Summary Key Points:


  • The Episode opens up with a shot of Marikawa’s friend who is one of the best snipers in the country
  • Marikawa’s friend states that she plans to head into the city to help her friend (Marikawa in this case)
  • Meanwhile, Busijima, Takagi, Hirano and Marikawa decide to leave the bus and Shido
  • Shido attempts to keep Marikawa with him and the rest of his group, But Hirano steps in and threatens to shoot him
  • Busujima and the rest attempt to meet up with Takashi and Rei by crossing the bridge.
  • While trying to find an open bridge that isn’t blocked, Busujima and co are attacked by a horde of zombies
  • As Hirano runs out of screws to shoot, Takagi and Marikawa bump into each other and trip, becoming easy prey for the zombies
  • Takashi and Rei arrive with Takashi flying in, biker style
  • Takashi throws Hirano the gun, and hurls Busujima into the air
  • The team combination makes quick work of the zombies
  • The group decides to head to Marikawa’s friend’s house to rest up before they head out again tomorrow
  • Takashi reflects on the fact that instead of running away, they are now attacking in order to survive. He comments on how  much they’ve changed in just a day


Opinions: (A)

Despite the fact that there weren’t any recaps this episode, It still felt very short. I guess that’s a testament to how well the episode is paced, since its over before you even know it. Of course, a good amount of the episode was dedicated to the intense action scene where Takashi jumped in to save the day and used his insane biker skills to quickly turn the tables on the zombies.

That was immensly cool for sure, but the highlight of the episode has got to be Hirano putting Shido in his place. The way Hirano intimidated and threatened Shido, making him back off was impressive, and I definitely feel my respect growing for this character. Next to Takashi and Busujima, I can’t help but find him to be one of the most interesting, unique and funny characters. The whole talk about Hirano’s family was pretty funny too XD

Speaking of Busujima and Takashi, did I see Busujima call him by his first name? And the jelous stare from Rei? Hahaha! I loved that, and it only echoes my sentiments that TakashixBusujima is the way to go. With the fact that Busujima  and co left Shido behind though, I wonder if that’s all we’ll see of him?

I’m guessing that can’t be all there is to it. Maybe Takagi will be right, and we’ll see Shido leading his own cult for survival later on in the story. He definitely wasn’t all too happy to be talked down by Hirano and denied being able to control the group. The way he twirled his tongue when asking Marikawa to stay was beyond creepy.


You know whats up next? The Bath/fanservice episode! XD

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