Summary Key Points:


  • Jellal, overpowered by Erza, states that he is broken and can’t be fixed
  • Jellal and Erza hug as Etherion fires on the tower, engulfing it in light
  • Back at the council building, the Council finds out that Etherion did not destroy the tower, but rather a large Lacrima (magic absorbing crystal) has now formed where the tower was
  • Back at the tower, Jellal remarks that it is finally time, and that the R-System is finally complete
  • Erza is shocked to find out that Jellal played the council, and that them firing Etherion was all part of his plan
  • Back at the council, Seigrain disappears with a smile, as the council is filled with horror at what just happened
  • Seigrain appears infront of Erza
  • Jellal and Seigrain reveal that they are actually one and the same
  • As Jellal and Seigrain merge back into one, Jellal’s power comes back
  • Back at the council, the council is being destroyed by Ultear, who has decided to sacrifice herself for Jellal
  • Back at the Tower, Erza is being beaten down by the now extremely powerful Jellal
  • Jellal binds Erza and throws her into a part of the crystal
  • He comments that Erza’s body will be used to resurrect Zeref
  • Natsu arrives and pulls Erza out
  • Natsu knocks Erza out and turns to face Jellal
  • Natsu goes all out on Jellal, using all of his moves in a deadly barrage of attacks
  • The Attacks have little effect on Jellal however, and all he does is discard his hood
  • Jellal than attacks himself, battering Natsu to the point where he’s on the floor
  • Jellal reflects that he might have over done it, and that the R-System can’t be damaged too much
  • Natsu catches on this and gets up
  • Natsu states that if the tower being destroyed is bad, then its all good for him, since destroying things is his speciality
  • Jellal Shudders in Horror as Natsu prepares to annihilate the tower


Opinions: (A)

Quite a few earth shattering revelations this week! Jellal and Seigrain were the same person eh? Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. At the same time the idea that Jellal and Seigrain were brothers and the fact that one was good while the other was evil was a lot more appealing to me than the thing that actually happened.

It kinda makes sense that Etherion was going to be used in some way to further Jellal’s plans, as he isn’t really the type to chance everything like the way he seemed to be doing. That said, Natsu unleashing all his attacks on Jellal was cool, although it was kinda sad that they didn’t do much.

Jellal on the other hand, is beyond powerful. He is one of the Council members after all, so its to be expected. It also makes sense that Natsu can’t exactly take him head on, and destroying the tower is as good as defeating him anyway.

(This opinion is a short one because I fell behind and had to do 5 episodes in a row XD)

~Blogged By Setsuken

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