So this is the last flashback episode for now as we see Ryner spending his time in jail and how he got roped into his mission of gathering the artifacts of the Legendary Heroes.

Wow…the Eris estate has such a beautiful garden. I’m totally in love with it…can I go and live there please? Anyways…Ferris is in the gardens when Sion comes up behind her. Ferris expresses her surprise that Sion actually survived. Sion replies whether she’s heard the rumors that he’s being treated as a bit of a hero. Ferris hasn’t and in turn asks why he is here. Sion replies that he received summons from the Eris home and assumed that it was from her (and he pulls out a box of dango’s too. He’s so well trained XD)

Ferris realizes who called him to the estate and at the same time, Lucile speaks from behind that he was the one who called him. Lucile finally meets Sion. They move into a dojo type area where Lucile says that he wants to ask some questions – he wishes to judge Sion’s feelings and to see whether he is suitable or not. But there’s one condition before the questioning starts (Yay, that’s the sound of the other shoe dropping) – if Lucile doesn’t like any one of his answers, Sion will be killed (*stares at Lucile* What the…) Sion is startled as hell but Lucile tells him to calm down because he won’t feel a thing or won’t even notice his head behind detached from his body. Crap, this guy is SERIOUSLY scary! D:

Sion is clearly scared, worried, nervous (take your pick) and Lucile comments that his expression clearly shows that Sion doesn’t understand the situation at hand. Lucile comments that this is the House of Eris and then something clicks in Sion’s head as he replies that the master of the house who has served generations of kings wishes to test him? Lucile replies that all descendants of the kingdom’s founder (Aslude Roland) have that right, even the son of a low born cur. Sion is amused by this and says that he’ll play along so Lucile may ask him whatever he wants. Lucile chuckles, saying that he thought Sion would and asks him to come with him.

Throughout the whole conversation, Ferris has been sitting at the doorway quietly eating her dango but now she speaks up. She says that it’s a serious waste…Why would Sion throw away the life which he managed to keep on the battlefield? Sion’s resolve is solid as he replies that his hard earned survival gives him all the more reason to do this.  (I can’t help but think that others might just call it having a death wish…) And he walks away, following Lucile down a dark corridor.

Scene shift to Castle Town, Roland. People are walking down the streets, busy in their tasks. Kids playing, dogs barking, the usual scene. Including reckless idiotic carriage drivers who are yelling at people to get out of his way cause the Duke is coming through. What an ass. Again scene change, now to the High Prison. A couple is sitting outside a building as the wife asks the man if he can come home earlier today. The guy replies that no can do cause a new prisoner came in so its gonna take some time to get him settled. Oh I really like the harness type thing the woman has on her to keep the baby on her. Ahem, the wifey comments that though she doesn’t know what the man did, it is quite pitiful for the guy. The guy agrees, for once someone goes into the prison, they never see the sun again.

It looks like it’s an underground prison. The guy further comments that the next time that guy’ll come out he’ll be – when the wife cuts in, asking whether the new prisoner is still young. Husband tells her that he’s not even twenty yet. From within the prison, Ryner is calling out to the old man. The prison guard comes in asking what is it tonight? He says that no matter how many times Ryner asks, he cant get a high-class bed or even a feather bed. Ryner merely gives him a sneaky, big smile. Guard-san sighs and asks what he wants today. Ryner lets out a “hmmmm” before asking for some paper and a pencil. There are some books at the Royal Military Academy that he’d like to borrow. *eyes Ryner with bemusement* He’s enjoying this prison thing way too much if you ask me…

Guard-san raises an eyebrow in thought and says that books sound reasonable enough. Ryner sits up in surprise, coming up the bars as he asks “Really?! I want thirty in total though.” *falls over* Even the guard is surprised. Shift to another day in prison and Ryner is staring in amazement at a spider web in his cell and asks the spider if its sure about making a web in such a place because even flies don’t get into his cell. He picks up some…jerky? I’ll assume that’s jerky..from his plate and tries to break off a piece which…well…he succeeds in the end but only after falls flat on his back due to his vigorous efforts (^^ ;;) He places a small piece of the jerky onto the web saying that he’ll share some. He turns towards the guard as he says that he’s brought something for Ryner. Ryner thanks the man, who asks him what is he doing gathering so many books day after day.

Ryner merely grins back and asks whether he can get him another ten books? The guard is REALLY surprised and asks doesn’t he have enough already? Ryner gives him a BIG ass grin and gives off a really sneaky laugh. Its night time and Ryner is writing away in his books as the guard comes by to check on him. The latter is surprised to find Ryner still awake, Ryner gives a distracted affirmative. The guard says that normally the dark atmosphere gets to a guy real fast, even the noisiest of guys get quiet within a week but he…he’s a real strange guy. Ryner is quiet, his back towards the guard even as the guard says that Ryner s the real odd ball before he walks away.

Many more days pass, the spider keeps on adding threads to its web and Ryner keeps pouring over books and getting more books from the Royal Special Academy and the Aslude Memorial Library. Wow that’s…a lotta books indeed. The guard asks whether Ryner is trying to gather books from every library in his cell? Ryner laughs before asking whether the guard’s daughter is over her cold yet? He smiles and says that she’s doing great now, to the point that she finally stood up and walked by herself. Ryner comments that that’s amazing indeed and guard-san says that its really moving to see his child grow! It’s really amazing that kids grow up before you know it! Guard-san is weeping manly tears!

Ryner comments that she’s just started walking! What’ll he be like when she grows up and gets married eh? Guard-san yells that he won’t allow that AT ALL! HA! Could it be! *he grabs at the bars* Could it be that he (Ryner) is after his daughter?!*grins* Oya-baka~! Ryner sweat drops and asks what in hell made him jump to that conclusion? He should calm down. Guard-san is still scowling at Ryner, watching him as he strokes the cover of a book as he comments that he’s gotta hand in there. Guard-san lets out a surprised “huh?” and Ryner explains that when his daughter grows up, he wouldn’t want her to go to war or anything right? Guard-san says that that’s a natural fact because in what world are there parents who would want to send their children to war?

Ryner looks down and agrees. He looks away as he states that war really does suck. More time passes and now its winter. Ryner lets out a big yawn before he turns around asking what’s the really nice smell today? Guard-san chuckles and says that he kinda splurged today – it’s a hot garlic and cheese sandwich. Before guard-san can finish that sentence, Ryner is already at the bars, drooling. (  ^^;;) Ryner complains that here he is having to live on sour soup everyday! Ryner listens with tears in his eyes as guard-san explains that his wife’s business has been doing well lately! One really needs to have meat! And that makes Ryner tear up even more. He asks if the two of them work together. Guard-san explains that he helps her sell vegetables at the morning market because there’s also the baby to consider so he doesn’t like her to be working too hard. But still, he’d consider that any day over being a soldier. In the war that happened seven years ago, guard-san was in the army at that time and he had been sent to the battlefield at the time. Everyone, including his friends, all died there. Ryner shifts to sit with his back to the bars as the guard says that he thought all that time about how much he hated war. Ryner quietly agrees.

Guard-san continues that it’s because of that he turned down the officer position and came to the High Prison. It’s a tough life for sure but he doesn’t have any regrets. Ryner picks up his pen and goes, “Is that so?” before he goes back to his scribbling. More weeks pass and its spring now, Guard-san is playing with his daughter as his wife looks on. Ryner’s hair has grown long (wheee~ ponytail! <3) and he’s still scribbling away and the mountain of books has increased and he’s not even eaten his food yet. A cloaked figure walks down the dark hallway before crouching down in front of Ryner’s cell. Ryner is in a deep sleep as the figure looks through a pile of papers and comments, “So this is the path you have chosen to take.” Sion quietly comments that if Ryner thinks that he can keep taking afternoon naps in prison forever, then he’s dead wrong. Ryner snores in reply. Its winter again and Ryner’s hair has gotten even longer as he yawns in his seat. He falls on his back before turning over and looking at the spider’s web that now is almost complete. He comments that spider really is curious because there are plenty of places which are brighter and easier to live in, with better food. So why does the spider stay in this place? Ryner smiles before he goes to sleep.

And the inevitable happens one day. What happens when you have too many books stored in a small place? That’s right…book avalanche. With Ryner being caught in it. Ryner pops out, breathing heavily as he comments that THAT was bad! If he doesn’t clean this place up, he’s in danger of dying. But well…he’ll have breakfast first and then nap, he’ll just take his time. He hears footsteps approaching and without getting up from his place he asks what’s for breakfast. He looks up into the guard’s solemn face and sits up quickly, asking “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” The guard looks away slightly, doesn’t look like its good news because he’s hesitating to say it.

Ryner asks whether he had another fight with the wife? (Cue a rock dropping onto the guard’s head) or maybe he’s depressed that his daughter introduced a boyfriend? (Cue a popped nerve XD) Guard-san yells that his daughter is still three years old! Ryner comments that even three year olds in this day and age are realllllly something~ has he not heard? Guard-san gets worried by what does Ryner mean? Besides, his daughter isn’t anything like that! Ryner gives him a sneaky grin saying that that’s what every parent says. Guard-san goes O.O before yelling that Ryner’s wrong! He sighs and in a quiet tone says that’s not it…Ryner asks again what’s the matter (and where’s his breakfast). Ryner is surprised when the guard  pulls out some keys and opens his cell.

Ryner picks up a nearby books before placing it into a nearby pile as he says that he understands. That’s what this is about after all right? Guard-san is look away, not happy at all as he stands there. Ryner continues that his date of execution has been decided then? Finally the country has grown too scared of keeping a monster locked away…but still, they let him live close to two years so he should be grateful of that fact. Ryner stands up and asks the depressed guard if he can help him carry the research report he’s been writing. It’s a big ass pile of papers in the corner. Guard-san hesitantly tells him that he has his orders to not allow him to take anything with him.

Ryner looks back at his cell and says that someone scheduled to die doesn’t really need this stuff then huh? Guard-san is looking at Ryner in a way that’s like “I wish I could something but I can’t.”  before he looks away. Ryner pats the man’s shoulder and tells him not to make such a face and they should be on their way. Guard-san starts crying again and Ryner stands by the doorway, looking back at his cell for a moment as he wishes luck to the spider before walking out.

Outside, the guard’s daughter is drawing in the sand with a stone (while being watched by her mother) before she looks up and asks Ryner where he is going. Ryner waves at her before he follows the guard to the side. The girl innocently waves enthusiastically before saying “Bye-bye!” Ryner smiles and waves back. The guard and Ryner wait for a large gate to be opened before they walk through. And I’ll be damned! Its Ferris! She’s waiting for Ryner at the gate! She asks if this is Ryner Lute. Guard-san looks even more depressed before Ryner pats him on the shoulder again and say, “I’m off. Thanks for everything” and walks up to Ferris. Ferris is leading the way through a forest with Ryner following. He asks, “Ne, bijin-san/Hey, hottie” to which Ferris asks, “What is it, sex fiend?” *doubletake* EH? Ryner’s confused as he says that err…whats with that? Why did she call him a sex fiend? Ferris gives him her usual cool look and says that its his face. (Isn’t that…discrimination? ;;;; )Ryner lets out a loud “HA?!” as Ferris continues that she’s heard all about him, including his personal history. Ryner sighs and apologizes for he going to make a break for it. Ferris asks whether he thinks that he can take her on. Ryner says that he once made a promise and he can’t afford to die yet.

His hand starts glowing and he makes a magic circle before chanting the spell for the Izuchi thunder spell. Ferris looks on and faces the spell head on but before the spell can hit, she slashes at the magic circle. It looks like the spell or the thunder transferred to her sword and Ryner watches in surprise before he jumps out of the way as he throws her sword where Ryner was standing.  Ryner says that it’s a bit of a pain that he might get killed if he doesn’t take this seriously. Ferris is surprised that he wasn’t serious just then? Ryner crosses his arms as he wonders…maybe he was 70% serious? Ferris’s expression becomes more concentrated as she says that now she gets it. This is why he wants Ryner.

Ryner is surprised at that line and yells for a time out as Ferris grabs her sword and comes at him. Ryner holds up his hand and starts the spell from Estabul (I offer up this contract to bear the wicked spirit beast which sleeps in the earth!) Ah he did the speed spell and he quickly dodges her blow before jumping from tree to tree. Again he starts the Izuchi spell but Ferris follows him, almost landing a blow on him. Ryner’s barely managing to dodge her hits as he asks what kind of magic she is using that she’s keeping up with his? He uses his Alpha Stigma but it doesn’t look she’s using any magic and Ferris goes for a straight hit but again Ryner ducks. Ryner is shocked that she’s doing all that without using any magic (its her sword isn’t it? Her sword is a relic of a Legendary Hero amiright?). Ryner tries again and again to start the Izuchi spell but Ferris is on him like a fly on honey. He changes spells and chants, “What I seek is the water cloud, Mizui!” Ferris uses her sword in a very neat manner to aid her in a jump over the attack. She twists in the air to see the attack and Ryner is even more surprised as she lands right on top of him, her sword at his throat.

Ryner is holding up his hands in surrender as he stares at the sword so close to his throat. Ferris comments that he was holding back just then. His eyes still on the sword, Ryner asks what makes her think that. Ferris draws her sword close to his neck as she says that if he had used flame magic with a wider area of attack, instead of water magic, then he might have been able to catch her. Ryner gingerly takes hold of her sword and says that if he would have done that then she could have died right? He’d hate to have to burn such a pretty face. Ferris draws back quickly saying, “My beauty, great enough to destroy the world, filled your sex-crazed head with wild fantasies on the battlefield and prevented you from making rational decisions. So that’s how it went.” Excuse I’m gonna….fall over….now…*falls out of her chair*

Ryner is surprised at the line as well but Ferris simply says that the King if waiting for them. She turns around and Ryner asks her where would you find a guy who would walk willingly to his own execution? Ferris says that if he wants to stay behind, he can. But he’ll severely regret that later on. Ryner stares contemplatively at Ferris’s back before crying out “AH MOU!” So they reach Castle Town and Ryner is looking all around him in surprise. The town is down well and Ryner asks just what happened to the country. Inside the castle, Ryner is standing and staring at someone (GUESS WHOOOO~~~~) in the highest level of surprise and shock. You know when you’re standing there with your mouth open, finger pointing and all you can let out are strangled gasps.

YAY TIS THE HERO KING SION ASTAL!! XD Sion welcomes Ryner to the royal court, “Yo.” Ryner falls down to his ass saying that he’s beat and he’s taking a nap. And he falls on his back saying that he’s going to sleep. Sion says that he’s still in the King’s presence. With a giant vein popping Ryner asks who cares? He’s tired! Sion smiles bemusedly and asks Ferris how was Ryner on the way? Ferris says that as expected, he’s a sex fiend. If left on his own, he’ll commit a horrifying crime within a few years. Sion smiles on indulgently as he asks “And?” Ferris looks away as she admits that he’s the first person to go easy on her aside from her brother.

Sion turns to Ryner saying that if he doesn’t knock it off, he won’t tell him about Kiefer. Ryner rolls over saying that he doesn’t care. Sion solemnly states that she’s dead. Ryner sits up in shock to stare at a smiling Sion who says that he’s just kidding. Kiefer left the country and asked Sion to look after Ryner. Seems like she wanted to go out and see more of the world but that’s not why he was brought to Sion. Sion holds up the stack of papers which was Ryner’s research and he recognizes it too. The report is aptly titled, “How to Build a Kingdom of Afternoon Naps” (^^;;;) but the contents are rather fascinating. Using the incredible powers of the relics of the legendary heroes as a deterrent to eliminate wars across the world.

Sion says that its amazing that Ryner’s thought this through. Ryner’s pissed as he says that Sion shouldn’t be reading reports without asking. Sion is all smiles saying that he’s taken a liking to his report and as such! *cloak swish* Sion would like Ryner to travel all over the world and gather these heroes relics. Ryner yells “WHY ME?!” but Sion sighs and says that he’s worried that Ryner would slack off on his own…so would Ferris please accompany him as an assistant? Ferris looks like she’d be happier to eat a hedgehog…whole. Sion states that for the sake of world peace, he would like to ask one thing of them. Ryner asks “Who’d do that?!” He just wrote that report to pass the time away!

Sion gives him another smile and says that he doesn’t obey his orders, he’ll get the death penalty. Ryner splutters and ask what’s so peaceful about that!? Ferris raises a hand to silence Ryner and asks Sion what is he thinking? Ferris is merely assisting him on her brother’s orders. She is not his henchman. But looks like Sion’s gotten Lucile’s permission and in words, “If Ferris disobeys, the Wynnit dumpling shop will be crushed on the spot.” UWAAAA HOW CRUEL! XD SUCH an EVIL King! HORRORS! *roffling* From the shadows a voice declares that they have two minutes to start their journey. Ryner jumps to his feet asking what was that voice just now?! Ferris turns to the door saying that he’s serious. He places the point of her blade at Ryner’s throat and tells him to get going. Ryner’s staring at the blade in shock as Ferris tells him to choose. One: lose your head. Two: lose your torso. Three: do as she says. So what’ll it be? Ryner’s mad as hell as yells that Sion’ll regret this! Sion merely laughs and asks whether Ryner finally feels like going now? Ryner yells “WHO WOULD?!”

Lucile ominously declares from the shadows “One minute left.” Ryner yells would someone tell him who that voice is?! (Is that really what you should focus on with a blade to your throat Ryner?!) Ferris whaps him at the back of the head with her sword and Ryner kisses the ground before is dragged out the door by Ferris. Ryner yells that they shouldn’t just decide things without receiving permission! Ferris merely says, “Let’s go partner” (Ryner yelling, “DARE GA AIBOU DA?!” Sion watches the two of them leave before his expression turns serious and he asks, “Lucile, is this the place I’m headed?” Lucile says that its just one possibility of the future. This place isn’t Sion’s ultimate goal. Which is exactly why Lucile hasn’t killed him yet. A king is merely an object – one cog in a kingdom. It won’t break when its new. Lucile chuckles from his corner and says that he’s still new. Sion is looking down contemplatively at Ryner’s report as he thinks that he’ll walk his own path. He wonders, inwardly asking Ryner if this is the path that he chose. He smiles softly as he thinks that it’s a good path, though its different from his own.

Ryner narrates that people hate dying, killing too. Making other’s cry or crying themselves. How much it feel to not be able to choose one’s life (Appropriate imagery to this line is weeping/yelling Ryner being dragged away by an irate Ferris)  Ryner yells at Ferris and tries to walk away but gets wacked to the head and gets dragged away…again. Ryner narrates on, “What bout when family dies? Or when a loved one dies? Nobody wants those things. Yet, the world laughs and hungers for such suffering. I’ve never had a burning desire to change something. But it would be sad to live without change. I don’t want to lose anything else…”

Ryner remembers all the times at the Royal Military Academy – the war games with Sion and the others, eating with Kiefer, the battle on the Roxanne Plains as he thinks that it’s a pain in the ass but…its time that they moved forward. He’s been averting his eyes till now but if he has to, he’ll take a hard look at his own past in order to achieve a world where nobody ever loses anything. We see Kiefer walking, she’s a fair distance away from the main city. She stands and contemplates for a moment as she stares at the castle far away. Back in the castle, Sion is sitting with his vassals as Ryner says that he wants a world where no child or Kiefer would cry or one where Tahile, Tony and Fahne didn’t die or one where Sion doesn’t have to brood. Ryner and Ferris are on their journey as Ryner says that he wants a world where everyone can laugh…and take afternoon naps all the time. Yeah…that does sound nice actually…

Score: B/A


After the fast pace and head spinni-ness of last weeks ep, this is slow and peaceful in comparison and that is just fine by me. It was nice to see what Ryner was doing in prison and man he really IS an odd interesting person. Makes me wish I was in Ferris’s place just so that I could further observe him so I could get more insight into his nature.

It was nice to see some of the humor return. Ryner’s reaction to Sion being King was just so priceless. And man…that is really not the best way to go on a journey. Thats some ‘convincing’ XD But god damn it! I wanted more details about how Sion become King too! D: *banging head into table* All my questions about Sion are still in place! How exactly is he the son of that he managed to get the crown? Was it a takeover? Did Lucile have a hand to play in Sion becoming King? What exactly did Lucile ask Sion anyways? I had kinda wanted to hear all that part.

I see where Ferris’s dislike for Sion also comes from *chuckles* and that Sion is a reallll smooth operator. The way he threatened and coerced those two into taking on the mission was so effin hilarious! But the real cake taking scene was Ryner yelling and asking who the mysterious voice belonged too. Major lols. Oh and Ferris managing to keep up Ryner’s magic without using any magic officially makes her one kick ass femme! 😀

Next week, we’ll be following Ferris and Ryner on another mission but its not wholly clear whether we’ll be following up from where the first ep left off or we’ll be continuing with the flashback sequence which would make this mission their first one. In any event, I look forward to it as always! 😀

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