, his eyes covered in shadow.

At the gym, Ryouko is skipping away as she recalls the old times. The same images…the two of them talking down a sakura lined street, Ryouko against the window sill and a ripping sound as Ryouko’s panting in fear. A group of girls surrounding here saying that Shirou would never do and shes just lying because he dumped her. To think that she acts that cute but says stuff like that. Ryouko stares at the girls in shock as they giggle and laugh at her. She turns around towards the classroom door where a bespectacled Shirou watches on with a grin. *glares at Shirou* did he pull a wham-bam-thank-you-maam?! In the words of Timon from Lion King 2, “Why I oughta, LET ME AT HIM LET ME AT HIM (here hold me back) LET ME AT HIM LET ME AT HiM!”

At the club, Alice is running a search for Shirou but is coming up with nada. Pres asks if shes managed to find anything and she tells him that any data on him prior to his entry into Onigashi Koukou has been erased. Well if that doesn’t scream suspicious and possibly criminal past….Alice says that they could use some of their loans to collect information but they should save them for later. Pres agrees that they should save them for when they need them. Who knows what that guy may be planning, Alice ponders. They need to be careful.

Pres asks if everyone starts carrying a GPS locator, howd that work? He says that he’ll ask the Director bout it next time they meet for the report meeting. Indeed tis surprising that he’s doing REAL work while looking out for the others. Back in her room, Ringo is going over a picture album that’s got pictures of her and Ryouko in middle school…wow, Ryouko’s still got that glare. Ringo quietly admits that shes rooting for Ryoushi. She recalls the first time she heard Ryouko’s name.

First year of middle school. The teacher tells her that Ryouko’s out with a cold today (is it really a cold or was it that bastard?!) and because the two of them are in the same dorm….the teacher picks up some print outs and asks Ringo to take those forms to her. Ringo happily agrees thinking that now the teacher owes her one. *bemused* Don’t tell me that the whole loans idea was really Ringo? Before Ringo can get to her seat, one of the girls warn her to be careful.

Ringo asks what does she mean by that. The girls say that well, she looks scary doesn’t she? With the glare and all…plus ever since she transferred, she hasn’t talked to a single person. She gives off the feeling that she’d snap if you said anything weird to her. Ringo ponders to herself that Ryouko gives off more of a delinquent image. The other girls tell her to be careful and leave. Ringo worriedly asks herself if maybe she was too hasty.

At the dorms, she finds Ryouko’s room and rings the bell. But…no answer. Yet the door is open. Ringo peeks into the room and notes all the work out equipment. She steps on a book and its actually a girls’ romance novel. Ringo comments how unexpected that it. A groan from the bed has Ringo turning around. Ryouko is lying on the bed, moaning in her fevered sleep. Just as Ringo is about to leave to get something to cool Ryouko down, Ryouko whispers “Why…I’m not lying…someone believe me..please…” and a tear slips out of her eye.

Ringo is surprised at that and gently takes hold of her hand and sits down next to her. Ryouko opens her eyes slightly but doesn’t do or say anything. Simply closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. Ringo thinks that when she saw her cute sleeping face, she wanted to know more about Ryouko. What kind of girl is she? What does she like? Why…was she so attracted to her? In the even, Ryouko wakes up and catches sight of Ringo reading the romance novel. Ryouko sits up asking what the hell does she think she’s doing in her room?

Ringo introduces herself and hands over the form. Ryouko snatches the form and tells her to scram. Ringo says that she cant leave a sick person alone! Ah~! Would Ryouko like something to eat perhaps? Porridge would be good no? Ryouko is left stumped as she echoed, “R-ryouko-..chan?” Ringo makes the porridge and tries to feed Ryouko. Who is looking away uncomfortably…dawwww she’s embarrassed she’s embarrassed. KAWAIIII~

Augh that’s playing dirty Ringo XD She’s tearin up and sniffling, “I made it just for you…and yet….and yet…” Ryouko lets out a ‘tch’ and opens her mouth to take in the spoon full of porridge. Ringo smiles and soon enough its nightfall. Ryouko tells her go home already. Ringo merely says “Ringo!” Ryouko is confused and she explains that because they’re friends, Ryouko should call her by her name. Ryouko asks just when did they become friends? She doesn’t intent to hang out with anyone. So she should leave already.

Quietly, Ringo stands up saying that she understands. She tells Ryouko to stay warm and to sleep. Before Ringo can leave, Ryouko thanks her for the porridge…and takes her name at the end. Ringo smiles and blushes saying that it’s okay. Ringo thinks to herself that Ryouko has become a lot more honest with herself since then…and will be even more so in coming days, as she looks at a picture of her, Ryouko and Ryoushi together.

Back at the gym, Ryouko is working the sand bag when Oyassan comes over and says that its clear to see that she aint feeling well so they should call Ringo to come pick her up. Ryouko says that all she needs is a little rest that’s all. He pats her shoulder and tells her not to over do it. As she sits down, she wonders if Ringo is like her guardian or something? (Yeah…she might be…) Ryouko recalls when she came to class after being ill, Ringo greets her with a smile and a wave.

Seems like Ringo asked the teacher if she could change seats and now they both are sitting together in the last row, corner seats. Ryouko merely sighs. We see Ringo and Ryouko warming up together in gym, running together in P.E, Ringo trying to draw Ryouko. Seems that ever since the day she caught that cold, Ringo kept following her around everywhere. (She tries to feed Ryoko a tako-sausage and Ryoukos all “no no I don’t want it!”) Ringo even follows her to the gym. At the entrance, Ryouko asks exasperatedly just how long Ringo intends to follow her?

Ringo, with a smile in her tone, says “Forever~.” Though Ryouko tells her to do whatever she wants, she thinks that she really didn’t mind it in real. Ringo watches Ryouko fight. Oyassan comes over inquiring about Ryouko’s health, who goes all “!!!” and turns to Ringo (who turns to look the other way). Ryouko sighs and say s that she just stayed out in the cold for too long that’s all.

Oyassan says  that shes overdoing it – doing too much and not in form either! Ryouko yells back that she wants to be stronger! Ringo starts slightly at that as Oyassan tells her that shes doin it the wrong way. Because if that’s all it took to get stronger, everyone would be doing it. Strength is something that is built over time, slowly and surely. Strength built in one day only snaps like a twig.

Ryouko listens on, her head hanging down and her bangs covering her eyes as Ringo watches. As Oyassan asks if that’s the kind of strength she wants. Ryouko merely tightens her fist. She thinks that that is the kind of strength she wanted – even if it would snap like a twig. On their way back home, Ringo asks if she always follows that regiment. Ryouko says that she does. Ringo says that she’ll hurt herself if she goes overboard…and she’s just gotten over her cold too.

Ryouko tells her to shut up cause its got nothing to do with her. A yell from nearby draws their attention. Ara…I recognize this voice. Oh dear God in heaven I know what this is~~~A kid is being bullied by some others. He’s being pushed again and into the supporting column of a bridge as Ryouko and Ringo watch on from above on the road. Ryouko immediately ditches her bag and goes running down while Ringo can only go “EH? Ryouko-chan!?”

The highschool kids (im guessed from the uniform?) ask the kid where his wallet is when Ryouko comes in and yells out “Hey you bastards!” She wraps a cloth around her hand as the guys ask what she wants. The kid runs away. Ryouko starts to beat the guys up and the kid stops and watches her as she fights. She gets knocked down to the ground and kicked. She’s taking the beating when Ringo starts yelling “Police! Police! They’re over here!”

The kids flee as Ringo comes down and asks Ryouko how she’s doing. Ryouko sits on a bench, waiting for Ringo who brings forward a wet handkerchief. She gently rubs it against the scratch on Ryouko’s cheek and asks why she did that for shes a girl after all. Ryouko says that she does what she wants. Ringo sternly calls her name, startling Ryouko. She turns to see Ringo with tears in her eyes and a very serious expression as she says that she just about had a heart attack…to think that she’d pick a fight with high school students. Ryouko says that it doesn’t matter to her.

Ringo suddenly says “Someone believe in me.” Ryouko turns in surprise towards Ringo who is looking down as she speaks. She mumbled that in her sleep when she was sick…(Ryouko stands up, yelling that she said no such thing) and when she had heard that, she had thought that perhaps Ryouko was gentle but lonely….maybe she really was more girly…so why is she trying so hard to be strong. Ryouko looks away, telling her to shut up. Ringo asks again, why is she trying so hard? Ryouko yells at her louder, “Shut up!” Ringo cries as she asks why is Ryouko lying to herself?

Ryouko yells that what is Ringo’s problem and to leave her alone. Ringo sadly comments that when she saw what Ryouko was like she thought….for both of them are alone in the city. Ryouko lies to herself in order to protect herself. Crying where no one can see her. She herself always smiles to hide what she really thinks. Ryouko stares at Ringo as she continues that still, they both are different. She’s always running away while Ryouko is fighting.

It’s because Ryouko was so amazing that she cried. That’s why she wants to be Ryouko’s friend. Ryouko laughs wearily and sadly asks if she’s still saying stuff like that. Ringo takes Ryouko’s face in her hands and asks that she’s still scared no? If someone were to betray her, she probably wouldn’t be able to get on her feet again. She wont betray her. She’ll always be by Ryouko’s side. So, she needn’t pretend in front of her. As Ringo moves to hug Ryouko, she says that even if Ryouko cries or is weak, no matter what happens, she will not betray her.

Tears fill Ryouko’s eyes at those words and she holds Ringo’s shoulder saying that she decided to became stronger so she could go forward on her own but….as she starts to cry, she hugs Ringo back. And from that day, they both became roommates. The first night, they both talked about everything. Why they came to the school. Their past. What happened with Shirou at her past school. Ryouko thinks that Ringo quietly believed what her old friends wouldn’t. She smiles at the thought.

Possibly the same bridge where Ryouko picked a fight with the highschool kids, Ryoushi is sitting at the embankment and thinking over Ringo’s words. He needs to work hard, become a real man and. What Ryouko needs is someone strong who can accept everything about her. He needs to be strong; stronger than anyone else. Hmmmm in that aspect, I would say that Ryoushi is already quite ready for it no?

Ryoushi remembers that when he first entered the school, he used to be very afraid of being seen. He would observe everyone so that he wouldn’t stand out. And amongst them, there was Ryouko. A single glance from her making Ryoushi quiver and shake in his fear. He thinks that in a way, she stood out from the rest. And it seems that she only opened her heart up to Ringo and no one else. And while he observed her, he realized that she was gentler than she let on. He started to wonder why she acted to rough when she was really so gentle.

It seemed odd to him so just kept watching her. In gym class, its volleyball day. And Ryoushi is watching Ryouko jump in the air, ready to smash the ball over the fence. Er wait..he’s realllly admiring her legs. Narrator-san : He’s got a leg fetish. Ryoushi watches her in admiration and thinks that before he knew it, he found himself in love with her. And then he found out that she was part of the Otogi Bank. He remembers the day she cornered the blonde stalker into the alley and how she was facing down the armed man.

He’s panted hard. His legs are shaking. He thinks that he was too weak to protect the girl that he loved. Its night fall and Ryoushi is still sitting by the riverside and he thinks that he’s still are powerless as he was back then. He’s really had enough of that. He wants to protect Ryouko. With that determination and resol ve, he gets up. At the gym, Ryoko is leaving. Ryoushi calls out to her, running as he calls out to her. Ryouko looks at him in confusion as he tries to catch his breath.

He asks her to wait for him. She’s confused and he explains that he’ll become strong – a man who can accept everything about her. Because he loves Ryouko. The second confession! A whistle from above! Ack how embarassing~ Oyassan and some of the other guys over heard that ^^;;; Ryouko whacks Ryoushi over the head and says that she’s going home. Ryoushi chases after her even as she tells him to get lost and to not follow her. *grins* These two are so cute together at times I swear.

Oh that looks like a tasty hamburger steak! Ryouko digs in, her mood totally different from before. Ringo stares in surprise and asks if something good happened. OH YAH 😀 Ryouko recalls Ryoushi’s second confession with a small blush and Ringo smirks with an evil “Oho~ I see~” She leans over the table and snags the dish away from Ryouko, saying that she wont get anything to eat until she tells Ringo everything. Ryouko stammers and stutters to explain what happened.

Ringo thinks to herself that what Ryouko needs to be honest with herself isn’t Ringo but rather….Ryouko fails to explain even a little big about what happened. Getting stuck at only “Ryoushi…he…” Ringo tells her “No dinner for you.” And they bicker…or negotiate. Take yer pick. Medeitashi medeitashi~


Score: B+A

That…was a wonderful episode. Positively wonderful. Heart warming, amusing, tear jerking. My kinda stuff.

I had expected that we’d get to know what happened with Ryouko but I also knew that Ringo would never be the one to divulge Ryouko’s secret. That was pretty much a given point. Dear Ryoushi though, trying his best *pats his head* and you gotta admit, Ringo and Ryouko’s friendship, the way it started…it was very touching. Rock on Ringo, seriously.

Loved seeing Ringo being so motherly towards Ryouko – the loving and the scolding part together. When Ringo scolds Ryouko for being too reckless, when she cries and tells her why she wants to be friends…I was tearing up too. Wonderfully done really. *sniffs* and seeing a little bit of how Ryoushi got to liking Ryouko, I quite frankly loved it. Innocent curiosity that got turned into love. My favorite kinda thing. And ho ho ho~ He’s a legs man eh? XD Niiiiiice~

I’m pretty much 80% sure that the boy who Ryouko saved underneath the bridge was Ryoushi. It would explain a lotta things and Ryoushi was sitting near that same bridge too while he was musing. Or i can assume that its the same bridge cause…it looks the same…as much as it can in an anime if you get what I’m saying ^^;;;;

Next week I think we’ll be getting more humor again, which suits me fine 😀 I’d like some wacky humor after this drama. Its a nice pattern in one manner. *hums happily to herself*

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