Welcome back to Otogi Academy where the mood is slightly different today! The Pres is visiting the founder of the Academy – giving regular reports to the founder is part of his duties apparently. Jii-san mutters that he’d prefer Alice or Ringo to come and give him the reports rather than the Pres. Basically, he would prefer a girl rather than a boy. (Narrator: He’s one hell of a dirty old geezer~) The Pres inquires maybe he should come back in a dress? One sigh and snappy reply later, the Pres is reporting that the Student Council, Athletics Council and Humanities Council hold debts to the bank with no major changes in value.

As previously told the Director has direct control of the Otogi Bank and is the one who gave them the awesome basement facility. There haven’t been any major changes in the number of requests from students as either, as compared to the previous year. But the students of Onigashima Koukou are getting a bit rowdy. You remember that bunch non~? The gits who sneak attacked Ryouko. The Pres thinks that that could be a result of their internal affairs.

The Director asks what he means by that. The Pres guesses that maybe its because of a change in their student council president? The Director says that he doesn’t really care just so long as they know where they stand. “Do they, I wonder~” ponders the Director as he stares out the window. The Pres bows and says that he’ll lead another investigation and let him know. As the Pres is about to leave, the Director turns to him and asks him….could he possibly let the Bank girls come to provide him some ‘service’ occasionally. ( – – ;;) Ero-jiji indeed…

The Pres says that he doubts that they’d do it for free. The Pres mutters that he’s playin hard ball as always so how about a 3D TV this time? Pres smiles and says that he’ll tell them. And that is how they improve their facilities. The Pres is pure evil~~~ Can I call him Pimp-sama? As he closes the door, Pres sighs before walking away. Shift to the Onigashima Koukou building, where the leader of the delinquent thugs is asking when they’ll go after Ryouko again.

A figure is sitting in a seat, turned away from the gang leader as he smoothly tells the guy to not be hasty, for there is a right time for everything. It’s the same white haired jackass who was smirking from the shadows in episode 2 after the gang saved Ryouko! Back at Otogi Academy, it’s a new start to a new school day with bright-faced students around. And whoa whoa whoa~~~~ Who is this vision of loveliness?

Long hair, big busted and legs to kill for – tis Kibitsu Momoko aka Momo-chan-senpai who is … *double take* Shes got a WHIP attached to her belt D: *whispers* Is she an S? /bricked. Ahem, she was 2nd place in the Otogi Academy Contest (wearing that bombastic black swimsuit~) Regardless of her outrageous uniform, she’s still part of the disciplinary committee (threatening to punish students if they’re late. I feel like asking SO BADLY what the punishment will be…) From behind a nearby tree, Ryouko is watching the entrance. Ryoushi comes up from behind, making her jump in surprise.

He asks what shes doing and where’s Ringo. Ringo’s on duty and Ryouko goes “Ah! Be my shield!” Ryoushi’s confused as to what she means. Its three minutes left and the students are running to be on time when Momo-chan goes “Ara~ wait right there.” (Ryouko tried to sneak in behind Ryoushi and his bag). Ryouko stands up straight and greets her senpai, who almost didn’t catch her. Momo-chan comments that Ryouko looks down today~ if she’d be her little kitten then she’d be up and feeling wonderful today. (Narrator: Oh my~ Momo-chan-senpai is on the prowl this early~)

Er Momo-chan…shes not a neko, shes an ookami. Totally different species….Ryouko looks about as comfortable as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs before she runs off saying that they’re almost late. Momo-chan calls out that she has some business with the Bank so she’d best keep herself free.

Ryouko stops and stares in suspicion and fear at her senpai who tells her not to make such a scary face~ She has something important to discuss. Tis lunch time and Ringo comments that must have been hard. Ryouko sighs heavily and says that she really can’t deal with that person at all. Ryoushi is filled in by Ringo that usually she brings something random to distract Momo-chan’s attention from Ryouko (Err…like that?) Ryoushi comments that she likes Ryouko no? Ringo tells him Momo-chan’s liked Ryouko since middle school. Ryouko comments that Momo’s fondness for her is a huge problem. Apparently the threesome rode the escalator up from middle school together (oho~)

Ryoushi seems a bit confused and Ringo explains that shes a hardcore pleasure seeker who hits on both sides. Aha… *nervous sweating* seems like if you spend one night with her and be you male or female, she’ll take you down. That just makes her sound like a lion tamer Ringo-chan…Ryouko is quivering in her boots saying that she doesn’t want that! Ringo calmly says that he doesn’t find if Ryouko discovers the joys of same-sex love for their friendship would turn into a romantic passion then~*spittake* DON’T SAY stuff like that with a face like yours Ringo! Ryouko’s hair turns up in fear and Ryoushi can only sweatdrop at her reaction.

And so, after school at the Bank, a nervous Ryoushi has just served tea to Momo-chan. Momo-chan asks if he was the boy who accompanied Ryouko this morning? He stammers that he was and introduced himself. Ringo quickly dishes that he confessed to Ryouko (making Ryouko and Ryoushi blush). Momo quickly stands up in front of Ryoushi telling him that he must have good sense if he’s got his eyes set on Ryouko. She starts being all touchy feely saying that upon closer look, he’s pretty cute too (if only he’d cut those long bangs of his~!) And Ryoushi freezes up like a water droplet in the middle of Antartica!

Momo-chan inquires if she makes him and Ryouko feel wonderful together? Looks like it is true…anyone touched by Momo-chan’s aura freezes up…in various ways (^^;;; ) Ryoushi quickly huddles in the corner yelling at her to not touch him! Momo asks Ringo whats up with him. Ringo says that she broke his limit. Ryouko is pissed saying that he is seriously quite a bum. *big ass evil grin* Fu fu fu~~~ I sense jealousy Ryou-ko-chaaaan~ Momo-chan raises a finger to her lips and thinks “Could this be what I think it is?” Ringo smiles and comments “A basic necessity for girls – cute jealously!” Ryouko blushes, Ryoushi stops his scared blubbering to stare at Ryouko who heatedly denies it. That makes his moan in pain before burying his head in his hands XD. Poor guy just can’t catch a break can he?

Momo-chan sits back in her seat and says that she’s thinking of visiting Onigashima. So would Ryouko and company please accompany her? Ryouko asks for clarification if she means the highschool? Momo-chan calmly picks up her cup of tea and says the very one. She’s thinking of doing some oni-slaying. The three some exchange worried glances and Ryoushi asks if she’s thinking of picking a fight? Ringo asks why she wants to do this. Momo-chan explains that Ryouko was attacked by the Onigashima boss not so long ago right? Even so those guys have been getting too big for themselves as of late. The Pres suddenly pops up agreeing to that line.

Momo-chan looks up in surprise at Alice and Pres, the former reading off a list – 25 counts of extortion, violent assault and other malicious deeds all with Onigashima as the cause. Momo-chan explains that she thought she’d raid the school and complain to their student council president directly. Pres pipes in, asking that wasn’t their student council meeting with theirs soon? Momo smiles and says that he’s as well informed as well. The Pres smiles back but continues that the Otogi students wouldn’t be satisfied with just that though.

As the Pres walks behind the sofa, he says that if she were to break into the Onigashima school by herself, no one would complain to the student council either. Or something like that yes~?

Momo-chan smiles and says that though she doesn’t quite like the way he put it….Pres suggests that she take the loan out personally instead of on behalf of the council. (The disciplinary committee is part of the student council) Momo-chan asks that they’ll help her then?

The Pres agrees and they shake on it. And so! They will attack the Onigashima school the next day. The objective: to assist Momo-chan and to investigate what kind of person their new student council president is! The Pres is explainin this to the rest of the group in their club room ad Ringo adds in that there is the option of putting pressure on them from above…

The Pres agrees but Alice replies that while it would be good to get the help of the adults because after all, the students at Otogi Academy are precious commodities. Ryouko asks, “Commodities?” Pres says that yes indeed because with every passing year, the number of students with the brand name “Otogibana City Graduate” is steadily increasing. They release people with talent into society and by the power of the brand name, increase the number of people in this city. This positive feedback is the goal of the Aragmi Syndicate (leader of which is the ero-jiji). As the others listen on quietly, Pres further explains that the Onigashima school was left to be an enemy for this commodity. It serves as a threat so that they don’t stay in a bubble without any real world experience.

The city itself is a man made paradise, the school being one which fosters student’s independence by encouraging free expression however…they’re just acting like they’re free in that little boxed garden. So while it would be easier to leave their problems to the adults and to play around as they please…they have made up their minds. He asks the others, don’t they want to manage some part of their life even if its within the confines of that box?

The Pres stands before the other group members saying that Onigashima student council president has gone too far. Not only kidnapping Ryouko but it seems that he has no intention of playing his role. Ringo comments that it seems hard to imagine someone stupid enough to defy the Aragami Syndicate. Pres agrees but says that when one has nothing to lose, you can do anything and that is an idea not to be taken lightly. As parting words, the Pres tells them to make sure that they all are ready for this big job.

Ryouko is practicing at her gym and gets praised by the boxing trainer, Kumada-san (But if you don’t call him Oyassan, he gets mad (???!)) He comments that her punches have gotten straighter and more fierce instead of being weak before. Did she perhaps find something to support her? Ryouko ponders on this on her way back to the dorm. Its time to go oni-slaying~!

And waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ what a costume to go oni-slaying in Ryouko-san. Can I have the ookami-mimi? Ryouko’s not that happy over it and asks what the hell is up with the costume. Majo-san explains that it’s a body armor. Ringo’s design. Well doesn’t that explain a lot… Ringo says that she looks cute in it but Ryuoko yells back that why would anyone make armor cute?! Where’s the sense of seriousness in that?! (Do agree~) Ryuoshi is also fully equipped in more normal gear and he’s happily blushing while looking at Ryouko but gets kicked while attempting to say that she looks lovely. Poor guys gets scolded that he needs to take this more seriously! The Pres asks Otohime where Tarou is and she says that he was here not so long ago when Momo-chan calls out!

Accompanying Momo-chan are! Tarou, Inuzuka, Saruwatari and Kijino (Names meaning dog, monkey and pheasant. The last one DOES have hair like a pheasant…) Ringo and Ryuoko are surprised to see Tarou standing beside Momo-chan and ask “Why…?” Momo-chan says that they are all her servants (oooooooh dear *eye Otohime*) Tarou merely states “Behold Momo-chan-senpai’s beautiful millent dumplings!” (well that’s a new one on me…just when I think I’ve read it all thanks to weepingcock….) “When she leaned forward as she asked, as a man I could not refuse.” *dryly* You won’t be a man any longer if you keep saying stuff like that in front of Otohime if you get my drift….

The other three tell him that he’s very inexperienced! Though she may look like a free spirit, she has a noble heart which strives to protect what is important to her – at all costs! Her gentleness that shines through her strictness…and attached to her waist….HER WHIP! Tarou comments, “But it’s really about the boobs, right?” The other three give a decisive nod! As Momo-chan strikes the forward lean pose, the four of them fall to their knees and bow to the millet dumplings. (Narrator: She totally just invoked the range of everyone with more pitiful chests.) Cue evil ass glare from Ryouko and Ringo. UWAAAAAAAA! Otohime is on fiiiiireee! RUN AWAY TAROU!

Tarou shakily turns around to face Otohime as she calls his name. And she drags him back into the club…and as usual, use your imagination to wonder what’s going on behind closed doors. The Pres says that he and Tarou will catch up with them later. And the gang head out! At the Onigashima high school, a fell wind is blowing the dust around our heroes as they stand before the entrance! Ryouko and Ryoushi are wearing ear pieces to keep in contact with the Bank back at the Academy. Monitoring of position possible due to Ryoushi’s camera googles. Three cheers for technology!

Ringo, Otohime, Majo-san, Otsuu and Alice are in the club room, watching from a laptop as Ryouko comes and stands like this *holds her hand a few inches away from her face* close to Ryoushi. He jumps back with a blush. Alice says that they’ve accessed the Onigashima security network in case of an ambush plus, they can observe the interior as well by using the security cameras. EEEEK! Looks like the student council pres is listening to the conversation and keeping an eye on the gang that just approached his school from some place inside!

Momo confirms that the student council room is on the fourth floor of the main building right? Ryouko confirms it and Ryoushi yells that they’re coming! Tis a huge gang of delinquents who are itching for a fight! Momo yells that they’re breaking through and the delinquents rush forward too. Ryouko is using the Neko-Neko Knuckles Revamped Mark II which, upon contact, emit a cute meowing….*shaking with giggles in her corner* DO WANT! As Ryouko is about to get jumped on by some guy with a bat, Ryoushi smacks him in the forehead with a flying metal ball! Nice shot Ryoushi! As the Otogi gang have managed to beat the delinquents up but good, Momo-chan is managed to hold her own with her whip and with some help from her three helpers, it’s a clear win for the Otogi team and they run into the building! Punching and whipping punks out of their way as they head to the fourth floor!

But there’s no end in sight to them! Momo-chan orders the three stoog…guys to not let the guys through! They say they’ll follow her orders for the sake of her millet dumplings! As the guys face off the new group of punks, Momo, Ryouko and Ryoushi head towards the fourth floor. But they are being watched by the sneaky ass student council president! Using a touch pad mobile with the school map pulled up on it, Ryouko is given instructions from Alice. They’re in the science room and they should be able to enter the main building from the bridge on the third floor.

As Ryouko opens the door to head out, ah crap! It’s the same guy from episode 2! That tall, scar faced guy!Ryouko backs away and Ryoushi comes to stand in front of her. He tells her and Momo-chan should hurry up and go! Not totally happy with it but still, Ryouko and Momo-chan leave. The guy grins, saying that he’s got a favor to return to him. Momo and Ryouko run through the bridge connecting the buildings but just as Ryouko has made it into the main building, the president presses a button.

A shutter drops down in front of Momo-chan! The two are now separated! Majo-san states in a matter of fact tone that it’s a trap. No sooner as she said this that the guy presses another button and the Otogi gang’s access to the security cameras gets scrambled. They can see nothing but static!

As Alice tries to contact them, Ringo tries to get back into the system or at least stop the internal jamming. Ryouko can only hear garbled noise and Momo tells her to go on ahead, she’ll come from another route. The scar-faced guy is throwing punches at Ryoushi but he’s easily dodging them as the guy taunts him. Isn’t Ryoushi lucky to have a strong gal like Ryouko to look after him? He laughs saying that strong women are the best because they’re fun to tame. He tells him to just sit back and watch her become his woman. Uwaaaaa such arrogance and baseless confidence! Where does it come from?

Ryoushi tells him to shut up for Ryouko isn’t strong. She works hard and doesn’t ask anyone’s help while always trying to be strong. And he punched the guy in the jaw! But…GACK he doesn’t even feel it! He raises his own fist to punch out Ryoushi but Tarou runs in and punches the guy out! In gentleman mode. Yes…I facepalmed. Apparently, when Otohime…extracts his…essences ( *looks offscreen* Is this is the right translation?!?!?! Are you sure about this?!?!) he becomes a true gentleman. Tarou tells Ryoushi to leave this to him and to go and protect Ryouko. Ryoushi runs away as Tarou faces off the gang leader.

Ryoushi turns around to face another delinquent. Who cheerfully says that “It’s me!” UWA *jumps a mile* PRES?! Talk about mad skills! He tells Ryoushi that the bridge is blocked so he should take a shortcut. Ryouko is already at the student council office and faces off the president. He stands up to greet her, saying that its been a while. With an unpleasant smirk on his face. Ryouko is in shock.

She remembers walking down a lane of sakura blossoms talking with a taller man. And then something tearing. She is huddled by the window sill, holding onto the curtains as the bespectacled man leers at her. She is breathing heavily, her shirt around her shoulders and her hair in tangles. Faceless girls grinning at her as she stared in shock. As she recalls this, her legs begin to shake, her breathing heavy. The guy is still grinning evilly at her but man that is quite the evil grin…I thought I knew them after Code Geass but that…just makes me wanna turn tail and run as fast as I can!

Ryoushi calls out to her! And she turns around to see a panting Ryoushi and recalls all the different times they’ve had , ending with his smiling face. She faces him off, the Pres and Ryoushi at her back as she greets the guy back, calling him Hitsujikai. The Pres asks if he’s someone she knows? She says sort of. He introduces himself. Hitsukikai Shirou (*singsong* Saw that first name coming~~~ hey its not that hard of a stretch when he’s got white hair!), the student council president. Do they have any business with him? The Pres peeks at him with one eye as Momo steps forward.

She tells him that they have come here to warm him. His little oni are getting a bit too rowdy out there. Should they cause any more problems, they will not let it slip by. He’s a cool character saying that he hadn’t been president for long so there are still many students who don’t listen to him but he will be sure to pass the message along. They all flinch as he opens the blinds and Momo asks “You promise?” He smiles back, “I may not be up to the task but I promise.” Back at the Bank, Momo comments that he was quite the suspicious individual.

She’s sitting with Alice and the Pres and says that they need to think up a counter plan. Pres says that that man said that he hadn’t been president for long but he had given orders to the delinquents to hold them back…and he jammed their radio and security cameras and used the fire door to split Ryouko and Momo up. Momo asks if they should ask Lamp-chan for help. Pres says that he’ll make a report but he doesn’t want to be hasty. Alice, in a not very happy way, says that without evidence that man cannot be removed from his position. Pres says that for now they can just sit and watch. Momo sighs and rubs her head in aggravation.

Outside, Ryouko is sitting alone at a bench, staring pensively at the ground. As she recalls Shirou’s face, she quickly shakes her head as though to get that image out of her head. Ryoushi calls to her and holds up a coffee. He stands by and for a moment they both are quiet. Ryoushi looks at for a moment before turning away.

She calls to him, thanking him. They both sit and watch the sunset and Ryoushi tells her that he will always be by her side in a very cute and determined manner. GYUASDA CAN I EAT HIM!? She smiles and tells him that she’ll be counting on him. She gets up, saying that they best be on their way home. And they make their way back to their respective dorms. Looks like the two of them got a little bit closer ne? Meideitashi medeitashi~~


Back at Onigashima, Shirou is looking at a recent picture of Ryouko and comments that she…looks real….tasty now…is he supposed to be the REAL wolf in the series? UWA!? Who is THIS big breasted blonde who just snagged the picture out of his hands? Boobie girl asks who the girl is. Shirou comments that the two of them have a bit of a history together.

IT BETTER NOT BE WHAT I THINK IT IS BUB! Or else you’ll be turning black and blue!

Score: B/A


Well well well! Who is this white haired bastard indeed? I can cook up at least three different scenarios of who he was but immma gunna wait for which story it exactly is. Though I well and truly hope that it isn’t anything like sexual assault or anything! But if that is the case, that would explain some points about Ryouko no? That she used to be really shy and cute and she trusted this guy who was sweet to her but then he showed her his true colors by trying to assault her and she hated herself for being so weak and thus started her complex of being strong.

Mooommmmooooo-chaaaaaaan *glomps her* Shes so awesome and not just because of her millet dumplings! I really dig her style! If I could I’d want to wear that uniform of her but ahem…not having the necessary ‘assets’ to wear it…but yes, shes awesome indeed. Any woman holding a whip and using it to protect herself (amongst other uses) is utter win in my books! Shes a total sex bomb with brains. That’s a killer combo right there!

An interesting episode that makes you go “hmmmmm!!! Wonder whats the whole backstory here!” but it kinda lacks a certain…’omph’. I personally want to see more of Momo-chan…just so that I can know for sure whether she really is the ‘jo-ou’ type XD
But who is this Shirou guy? And what’s his purpose? Could it be to get Ryouko back? But then what happened in the first place anyways?

And who is this blonde chick too? Perhaps someone from Ryouko’s past? And it would seem that whatever happened to Ryouko, most likely happened in middle school. I’m totally guessing on this from her uniform in the flashbacks so does this mean that Momo-chan is aware of what happened perhaps?

Got more questions from this episode that I suppose will be answered slowly as time passes. Lets see what the future eps bring!

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