Summary Key Points:


  • Simon leads Erza and the rest to the top of the tower towards Jelllal
  • Meanwhile, Wally and Millana find Natsu with the cat helmet on
  • Millana binds Natsu, but prevents Wally from shooting Natsu because she likes cats
  • Happy uses the opportunity to free Natsu from Milana’s bindings but is unable to
  • Natsu acts like a cat, and Millana is unable to fight him any longer
  • Natsu gets free and takes both wally and Milana out
  • As Jellal sees yet another of his two pawns defeated, he feels that the game is a bit too one sided
  • He asks that the Assasin’s Guild, Death’s Head Circus come into play
  • Meanwhile, Happy finally manages to get the Helmet off Natsu
  • Jellal then announces to everyone that a game has begun
  • Jellal states that he wants to use Erza as a sacrifice to revive Zeref
  • If Jellal can open the tower to heaven, he wins
  • If Erza and the rest can stop him, they win
  • Jellal also states that Etherion could fire at any moment and wipe them all out
  • Sho goes nutts at hearing this, and seals Erza in a card and runs off, saying he’ll protect her
  • Simon chases after him and runs into Natsu
  • As Simon tells Natsu of his allegiance to Erza, they are interrupted by Fukuro, a member of the Death’s Head Circus Guild
  • Natsu and Fukuro do battle, but it seems like Fukuro has the upper hand due to his rocket speed
  • Juvia and Lucy run into the guitar freak, metal reject
  • Juvia is transformed into his subbordinate and the episode ends


Opinions: (B)

Not a lot happened this episode beyond the setting up on some fights for next episode. I’m glad Natsu made quick work of Wally, as I just didn’t want that character to be too powerful. Speaking of freakishly odd designs, we have a heavy metal reject that looks like he got kicked out of KISS, I guess Al Simmons isn’t the only one ripping stuff XD

Juvia getting controlled by him was an interesting turn of events, and I find it rather amusing that Jellal has already written off Lucy from the game.  I doubt Lucy is going to lose though, given that she has powerful spirits like Loke in her posession. Natsu’s fight with the bird dude seems rather uninteresting. To be honest, the introduction of Death’s Head Circus doesn’t have me too thrilled, and it seems more of like a way to drag out the time before the eventual Natsu versus Jellal fight.

(This opinion is a short one because I fell behind and have to do 5 episodes in a row XD)

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