Episode’s three story will be about the turtle and the hare story! How do I know this? Simple~~~ Otohime’s nick name? Turtle. Her rival’s name Usami which if often nicknamed “Usagi” which is rabbit therefore…*pin pon pin pon~*And we start off from elementary school…and a really fat Otohime-san (the way the narrator says this is just so much epic lulz!) and young Tarou!

I think he’s had the policy of being nice towards girls in general since he was in elementary school cause he takes her side saying that shes a girl and people shouldn’t take advantage of her. She’s surprised that he knows her name but he considers it a matter of fact to know all the girls names. Oye oye *sweatdrops* Otohime belittles herself, saying that shes fat and slow so that’s why shes nicknamed ‘Tutle’. Tarou does agree but says still, her arms and legs are long and shes got a nice face, especially her eyes. So if she were thinner, she’d be cuter. Fast forward to present, where Otohime is holding a framed photograph of Tarou…before she kisses it. And as the narrator VERY APTLY puts it…”What was one extreme makeover.”

Our favorite threesome are walking through the school and Ryoushi happily asks if Ryouko was the one who made Ringo’s lunch. Ringo replies that Ryouko’s tamagoyaki is sweet and really tasty~ Ryoushi lets out a (slightly envious?) “eeeeeh…” and Ringo says if he turns around three times and barks then she wouldn’t mind sharing it with him (^^;;;) *falls over on her face when Ryoushi does so* As the narrator YET AGAIN very aptly puts it, “This is our hero. Sad, isn’t it.” VERY MUCH SO NARRATOR-SAN! Ryouko punches him on the head and tells him to cut it out. As Ryou-kun is rubbing his sore head, Tarou runs up to the group, yelling to Ryouko to save him (from what?) He clings to her leg and calls her his savior. Ryouko looks like one would at bubblegum that someone tossed at your brand new branded shoes…and she punches him in the face and tells him not to do a surprise attack and touch her like that.

She punches him twice more to get the point across. ;;;; Ringo asks whats the problem and he raises a crooked finger towards the garden. Looks like there’s a quarrel afoot! Otohime vs a pink haired girl and. THEY.ARE.TOTALLY.ON.FIIIIREEEE!!!! (while doing the ‘ojou-sama’ laugh. Not the “o ho ho ho” but that “he he he” giggle you know?) But then both go “HUNH!” and walk away from each other.

Ringo, Ryouko and Ryoushi are surprised to see that. Scene shift to the Otogi Bank and Ringo says that going by the the custom special loli uniform, that had to be Usami Mimi. Ryou-kun asks if she’s well known? Ringo says that because she looks loli, shes got a lot of fans (But err…Ringo-chan…arnt you…also? *gets glared at along with the narrator*) Ryouko asks how come Usami and Otohime are so hostile towards each other (Well aint it obvious? Loli-chan likes Tarou but Otohime wont let her two feet near the guy duh~~~) Tarou explains that the three of them used to be in the same class back in elementary school.

He explains that because Otohime and him repeated a year so they didn’t know that Usami also came to this school. It seems that our Urashima Tarou went on a journey for self-improvement and err…Otohime followed him so they both were held back. Cue Tarou running through the halls, looking around him before he turns a corner and bumps into our Usami-san.  His prince switch gets flipped and he helps the girl up asking if she’s alright. She blinks in surprise and asks, “Urashima-kun?” He looks at her for a moment before recognizing her. He’s still holding out his hand for her to take and she’s helped up by him. He says that it’s been a while and shes gotten really pretty since then! She says that she didn’t know that they were in the same school but how strange that they hadn’t met until this moment. Tarou says that he left on a journey for a year (TO WHERE?!) because of which he had to re-do the first year. He takes hold on her hands saying that it has to be fate that they met again (where do you get these lines from? They’re giving me goose bumps!).

He says that he’s currently being pursued but would she like to go for some tea with him? He’s barely gotten the invitation out when a familiar voice calls out to him and he starts badly, going flat against the wall in fear. Usami is surprised when the same girl calls to her and she asks if they have met before. The new and improved Otohime introduces herself, that she was with her in the same class in elementary school, Ryuuguu Otohime. Usami is trying to remember and remembers her by her nickname “Turtle”. They both try to maintain their err…well they try to be nice but its clearly an act on both sides…cause Usami asks whether Otohime had plastic surgery. Otohime says that if Usami would simply change her food habits and do regular exercise perhaps even she would see a change. Their gazes meet and sparks fly!!! D:

Otohime says, “Shall we leave, Tarou-sama?” Stammering, he agrees and gets led away. Usami asks in an overly loud, cutesy tone that she thought Tarou was being pursued…would that have been her, Turtle? Otohime stops walking and says that the two of them have sworn their futures together (I fore see a horribly bleak and dark future for you my dear Tarou…). She turns around saying that she is no longer turtle like – neither slow nor dim- and as such, she would like it if Usami would refrain from using that name. Usami says that Otohime has indeed gotten quite a bit more arrogant. Tarou watches from the side as Usami walks forward and puts forward a challenge. The both of them will compete in the Miss Otogi Academy Contest that takes place in one week. If Usami wins, Otohime’s name remains Turtle and if Otohime wins, Usami will stop using that name. Oh crap…there’s nothing worse than a contest between two ojou-sama’s.  Tarou looks in surprise at they both are totally fired up with a turtle and rabbit behind them. And that’s when he sees Ryouko, Ringo and Ryou-kun and ran towards em.

Back in the club he says that he thinks Otohime is prettier and he’s totally on her side but it seems like that isn’t enough to satisfy her. (But dude…the power of loli is strong D: VERY STRONG!) From behind the door, Otohime calls that she has a request and Tarou quickly dives behind the sofa he was sitting on.  Otohime would like help to be first place in the Miss Otogi Academy Contest! (Saw that one coming…and looks like she didn’t see Tarou do the emergency dive behind the sofa)

She declares that only when she has defeated Usami and shown that she is worthy of Tarou that she will be able to leave the past behind. Ringo says that even as a member of the club, she’ll have to return the obligation. She looks at Otohime and asks if shes alright with that. Otohime says that she will return the loan. She really is determined this girl! And so the next day! Ringo is explaining the details of the contest. It’s a free entry contest, whether one enters on their own or through endorsement with the winner decided through a male student ballot, one ballot per student (OTOHIME-SAN! D: I repeat, you underestimate the power of the loli!). And looks like there are a lot of contestants, like last year’s winner “The Mysterious Bishoujo”! The door opens with a long haired blonde yelling “Did someone call me?!” Ringo states “Oh the Mysterious Bishoujo is here!” Ryou-kun shrivels up stating that outsiders aren’t supposed to be able to get into the club! She giggles and says that she has a special – when she gets smacked at the back of the head by a shoe. Alice tells her to cut it out and the girl says that is so cruel for she is the Mysterious Beauty!

Alice tightens her grip on the slipper and the girl sits in seiza and clears her throat and *jerks back into her seat* DAMN YOU!!!!! THEY PULLED A BRIDGET! D: *runs away with a loud ass screech* Looks like the Pres has a cross dressing skill. IYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *weeps*  DAMN it man! HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE *gets slapped by a slipper as well* aite aite. So he uses his cross dressing skills to get into various difficult places (*suspicious glare* Like where?!) to gather information. (He can make his voice sound feminine too. But wait..then why did he win last years contest?!!!!) Looks like he had a group…date…with the Judo…club….*backs away slowly* Oh wait it was just an information gathering session *whew*

As anyone would expect, Usami Mimi is quite famous and has many fans but there ARE many people against her because of her cutesy act (again as expected). So the student body is pretty much split between like and hate. Ringo says that’s to be expected and the narrator says that the same goes for Ringo (AYE!) Alice chips in that Otohime also has a certain level of notoriety – her awesome figure and the fact that she shares Tarou daily makes her stand out. Pres says that even with that fact, a girls popularity ranking does drop when they have a boyfriend. (Narrator: Sou deshou nei~~~) So in the end, they both are pretty much even.

Otohime stands up saying that she’ll work hard! She’ll put forward her best effort to best Usami-san and asks what she has to do! Pres tells her that cause she came as a client this time, they’ll handle it. They’ll calls her if they need her. Nee….does anyone else realize that Pres’s chest is bigger than Ringo and Ryouko-sans? XDDDDD Anyways…the Pres declares that those who control information will control the contest! So they’re reading up about Usami from some blog/website. Or wait…don’t tell me…they set up a crack pot site where they put up weird information about Usami in order to change her ratings right?

I’ll guess that’s it cause the Pres says that in the upcoming week, they’ll see how much they change their ratings (which Majo-san and Maid-san are photo shopping Usami’s picture – putting a bodybuilder’s figure on Usami’s pic XD) for that is where the Otogi Bank shines! Ringo is writing something on a board and clearly wondering if it’s alright. And what’s on the board you ask? Oh various words like Hooker…and worthless person…and water flea….*pfffft* XD As the narrator puts it “This is information warfare?!?!” Usami and her friends see the various err…propaganda (?) pamphlets that have been put up and they ask in indignation that what’s this about.  Cue Usami bursting into tears (Cutesy act! *nosebleeds*) and looks like its time for RE-TA-LI-ATTIIOOOON!!! And YIKES *jumps away a foot* This girl’s got a grin like shark! RUN AWAY TURTLE BEFORE SHE EATS YOU! UWA! Shes already got the anti-Otohime posters ready! (Narrator-san “YOU TOO?!?!”)

Alice is giving a report that the Hooker Usami campaign has spread to over 50% of the student body but the enemy’s counter attacks (Can you even call them that?!) are impressive. The Loose Otohime campaign is about to break 50% as well. Pres says that its great that more people know who Otohime is. He skips away saying that he’ll break out the ‘ol’ Yocchan’ disguise and go spread some rumors. Now here’s a guy who likes his job too much…Ringo says that the enemy attacks are getting worse too. They put garbage into Otohime’s shoes to which Majo-san pops in saying that they’ll counter with reptiles! Maid-san says “Oh dear, then we’ll need to catch some more quickly…” Oh man these people are scaaaaaary~ XD

Both Ryouko and Ryoushi are all “ . . . . “ as the latter comments that both sides are trying to tarnish each other’s name…Ryouko comments that she’s not good with this love stuff and pulls out a small book, flipping through it. But stops at one page to notice that she’s also been entered into the beauty contest (PHFT BWAHAHAHAA! Ryoushi! It was you wasn’t it?! XD) She stands up yelling that she didn’t enter herself in this! Majo-san says that it looked like fun so she put down everyone’s name *falls over on her face* MAJO-SAN! DDD8 Ryouko doesn’t look happy at all while Ringo is happy that everyone will get to see her charm (Can I hope for swimsuits?!?!? *sparkly eyes* NO WAIT! *eyes Ryouko’s chest* No no that’ll just be too pathetic *gets punched*) Ryouko can just scream in agony as they agree to backup Otohime!

And so three days pass and it’s like a Western show down! On the right side we have Otohime, Ringo, Ryouko and Ryoushi while on the left side we have Usami and her croni….err…friends. Usami greets Otoihime ‘nicely’ while flaring up! Otohime does the same…uwaaaaa the sparks are so bright *puts on sunglasses* Ryouko and Ryoushi looks positively ECSTATIC to be there…Usami turns away with her group and a random group of students pop in asking “Wasn’t that Hooker Usami?!” another guy goes “And loose Ryuuguu too!”

Ryouko comments that they are being noticed more…Ryoushi continues but their ratings are dropping…and they both sigh heavily. Tarou comes in and watches Otohime walk away. What you be thinking there boy? GYAHA! *jumps outta her chair* Another disguise Pres?! He’s happily drinking a cuppa saying that the plan is moving smoothly~ Ryouko asks is it really? Ryoushi says that her ratings are dropping like crazy…how can she take first place like this? Pres tells em to calm down, he’s calling in a number of favors for it. And there’s another thing that he’d like to try too. Ringo is happily drinking away her cuppa as well when Pres calls to her. He asks her to go and steal some of Usami’s votes. Aha I see! Split the loli vote! 😀 Brilliant idea Pres!

Cue some club room where three guys with camera’s in their hands and stars in their eyes going “MOE~” while Ryoushi watches on from the corner. Its Maid-san, Ringo and Otohime doing cosplay of…I dunno of what…but they’re plenty popular in any case. Ryouko asks why she is here? Majo-san is nibbling away at her candy while Ryoushi tries to sneak a shot of Ryouko but she yells at him that he’d better not take any! He cowers and shrivels up but the otaku’s sense the tsundere is strong in Ryouko-san and cry out “MOE!” and take shots of her. (Narrator-san “They’ll take anything wont they?”)

Otohime asks if she can get more votes like this? (Ryouko is now sitting behind the guys) Ringo says that the more people in the humanities clubs that know about her, the easier it’ll be to get votes. Otohime again says that she’ll do her best! Ringo continues that these guys are fans of Usami’s loli attribute and so, she can steal votes like this. YES IT IS A CHARACTER OVER LAP RINGO-SAN EVEN IF YOU DON’T GET IT!

Usami asks from the doorway, “What are you doing here?” The girls turn and see a pissed Usami (Maid-san slipped away). Otohime says that it was a job request to be models for a shoot. Usami calls it a bald faced lie for they have come to steal her votes. Ringo sneakily asks whether she has such little confidence in herself? Usami tells her to shut up “rotten loli”. Oooooh I wouldn’t have done that if I were you Usami *Backs away and waits for the bomb to drop* Ringo yells at her that her character overlap is killing HER. Usami tells her to shut up with the narrator censoring the emm…more explicit words, and tells them to get back to the club, with Otohime in tow. Annnnnyhows….it basically degenerates into a pissing contest with lots of censoring as the three camera guys are huddled in a corner, turned to stone while the rest of the Otogi Bank watch on.

Usami’s cronies are shocked to hear such language coming from her and say that they cant support her anymore. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she lost her guard now. And their ratings are dropping like crazy as well. Anyone wanna bet that Maid-san will win? Maid IS super moe after all… Anyways, Usami beats a hasty retreat. Otohime says that shes won but Narrator-san tells her that shes relaxing too son while Ryouko looks disinterested and Ryoushi looks all ( : A : ) So, the day before the contest! Both of the mare passing out fliers …while standing next to each other….sparks flying…

Pres says that its all going according to plan (WHAT KINDA CRACK POT PLAN IS THIS?!) It looks like Otohime’s recognizability has increased quite a bit and Usami’s ratings have fallen to nothing. Ryouko points out that haven’t Otohime’s ratings are falling as well no? Pres says that its alright before he turns to Ryoushi and tells him to not vote for Otohime okay~? Ryoushi’s confused as is Ryouko who asks that doesn’t she need votes? He just tells them to wait till tomorrow~ WHAT is this guy planning? Meanwhile on the rooftop, Tarou is gazing off into the sunset..oh how poetic~

BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS RIGHT! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! THERE WILL BE A SWIMSUIT CONTEST WOOOHOOO! Pathetic fan service scene coming up WOOHOO! XD Ahem…Otohime has four swimsuits before her and is deciding which to wear. She sighs and looks really down as she reminisces about elementary school. Shes holding a broom in her hand and watching the guys asking Usami out who says that she’s in-charge of cleaning up today but they tell her to just leave it to Otohime. She stammers and agrees that she’ll do it. Before leaving, Usami’s cutesy expression turns into a wicked grin which scares Otohime.

And that was when Tarou came in. She thinks that she is who she is today because of Tarou, that is why she has to be beautiful. So that Tarou can be proud of her. She has fallen asleep on the sofa and Tarou pushes her hair back from her face, waking her up (ashndasjd THAT ANIMATION D8 SHE LOOKS SO PRETTY~ <3<3<3) ah, she fell asleep on his shoulder and she sleepily calls out his name. He gently asks if shes not going home yet. She moves away from him slightly before shaking her head and taking his hand in her. She puts his hand up to her forehead and says that she will win. She’ll take first place and show everyone that she is worthy of him.  Tarou doesn’t exactly look happy at her declaration..or well actually he doesn’t even crack an expression and tells her to not overdo it. She happily agrees.

So on the day of the contest! Our contest host is one Shitakiri Suzume, Otogi Academy’s brilliant MC! Eh *blinks in surprise* How come the Otogi Bank get their own seats? And what the hell? Even a sign saying that its Otogi Bank seating? And the girls come out with their swimsuits on! Oh ho ho ho it looks like its gonna be a tough competition! Uwauuuuu two of these girls look supper hot..wait make that three. Maid-san you look so cute~ Oho! NICE choice Ringo-san! Er…wait…where’s Ryouko? *looks around* Ryoushi is blushing at the thought of seeing Ryouko in a swimsuit AUGH DAMN IT *wilts along with Ryoushi* she aint wearing one! BOOOOOOO!  T^T

Pres notes Ryoushi’s reaction and considers it a shame that Alice isn’t participating and Taruo is just quietly watching on.  The girls are introduced one by one by the MC and Ryouko gets an awesome one! “Will there come a day when she’ll dere? Yankee-style tsundere, Ookami Ryouko”  Uwaaaa as expected of her…she gave the crowd a glare and they all backed away….a few feet.  As she goes to the front of the stage, Otohime tells herself that she will win for her own and for Tarou’s sake. And then the voting starts! Tarou is standing there pencil in hand and ready to write down the name.

RESULT TIME LADIES AND GERMS! Maid-san is 10th I believe, wow that’s not bad! And in the top three….*bites her nails* third place goes to Mei-san who has some superb tan lines. Two goes to the super boob…super hot Momoko-san (ooooh she looks so killer in that swimsuit~!) AND FIRST PLACE……(its Ringo-san isn’t it?!) *falls over on her face* Shirayuki Himeno-san?! WHO IS THIS?! D: Usami falls to her knees in disbelief and crying. Ringo goes over to Usami and well..pretty much rubs garam masala into her wounds…Loli bitch fight!!~~~Whoops looks like Usami’s lost it! She jumps into the crowd!

Otohime meanwhile is quietly standing on stage, her face hidden in the shadows. Its evening now and the contest is long over but Otohime is sitting with her back leaning against the stage. Tears start forming in her eyes when the Pres tells her that she may want to hold off getting depressed. He takes her over to the board where the votes list is placed and we see that only one vote was given to Otohime. Pres asks does she know WHO gave her that one vote? He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and puts it in her hand.

She looks at it, “Don’t tell me…” Ringo says that with this, she won the battle. Otohime looks away saying that she wasn’t able to get first place. Pres asks her if she has considered that all she wanted was just Tarou’s vote? And that she just got caught up in the past to the point that she forgot that little fact? Alice chimes in that that is why they let both their ratings drop – so that she would understand just how important that single vote is. As she opens the folded paper, the Pres apologizes that they couldn’t fulfill her request though. She cries, holding the vote up to her face before she turns to her right.

Tarou is standing there with the rest of the gang before he walks up to her saying that she worked hard and became cute. She looks down as he continues that she doesn’t need to care about the past anymore. It doesn’t matter what other people think anyways. He asks isn’t it enough that he thinks her being cute? As he grins at her, she’s reminded of the same smile he gave her when he first saved her back in elementary school and she starts crying in happiness (and she says so even. Awwww~) and she tackles Tarou and they fall to the ground. And thus ends the battle between the turtle and the hare.

The Kendo Club, Photography Club and Swimming Club accounts are now settled, muses Alice. The Art, Track and Crafts Club are on bond. In short, the Pres used up too many of the loans. But he says it was worth it cause isn’t it hard to spread rumors all over campus and things went well for the two. And as always…who knows what those two are doing behind closed doors o fu fu fu fu~

Ryouko asks what the hell is the point of having such a contest. AND why she had to enter in it too. The Pres pushes forward the votes list towards her. She also got one vote. OH I WONDER WHO~~~~~and he blushes he blushes dawwwwwwwwwww. Ryouko goes “erk” as he says that to him, Ryouko-san is the best. Ringo happily says “you sure are loved Ryouko-chan!” and now she blushes she blushes ke ke ke~ and she just punched the poor guy in the face. There has GOT to be a better way to hide your embarrassment Ryouko-san~~~And they lived happily ever after~

Score: B+/A


Oh this was one hell of an amusing episode! And now I really think that my favorite female just might be Otohime but it’s a hard competition against a tsundere like Ryouko. AND GOD DAMN IT I WANTED TO SEE RYOUKO IN A SWIMSUIT *weeps* And is there anything better than two loli’s facing each other off, especially when both of them are extremely black hearted? XD Pure and utter win!

It was pretty much a given that Otohime wouldn’t win first position and of course Usami wouldn’t either so seeing some random third party winning wasn’t that much of a surprise. The real surprise was what the Pres’s plan and it was just so…heart warming. I kept expecting him to say that Tarou put in a request for Otohime to not win so that he could prove in some way that he doesn’t need to be first in order to have his attention or love or whatever. Glad it didn’t turn out like that 🙂 This was infinitely sweeter and heart warming.

And oh dear dear me~ the animation and art at some scenes made my heart go positively doki-doki. Like when Tarou pushes Otohime’s hair off her face [apjsodpaosdsa SHE LOOKED SO PRETTY 8D Kissable even! And Tarou, yer such a good guy! Never thought I’d ever say that about a supreme womanizer! XD Its clear as day that he’s got a good heart underneath all those smooth talk and pick up lines. I wonder if there’s more to it though…he has got to have some manner of feelings towards Otohime right? I mean…any normal guy wouldn’t put up with that much. That guy is a real nice guy! He’s a weird odd ball of a womanizer when it comes down it actually XD

Episode 04 review coming up next!

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