Summary Key Points:


  • Takashi and co find out that the entire world has been infested with zombies via the international news on TV
  • Busujima suggests that they work as a team and head escape from the school, gathering any survivors along the way
  • As they head out, they find a group of students and save them
  • Their numbers grow and they head towards the parking lot
  • Takashi volunteers to test out Takagi’s theory about the zombies reacting to sound and attempts to silent creep by them
  • Takashi is successful and opens the door for the others and they follow
  • As the last one of them is about to leave, he ends up banging a huge tuning fork, creating a large echo that attracts the entire school towards them
  • Takashi shouts for them to run and together they manage to make it to a bus
  • As they’re about to leave, a group of students and one teacher Shido arrive, asking that they wait
  • At the sight of Shido, Rei’s face goes dark with horror
  • Shido gathers his students and directs them to run towards the bus
  • As a student trips and sprains his ankle, he asks for Shido’s help
  • Shido promptly replies by smashing his foot into the kid’s face, having the boy howl in anger as the zombies head toward him
  • Shido states that the world has changed, and only the fittest will survive
  • Dr. Mirakawa then drives the bus through the horde of zombies and smashes through the school gate
  • As they head towards the city, a quarrel errupts between the students
  • An angry Dr.Mirakawa stops the bus
  • Takashi and Busujima’s group want to go to the city, while Shido’s group want to hide off somewhere safe
  • Shido uses the resulting fight to try to establish himself as the leader of the group
  • His students agree, and he states that by a majority vote, he is definitely the leader
  • At the sight of this, Rei, disgusted and harboring some sort of prior hate For Shido, gets off the bus
  • Shido suggests that if there is a divide in what to do, then they should split up
  • Takashi is surprised at Shido, and decides to follow Rei in an attempt to bring her back
  • As Takashi begins to talk to Rei, Busujima hears the sound of a vehicle and shouts to Dr.mirakawa
  • Anothrt bus, full of zombies, topples over and starts to fall towards Takashi and Rei
  • Takashi quickly dives and grabs Rei, saving them both, as they land in an tunnel
  • Takashi and Rei are seperated from the rest
  • Busujima and Takashi exchange words, suggesting that they meet at the East Police Station in the city at 7 PM
  • Takashi and Rei head forward, and the bus drives off
  • They manage to find a motor bike, after almost being eaten alive by the former driver
  • Takashi and Rei get on the bike and ride off towards the city
  • As they ride towards the darkened City, Takashi’s voice states that at the time, he didn’t know that the world had actually ended


Opinions: (A+)

It’s only the third episode, but man, this series isn’t pulling any punches! This was definitely the best episode yet (there’s only been three of them so far anyway XD) and I have to say that a number of interesting things happened that have only continued to develop my interest in this series and the story.

If there’s one thing that I want to say, its that Takashi and Busujima are friggin awesome. I love these two characters, they’re insanely cool, insanely strong and definitely the calm, cool and collected types that are made to lead others in times of crisis. I’d actually be interested in seeing THEM as a pair, even though I know its never going to happen. Personally, Rei and her emotional mishaps and episodes are starting to really annoy me. First she went nutts with the whole Hisashi thing, and then she decides to jump off a bus instead of confronting Shido and the issue at hand? Jeez, I’d rather she just die so Takashi and Busujima can form an actual cool couple pair.

Shipping aside, Shido being introduced into the show has only enriched an already interesting cast of characters. The sneaky, sleezy selfish type, that’s always trying to manipulate others and control everything character type fits so well in this story. Add to that, the fact that he seems to be a bit of a nutter (the part where he mercilessly kicked the poor kid in the face had me cringe!). Definitely an interesting character to add to the mix!

It also seems that Rei has some manner of history with him? Could he have  tried to make a move on her? I don’t know, he doesn’t seem like the womanizer type. What else could have her so worked up though? Maybe he screwed her or Hisashi over in some way? I’m sure we’ll find out more about what exactly has Rei so pissed of that she decides to jump off the bus.

Speaking of Buses, I found the intense scene of the bus crashing and almost crushing Takashi and Rei rather thrilling. It does remind me of a similar scene in Resident Evil 2, where Leon and Claire are seperated by a vehicle crashing and blowing up. They also eventually meet at a Police Station, fancy that, Maybe Takashi played RE 2 and is using his experience from that? *snicker*

Also, Hirano and Takagi seem to developing some manner of a relationship too, which is kind of funny, especially how Hirano keeps smiling and charming the tsundere XD.


Next episode will probably revolve around more Takashi and Rei Angst. There’s mentions of Hisashi, so we know that can’t be good. It also seems like the crisis is finally bringing out the worst in people.  Can’t wait for next week!

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