Summary Key Points:


  • Natsu attempts to destroy the tower in order to stop Jellal
  • Jellal is way too fast and powerful though, and Natsu takes quite a bit of damage
  • Erza wakes up from all the commotion
  • As Jellal is about to finish off Natsu, Erza comes infront of him
  • Erza states that Jellal needs her as a sacrifice to resurrect Zeref
  • Jellal states that at this point, any powerful mage will do, and it doesn’t have to be Erza
  • Jellal plans to kill both of them and unleashes his Heavenly Magic: Altiaris on them
  • Simon ends up shielding both of them, and loses his life in the process
  • Erza, on losing Simon, begins to cry
  • Natsu is angry at this, and begins eating Etherion in order to power himself up
  • Etherion has other elements besides fire though, and the crystal doesn’t ingest properly, making Natsu scream in pain
  • Through Sheer will, Natsu absorbs Etherion and dragon like scale marks appear on his body
  • Natsu rams Jellal with a powerful attack
  • Natsu’s attacks seem to be working, and Jellal is getting hurt
  • Jellal attempts to take down Natsu, but it hardly works and Natsu takes him down
  • Natsu collapses from exhaustion  as he gets back on the ground
  • Etherion begins to get out of control and the Tower begins to crumble
  • Erza wonders what she can do to stop it, as even if they leave, the Tower’s blast will still reach them
  • Erza decides to fuse with the tower in order to control the blast from Etherion
  • Natsu screams for Erza to stop, but to no avail
  • The blast from Etherion is shot up wards into the sky, and everyone is saved
  • As Erza wakes up, she is sinking in some kind of unknown place
  • Erza wonders where she is, and the episode ends


Opinions: (A+)

Oh boy… This was quite the episode! An epic battle between Natsu and Jellal. Natsu going all dragon after Absorbing Etherion  was cool, although its probably more of a one time thing. It does show how much stronger Natsu can get though, since he only absorbed a small piece of  Ether ion and was already a hell of a lot stronger than a Council Mage.

Erza’s decision to save everyone a the expense of her life was a nice one, and the flash back of her getting her eye healed was touching. The younger Erza was definitely a nice, sweet but unfortunate young girl. Of course, we all know that Erza is far from dead, and that she’ll be very much alive before the next arc starts (thanks to a rather spoiler centric OP theme that was shown quite a few episodes early… )

Simon dying was kinda sad, but at the same time, I didn’t feel too much for him. Its because he’s only been with us for a few episodes, and I really didn’t get too attached to him. He was the most noble and well designed characters out of all the others though, and saving the woman he loved before he died was a pretty nice way to go.


Natsu and gang head back home, to a newly rebuilt Fairy Tail!

~Blogged By Setsuken

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