This week’s story starts in a bookstore in a neighboring town. Where a very familiar figure is acting all suspicious like…our dear Ryouko-san is wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, facemask, overly large jacket…you know, the usual get up people wear in order to make sure that no one recognizes them XD Unfortunately in this case, its all useless.

Ryouko pulls down her glasses a little bit and checks around her to make sure that no one’s around and….picks up the new girl’s romance novel which is on sale. (Doki Doki Sensation Plus by Yuki…uwaaaaa what amazing naming sense…<<;;; ) Ryouko is overjoyed that the new release is finally out for she has been waiting for so long for it! She blushes and hugs the book to her chest….whatever there is of it anyways…/bricked

Tis a day like any other at the school, girls chattering together, club members practicing hard, Otsuu-san sweeping the doorway of the club…while being stared at by a big gathering of guys ^^;;;.Passing by, Ringo comments that Otsuu-san seems to be in a good mood. Ryouko eyes all the ‘fans’ and comments that shes just as popular as always…A sound of a bat hitting a ball makes Ryouko turn her gaze upward and sure enough, a ball is coming straight towards Otsuu. She yells out for her to watch out and runs towards her but thinks that she won’t be able to make it. Otsuu sees the ball coming at her and closes her eyes, frozen in place! But a sudden flying projectile throws the ball off course and it rolls harmlessly at Otsuu-san’s feet *whew!*

Ryouko comes to a halt beside Otsuu-san and stares at the ball before letting out a low impressed whistle and saying that that wasn’t bad! Ryoushi managed to hit the ball just at the right time thereby saving Otsuu-san but he just calls it luck. Ryouko guesses that every bum has to be useful for something, making Ryoushi chuckle nervously before slumping forward with a sigh. Otsuu-san comes forward and thanks him, with sparkles all around her cute face UWA *clutches at her chest* KAWAII SUGIRU! Err *eyes the rolled up ball that was Ryoushi* Oh yeah…I forgot about that part….he doesn’t like being looked at with such intensity…

Later that evening…at Ryoushi’s home named Okashisou, he’s just gotten home. UWA! *jumps back in surprise* WHAT THE HELL IS OTSUU-SAN DOING INSIDE?! She hasn’t finished greeting him when Ryou-kun slams the door shut. He shakes his head thinking that he must have been seeing things before opening the door again and…nooope. She greets him “Welcome home, master!” EEEEEEEE with a three finger bow to boot *falls over ded of a nosebleed*

And the following day~~~ Ryoushi is sighing heavily while walking down the corridors and into his classroom. All this boy is missing is a depressed ghost hanging over his shoulder actually ;;;; Ryouko greets him but man he looks tired…eye bags and gaunt cheeks. Poor lad~  Ringo asks whats wrong and he replies that when he got back home yesterday, there was a maid at his doorstep. Ringo is surprised before asking in a (-_-) expression that which ero game is that line from? He unhappily replies that it was reality! And then he explains the situation. Ringo says that it must be that problem…

Ryoushi looks up surprised. “Problem?” he asks. Ringo explains that he helped out Otsuu yesterday so she appeared as a main to repay that debt. Oh yeah she does have the fetish/thing for repaying favors ^^;;;. Ryoushi is just “…ha?????” and the narrator points out “Well yeah that’s how anyone would react.” Ryouko asks why he looks so tired though. Ringo excitedly inquires whether they were doing a master-servant play all through the night?! Cue Ryouko being all shocked and then pissed. Ryuoshi notices her glare and hurriedly exclaims “Absolutely not!” Near tears he says that she started trying to serve him in various ways … flashback to last night when Ryoushi was getting out of the shower and Otsuu-san is waiting for him with a towel and his clothes…and his underwear. Uwauuuu that’s gotta be embarrassing.

UWA! She even made him usagi-ringo (bunny apples) D: I envy him so badly! AND SHE TRIES TO FEED HIM TOO DDDDD8 I am Kermit with envy! He is sitting seiza on his bed as Otsuu-san drags a futon beside his bed and says that she may be inexperienced by she places herself in his care. *attempting to not make a very obvious joke* Anyways…because she slept next to him, he couldn’t relax and couldn’t get a wink of sleep. Poor boy *pats his head* Ringo is surprised that her obsession with returning favors is that bad…with tears in his eyes Ryoushi says that if this goes on, he’ll die from sleep deprivation!

Though most guys would love to be in his situation, as rightly pointed out by Ringo. Ryoushi states that for him Ryouko is the only one – to which she blushes and Ringo looks up at her in surprise before giving her a lecherous grin and a “Oh I see~~ So basically you’d like Ryouko-chan to be your maid!” Ryoushi vehemently denies this but stops when Ringo comes up to him and asks him in a whisper that he doesn’t want to see her dressed up as a maid? Ting ting ting but of course he does! Ringo merely gives him a thumbs up! Ryouko looks on in confusion as Ringo says that they’ll be visiting his place after school! In order to help in out in his time of distress of course~

Ringo asks Ryouko if shes alright with it. Ryouko blushes and says that its too much of a hassle so Ringo can go by herself. Narrator-san sneakily points out that Ookami-san isn’t being honest with herself again ke ke ke~ Ringo’s expression turns sneaky as she points out that Elizabeth and Fancois at there too….and so Ryouko agrees to going with them. At the Okashisou, Ryouko says that it looks more like an apartment than a boarding house. But Ryoushi points out that it still a boarding house as they have a common bath and a main hall where they eat together. Managing the apartment is a hobby of Yukime-san. Yukime-san being Ryoushi’s aunt and the owner of the complex in question.

Elizabeth and Francois run out to meet Ryouko and are enjoying her attention. Ringo asks if she can making a living off such a hobby? Ryuoshi says that she also writes books that sell pretty well but given that they’re aimed at girls so he’s never read them. (Correction by narrator-san, it’s not just “pretty well” but shes REALLY famous actually!) Ringo asks if his aunt uses her real name on her books? Or a pen name. Ryoushi says that she uses a pen named and its Yuki. Ringo and Ryouko go “WHAT?!”

Ryoushi is surprised that they’ve heard of her. Ringo says that actually Ryouko is a big fan of hers. To the point that she snuck out last night in a disguise to the neighboring town just to buy her new book. Girl in question blushes and ask how did she know that? With a dark expression on her face, Ringo asks that surely she didn’t think that she could hide anything from her roommate. She explains that Ryouko packs her books unevenly and hides them in the back of the bookshelf, sometimes even putting fake covers on them. Basically, she goes to the same extent as a boy over his dirty mags. Ringo dodges Ryouko’s grab and says that there’s nothing wrong in admitting that she likes girls novels (AYE AYE!) and Ryoushi chimes in that its totally normal! Because she is a girl after all … (but shes totally not used to being treated like one non~?)

She snaps and says that yes she reads them, yes she collects them, she loves Yuki-sensei’s books! She glares at the two asking if they’re happy to hear that now!? A voice off screen says that “Well that’s nice to hear” and they turn towards the woman leaning on the balcony rails. Ryoushi greets Yukime-san and Ryouko looks with curiosity at her favorite author. Inside, Yukime-san is laughing and asking that the two of them aren’t Ryoushi’s girlfriends then? Ryoushi comments that the gesture she did with her little finger makes her seem more like an old man. She puts out her cigarette and tells him to shut up, shes still in her twenties! (Only just though~) Ringo whispers to Ryouko that her image is different from what she had imagined. She had imagined a more refined kind of lady…Ryouko agrees and Yukime says that others have said that before as well. Something like the contents and the writer don’t match.

Ringo apologizes but Yukime brushes it off saying that shes used to it. Yukime slides forward a signed copy of the new book towards Ryouko who accepts it with a blush. Otsuu-san opens the door and brings in tea (looks like Otsuu got Yukime’s permission before taking up her role as Ryoushi’s maid). Ringo comments that it looks like Otsuu’s really settled in as the house’s maid. Yukime amusedly notes that that she does work hard though its gotta be hard on Ryoushi. As Otsuu places a cup of hot tea in front of Ryoushi, he hurriedly grabs it and spills the hot tea right in the seat of his pants.





Otsuu apologizes and quickly drags him into the bathroom while the others watch and then closes the door behind them. Cue the usual suspicious dialogue that makes you wonder what the hell is going on behind closed doors. Ryouko is clearly not at all happy with this development and asks what does he think he’s doing. Unfortunately for her, both Ringo AND Yukime note it. Fu fu fu~ Yukime asks that her name was Ryouko yes? And she’s fallen for him yes? Or perhaps she’s just taken an interest in him? (Narrator-san: “UWA! The brightening intuition of an author!”) Ryouko turns red and Ringo smiles on indulgently as Ryouko tries to stammer her way out but Ringo completely pours water over the whole thing by saying “You’re exactly right Yukime-san!” (with friends like this… XD)

Ryouko yells at Ringo that why is she saying such stuff! She prefers a guy who is more manly! Yukime lights another cigarette before sighing and asking that when she says manly does Ryouko mean a guy who is cool, strong, always protecting the girl and someone who offers his love to her with his whole body and soul? Ryouko turns to face Yukime as she continues that true, Ryoushi is a bit of a bum but he is a real man. Ryouko is startled at those words and she recalls his actions when he beat the gang leader back in episode 02. She quietly, contemplatively stares at the table as Yukime says that Ryoushi is the king of guy who’ll change for a woman and depending on the woman driving him, he can be as good a man as the girl would want him to be.

Ringo jumps in, saying that its fine then because he has Ryouko-chan! And she’s too embarrassed to even deny that ke ke ke how kawaii~~ Yukime invites them to stay for dinner, saying that one or two more people isn’t gonna be any more work. Until then, they can play with the dogs. And at meal time, in the apartment there is the Otogi Academy student president Hansel-san (*chortles* Where’s Gretel?), the secretary (Guess who! Her name starts with a G!) and the mysterious girl Shiratori Mahiru. Ringo is surprised that the student council pres and secretary also live there. Ryoushi quietly points out that they don’t really pay that much attention to the rest of them though. Hansel is gushing (completely with shoujo sparkles) at how wonderful it is for him to have dinner with her! She blushes in delight calling him “Hansel onii-sama!” (Narrator-san: “They’ve obviously gotten over the fact that they’re siblings.”)

Yukime’s husbang Wakato-san is the chef and he asks her help to bring out the food. Ringo and Ryouko get up to help him but Otsuu-san says that she’ll handle it. And they are looking at a really delicious meal as Otsuu brings out the water. But the tray slips from her hand onto the table, the glasses rattle a bit but they don’t break. But Otsuu, with a red color to her cheeks falls to the ground. Ryoushi yells/asks “Whats wrong?!” It looks like she’s got a really high fever! More stammering by Ryoushi as he asks what they should do when Yukime tells him to calm down. She turns to her husband, asking him to get the car, they’ll take her to the hospital.  Yukime picks up Otsuu (princess style) and runs out. But not before telling the others to eat up.

After waiting for the results of Otsuu’s examination, Ryouko and Ringo return to their dorm. In the end, it was simple sleep deprivation and fatigue. Ryouko thinks that most likely she didn’t sleep in Ryoushi’s room or at school….she wonders why she has to go that far after being helped once. Ringo asks if she means to ask why Otsuu is so obsessed with returning favors. Ryouko sighs saying that she just doesn’t get it. The next day, they have just finished telling the others why Otsuu ain’t there. Ryoushi explains that Yukime forced her to sleep (though he looks even worse than before). Ringo asks whether he was able to catch some Z’s as well?

He slumps slightly saying that she insisted in sleeping in his room because she’s his maid so…he couldn’t sleep at all. Ryouko inquires that the Pres and others have known Otsuu longer than her and Ringo so could they please explain what’s the deal with her and her obsession with returning favors. The Pres sighs and says that while he can’t say that he doesn’t know but its not like that it’s his story to tell. Alice asks if Otsuu will be staying at Ryoushi’s place again tonight. Ryoushi replies that most likely yes. Alice says that they will also pay him a visit.

Ryoushi’s not exactly sure why they ALL came though…Nine people in one tiny room….now that’s my definition of the term cramped. Otsuu wakes up and sees every one and greets them. Ryouko asks if she’s okay. She starts to get up, saying that she’ll make tea for everyone when Ryoushi tells her not to overdo it. Otsuu shakes her head saying that she must return this favor. Yukime comes in saying that she told Otsuu to sleep. She starts to reply back when Yukime says that who was the person who collapsed and caused trouble for everyone just because she was trying to return a favor? That hits a nerve with Otsu and she remains quiet as Yukime says that while she understands her feelings but at the present, Otsuu is just being selfish. Otsuu looks down sadly at the futon as the others watch her. While sitting at a table, the Pres says that there no choice but to tell the others about her childhood.

Alice continues that there is one favor that Otsuu can’t ever return. About 10 years ago, Otsuu is ready to cross the street when she sees her onii-chan and waves to him. Ah, he was her neighbor. As the light turns green, she quickly crosses the street but a truck comes rushing towards her and…UWA! The kid saved Otsuu but…he’s in the hospital. While he’s on all sorts of machines, Otsuu promises that she’ll bea good girl from now on, she’ll thank him a lot so please…please…but he dies. Alice says that more than anything else, she fears being unable to return a favor. That is why she goes to such great lengths to return them.

Ryouko comments that the kid who saved her wouldn’t have wanted that…Ringo says but that’s not the way Otsuu sees it though. Ryoushi adds in that the previous night she kept saying something about returning the favor to Yukime and Wakato as well. Alice sadly comments that the favors just keep piling up and Major-san finishes the sentence that one day she’ll just go flat. Ringo cries out “That’s it!” She turns with a sneaky “ke ke ke “ towards Ryouko who goes “err..what?”

The next day, Saturday! Otsuu is sleeping peaceful before Ringo greets her as “Otsuu-sama”. She sits up in surprise to see everyone dressed up as maid. UWAU IS THAT MAJO-SAN?! D8 SHE LOOOKS SO KAWAII! KYAAAAAAAAAAA! Ryouko-chan as a maid! *swoons* GHEH! Tarou, Pres and Ryoushi in maid outfits too *turns green* This army of temporary maids will be serving Otsuu or the whole day.  Otsuu says that it’s really not necessary when Majo-san says to just leave it to them! The girls attack Otsuu and off goes the maid apron and ribbon and outfit! The guys are facing the other way, slight blushes on their faces and OYE PRES *tosses a boot at his head* NO SNEAK PEEKS! Tarou comments that the sound alone turns him on *eyes him oddly* Ryoushi very rightly asks why even THEY have to wear the maid costumers? Apparently its all part of Ringo’s plan.

The girls back away and we see a blushing Otsuu wearing a really girly night suit. Ringo declares and now they will serve Otsuu-senpai! Alice helps tie her hair up, Ryoushi makes some porridge as Ringo and Ryouko watch on. He also helps feed her under the watchful err…glare of Ryouko. Tarou gets her a bouquet of red roses before he gets dragged out by Otohime. Majo-san gives her a … hand. I mean a literal hand…robot hand. Ah! A massage hand…I thought something else *sweats profusely*

Come 6pm, Otsuu is bowing to the others, thanking them for their help. She says that they have done far too much for her and she will be certain to return this favor. Ringo looks at the others, who nod at her before she clears her throat saying that she can say that but they have done far too much.  So she probably won’t ever be able to return it all. Otsuu insists that even then she’ll return it until it’s settled. Ryouko says that then they’ll keep piling more favors on her. Everyone chimes in that they’ll do the same as well.

Pres says that in the end, she’ll have a huge debt of favors. Sadly she asks then how should she…? The Pres says that they’ve known each other for a long time now and this isn’t the only loan that she has. She admits that yes she does intent to return those eventually as well. Alice inquires that once she’s returned those favors; would she stop working with the Bank? Otsuu is confused and Ryouko says that to start with, it’s just too weird. What need is there to keep track of favors amongst them? They are nakama after all. It’s not about doing and returning favors. Everyone nods in agreement to Ryouko’s words.

True that the Bank might be built on that idea but they arn’t making requests. Such a system doesn’t exist between them.  Otsuu is surprised by this line. Ringo further adds that as nakama, sometimes they’ll help each other and sometime they’ll be helped. Just thanking each other is enough. Ryoushi says that she doesn’t need to return any favors to him. Otsuu is touched by their words and Ryouko finishes by saying that she doesn’t need to treat them as like to whom she owes favors. Otsuu starts to cry and Ringo says that its Ryouko’s fault for being so mean. Everyone starts yelling at each other while Otsuu is still kneeling and crying.

She says that its nothing like that. They all looked after her with such kindness and yet she treated them as strangers. She wipes away her tears and says that from now one she’ll think of them as irreplaceable nakama. Pres says that with everything being settled, why don’t they have a bit of a party in Ryoushi’s room (In THAT tiny room? Seriously?) Everyone agrees while Ryoushi is panicking and yelling at them all to please just go home!

And a ew hours later, he’ll be able to get his first wink of peaceful sleep in days~ <3 Ryouko and Ringo return to their room saying that it’s been a long day! And as expected, Otsuu is now waiting in THEIR room to greet them. They ask what is she doing there…Otsuu says that she just wants to show her thankfulness. They are nakama after all. As the narrator aptly says that it’s hard to say whether she’s really changed or not but she does feel somewhere different…Medeitashi medeitashi~

Score: B/A


Well this was another sweet episode indeed! YES GOT TO SEE RYOUKO IN A MAID OUTFIT WOOHOO!  But why o WHY is Ryouko wearing a maid uniform that only emphasis her lack of bust? *mock weeps into a hanky* and MAN Majo-san’s got QUITE a bust on her D:

I hadn’t expected Otsuu to have that kind of a trauma in her childhood 🙁 How utterly sad and depressing. But it makes me wanna hug the girl till she turns blue though. And uwauuuuu Yukine-san yer so manly in some ways! XD and you gotta love the way she quickly realized that Ryouko’s kinda got her eyes on Yukine ke ke ke, how very amusing~~~~

Question though…HOW did Otsuu get into the apartments? You can’t tell me that the doors were unlocked both times because well…I just find that…not realistic. Maybe she’s got secret ninja skills?! 😀 That would kool wouldn’t it? A ninja-maid! But its nice to see that there’s more to her than just the simple maid archetype and that shes a real earnest and hard working girl *pats her on the head*

I didn’t like this ep half as much as I did the last one…the lack of loli’s and semi-romance perhaps? /bricked again

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