Summary Key Points:


  • Erza and Jellal’s past is revealed, as Jellal is taken over by Zeref during his torture
  • Rob, a member of Fairy Tail, dies protecting Erza
  • Enraged at losing Rob, Erza unlocks her Equip magic and quicly turns the tide of the battle
  • Erza heads to Jellal, and knocks out the two masterminds behind the construction of the tower
  • As everyone is evacuating to leave, Jellal wakes up near Erza, and a  tatoo forms on his face
  • Jellal proceeds to use some dark magic to totally kill the two masterminds of the tower
  • He tells Erza that there is no real freedom in the world
  • Jellal intends to reconstruct the tower himself
  • He sends Erza off, and tells her that she will not set foot near the tower or let anyone know of what is happening or her friends will be killed
  • As Erza finishes up her recounting of the events of the past, elsewhere, the Council has only one vote left before Etherion is fired
  • Sho comes in, having heard the whole thing, is shocked and denies it
  • Simon goes on to back up Erza’s story, and Sho finally comes to terms with what is happening
  • Meanwhile, Natsu ends up in the cat room, and puts on a cat helmet.
  • Natsu tries to take it off, but its stuck on, the  episode ends.


Opinions: (B+)

The last parts of the backstory are finally reveraled in this episode! Jellal being taken over by Zeref was an interesting fact It seems that in some capacity, Zeref is definitely  behind all the evil in the world. I won’t be surprised if he eventually does get revived and become the biggest enemy for Fairy Tail. Or is it a she? From the voice it almost sounded like Zeref was a she… and wouldn’t that be interesting?

On the other hand, we had Sho finally come to realize the truth. I can’t really feel much for him though, other than its good that Erza has some of her old comrades back. Natsu also finds the room that happy was in, and gets a cat helmet stuck onn his head? I wonder how he’s gonna fight with that on? XD

(This opinion is a short one because I fell behind and have to do 5 episodes in a row XD)


Seems like the real fights will begin next episode!

~Blogged By Setsuken

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