Last week we left Sion and his group blindly walking into a trap, a discovery just made by Ferris after questioning the nobleman, Brophs. The latter finding it hilarious that Sion even dares to go up against the Crown Prince (and gets smacked on the head by an empty bucket by Iris).  Ferris also seems to be perplexed that … well….The Prince? But then she gasps as a shadowy figure falls down on the bed and leaps behind her. It’s her brother (aspohdapjsda OF ALL THE ENTRANCES! *grabs him by the collar* I thought it was a bad guy you ding a ling!)

Iris asks if Ferris is alright, Ferris quickly covering her younger sister’s mouth before knocking her out by a chop to the back of the head. Lucile comments that Ferris is always spoiling Iris so. When a job needs to be done, it needs to be done quickly and precisely or else it would sully the name of the Eris family. Ferris sees that he’s holding the bald guy’s head in his head and she turns around to check the guy and yep, he just had his head cut off. Ferris asks what is the meaning behind his actions..Is it really the Prince behind these attacks? Furthermore, is Sion also a prince?  Lucile gives a roundabout answer that they serve only the King of Roland , the TRUE king and they need to see if Sion would be a suitable king or not. So…WILL be make it back alive while facing off 50 Magic Knights?

Ferris watches her older brother disintegrate the chopped off head before saying that’s just not possible. Lucile calmly says that he can. Ferris retorts that Sion isn’t him. Lucile agrees on that point but points out that Sion does have something else in his corner. Ferris watches on quietly as Lucile speaks on – that she met Sion and saved his life, does she not find that interesting? Ferris doesn’t find that interesting at all. As the morning sun rises, Lucile disappears as Ferris gives her answer.

Near the Estabul border, the groups are making the necessary battle preparations under Sion’s directions – securing the water, setting up tents etc. Ryner’s napping/lazing around (- –  ;;), cause even fetching water is a pain to him. The minute Skunkhead calls to Kiefer, Ryner feigns a stomach ache but Keifer’s not really all there. She was zoning out and turns around to say that she wasn’t really listening. The other guys from Sion’s group talk to her a bit she walks away, dispirited and clearly with something worrying her. So OBVIOUSLY they turn on Ryner, saying clearly he did something to Kiefer which resulted in her down mood.

Megane-chan tells her that the guys are just so dense cause the problem is just so apparent. I mean, in times of war, if you think about what may happen to the guy you love, then of course its fucking depressing. Or the other option is that Kiefer said something to Ryner before they got dispatched? Ryner recalls that she did say that his death is the biggest worry in her head. Seeing his expression, Skunkhead pushes Ryner down the hill towards Kiefer – while making excuses to let the two be together for a while XD

But Ryner just doesn’t get it and tries to catch some Z’s while lying down next to Kiefer. After some time, Kiefer suddenly asks Ryner if he’ll run away with her. She confesses that she likes Ryner, she has from the start knowing that it was hopeless. Tearfully she asks him whether he likes her as well? He laughs awkwardly, tries to joke away her confession – telling her to make such jokes at a time like this. Quietly she agrees and says that she can’t really get anything. Nervously Ryner tries to correct her but she goes on, saying that she still doesn’t want to see him dying out here. She apologizes that she couldn’t protect him (Anon a ;;;; it’s the guy who does the protecting, not the girl….am I being chauvinistic by saying that? Or merely pushing along the stereotype cart? ) She stands up, her hand in the air as she chants, “ I offer up this contract to bear the spirit beast of light which sleeps within the atmosphere!”

Ryner watches in surprise at the firework that explodes before turning back to see Kiefer running away as she bids him a final goodbye. Ryner’s left standing there, completely stumped as he looks on at the field of crops that’s high enough that he can’t see Kiefer anymore. And then an unidentified…thing flies and falls nearby. Oh crap *turns green* Its Skunhead’s top half. As in JUST his torso…ah his name was Tahile. Tahile, we knew thee well. Ryner’s staring at the guy in shock when screams rip through the air. Something is making its way through the crops at a really fast pace, taking down the kids as it speeds by – cutting them cleanly in half from the torso. It’s a Magic Knight, slaying as he goes on.

Sion shows up and asks whats going on. It’s an enemy raid, red armored knights are flooding in. Before Roll can finish his report, he gets…his…head….*turns pasty green* Oh man THAT is a sucky way to go…he gets his head chopped off from behind…he never saw that coming. Sion’s clearly trying to process the information and wonders if it’s the Estabul Magic Knights and calls out for a retreat to the woods. A lot of the kids manage to run into the woods when Ryner and the others come in last. Sion asks if they’re alright and Ryner somberly tells him that Tahile didn’t make it. Sion looks around and asks bout Kiefer and Ryner shakes his head, stating that he doesn’t know.  Sion tells them that they should split up – Tony and Fahle’ll go ahead with him and Ryner waiting at their current position to stall the Knights as best they can.

Sion points out the possibility that some of their troops might still be alive but Ryner tells him just them going to save them is just impossible. Just as Sion admits that it does seem that way, they jump away, only to have a giant scythe being firmly lodged where they were seconds ago. Sion asks if Ryner can see them, Ryner says that he cant when he looks up and sees two Knights trying to get the jump on them. They run away while the Knights are doing the stand….OH SHIT IT WAS KIEFER *points at the Estabul Knight* SHES the spy! This Knight is doing the same chant that SHE did! That firework! OF COURSE *facepalm* THAT was the signal for the attack to start! GOD DAMN IT!  But what the….its the same chant but the magic is different…

The guy flies super fast to catch up to them and grabs Sion by the back of the head. Ryner immediately beings t the same chant and lands a round house kick in the face of the guy. Sion’s down like a sacka potatoes but he’s alright – too much okay (- – ;;) He starts to ask Ryner about the magic he just used when Ryner tells him that he ought to know about it, even when he himself didn’t really want to use it. Two more Knights show up, demanding Ryner to tell them how he was able to use their magic? And they arnt the ugly stupid kinda villains apparently cause the next thing they ask is if he’s an Alpha Stigma bearer. I hate smart low tier villains. But still, these guys are rattled and get ready for another magic attack when his comrade stops him, telling him not to use his magic but too late. Ryner’s already started and lets loose three…spirit foxes I’ll assume.

Ryner’s sighing as the three guys are out for the count when Sion angrily grabs him and tells him that if he’d have used his powers sooner then everyone wouldn’t have had to die. Ryner retorts that its only because they faced three of these guys that they were able to make it out alive AND it’s been seven YEARS since he’s used this power and he gets used as a landing pad for another Magic Knight. Sion’s surprised as hell to find himself talking to a Magic Knight and then immediately gets surrounded by all sides. Looks like this guy is the leader of his crowd and he’s all chatty – you know how arrogant villains are *long suffering sigh*

Ryner slowly opens his eyes to find himself looking up at the leader guy, who is like….you know like when you go to the zoo and there’s this one kid there who is poking away at a tiger with a stick or something and goes in a loud arrogant tone “Amuse me! Do something!” and you just want to tell the kid to knock it off before he gets his arm bitten off? Like that.  So he’s telling Ryner that he should amuse him more. He pulls Ryner up by his hair and tells him that the only ones left remaining are Sion and Kiefer – they killed the rest.  The whole field is littered with dead bodies urgh…even Fahle and Tony got done it. Ryner’s in shock at seeing the scene while the guy comments that Ryner’s rather boring for still maintaining his cool at such a scene. He calls out to his subordinates who start pounding at Sion while ripping off Kiefer’s clothes. (ASDAPSDKAFASDA *panicking*)

Ryner tells them in a quiet, desperate tone to just stop. In his panic filled state, his own voice is saying (I think he’s recalling his own words) that people die, it doesn’t matter to him….it doesn’t matter. He denied that out loud but the voice in his head says that he is not wrong but again Ryner yells that that is wrong. The voice ominously states that everything is for him to toy with. I don’t like the sound of that…the voice tells him to just open it and kill everything, until everything disappears from his sight. Ryner starts to scream before it rises to its highest pitch and turns into crazed laughter – the Alpha Stigma sigil glowing in his eyes….crap..make that MULTIPLE sigils.

The leader guy kneels down to Ryner’s level, taunting him and asking him why he’s so quiet. A small sigil suddenly comes and like…goes through the man’s left eye….and his body disintegrates from around that point as Ryner’s inner voices commands him to not defy him (Yeah that sounds confusing I know) His jaw falling open and his fingers turning numb, Ryner falls to the ground as the Knight shakily asks Ryner what did he do. But looks like Ryner is in some sort of shock induced coma as he wonders what his scum will call him now…God? Devil? Hero? Monster? More crazed laughter and I am NOT talking about Lelouch laughter I am talking about “I didn’t just lose my marbles but they just got grinded into DUST” laugther!

The Alpha Stigma symbol is still glowing on his eyes and Ryner raises his hand to his eye and the symbol grows. The Knight panics, telling his subordinates to just finish him off. They start the magic chant and try to hit Ryner but he stopped all the attacks with one hand. Looks like ‘Ryner’ isn’t here anymore, it’s the other voice in his head that’s in chart. A single beam of light bursts out of Ryner’s hand that cuts off all the guy’s heads *flinches* Dang…Leader guy is sweating in his cloak when Ryner suddenly just…like…flash steps in front of the guy as he thinks that the first thing that he brings is destruction. He brings forth nothing, he blesses nothing, he saves nothing. All he does is erase everything completely. He raises his sigil glowing hand up to the guys head and O SHIT *flinches like mad* His whole top half just got fucking BLOWN AWAY! Turn to ashes blown away!

Kiefer watches from where she’s lying and Sion from where he got dropped. Ryner is just killing the Magic Knights, tearing them apart literally limb from limb – destroying everything…or should I say everyone in his path was though he was swatting away flies. Even the damn river turns dry as Ryner staggers towards Sion and Kiefer. The two of them are cowering in fear in front of him and Ryner wonders what this is. He wonders at his powers and that his contract is different but again he chants in head to just erase everything and grabs Kiefer and Sion by the throat. (Err…is that an animation mistake I spy that Kiefer’s front is suddenly back into a whole shirt again instead of being a shirt torn from the front?)  Ryner declares the both of them to be dangerous and as such, will die. But he’s clearly fighting against this feeling and trying to close his eyes while at the time the voice is fighting back.

Sion takes his chance and manages to slip out of his grasp, hits the other hand so that Kiefer is dropped to the ground (Ah I see…her front is still ripped but not as badly as I thought it was). Sion quickly places his hand on Ryner’s eyes (ISNT THAT DANGEROUS?!) and tells him to close his eyes when Ryner chokes out for him to stop. But Ryner’s eyes do close and he falls to the ground. Kiefer is crying while Sions is yelling at Ryner to wake up. Ryner’s lying there with his eyes open but again looks like he’s in shock as he looks at his raised hand and simply thinks “Again…”

Sion looks up and notices that…oh look it’s the fucking cavalry – how timely. Kiefer is crying like buckets and Ryner is just lying there and looking up at the sky that’s finally clearing up as he thinks “Senseless…” Back at the capital, we see that Sion is making his way through the streets in an open carriage and waving at the people, he’s still in his Academy uniform. The old nobles watch carefully as he passes them. Back at the Special Military Academy…Sion is sitting in an empty classroom, staring out the window at the many many graves that have been made outside.

Meanwhile at an undisclosed location, Ryner has been strung up with chairs and is getting the shit beat out of him as he is being berated that he should have just kept himself hidden away at the Academy. Bleeding from the mouth, Ryner asks whether Kiefer is still alive.  The same old guy says that shes been thrown into the same prison as him. Another voice comments that it’s unexpected that she came back. Ryner looks up, confused at what they mean to imply. The guy explains that many years ago, in a crackdown against spies, her eldest sister died. The remaining two sisters received Roland’s reeducation, with the youngest sister remaining in Roland as a sign of loyalty to the country.

Ryner dryly comments that wouldn’t it be more quicker to just say that they have taken her hostage? The jailer really doesn’t like that tone or what he said and walks over and knocks Ryner on the head with a club. Ryner raises his bleeding head as the guys in the shadows go on to say that shes just a foolish girl in the end. Ryner spits out blood as they talk on, saying that Kiefer’s youngest sister died a long time ago and in the end, she was just worthless. Another voice comments that nothing is accomplished as long as Sion is alive. Ryner comments, “So he was your real target”. Cue eye roll at the solider’s retort. Honey, I dunno bout the others but, I for one do NOT give a shit at how severe a reprimand you for from those people. Go die in a fire k =D Looks like Ryner doesn’t either as he forces out a laugh and asks if that’s what they brought him here for? To complain and moan?

Again the jailer hits him across the head, telling him to mind his tongue. Severely bleeding from the head, Ryner states that that last hit actually hurt a little bit. Jailer guy asks if he’s mocking him for of course its gonna hurt! Ryner looks up and say s that of course they’re the ones doing the mocking as he is the one always being mocked. He states that he’s had enough of punishments. So would they be kind enough to just throw him in jail before he drops dead? The old man says that the King will grant one request with his imprisonment – what’ll it be? Ryner lets out a short laugh saying that he’d REALLY like to stop bleeding but…and then he recalls something.

In a Detention Cell somewhere in Roland , Kiefer is being all emo and curled up in her corner when the door opens and Ryner calls out to her and tells her that if she keeps taking afternoon napes, her grades will drop. She’s surprised as hell to see Ryner there and asks what’s going on and what’s he doing there. Ryner scratches the back of his bandaged head and tries to go for the way he usually is but Kiefer’s clearly not up for his usual antics and tells him that if he dares to say that it’s a pain, she’ll beat him down. Ryner quickly tells her to stop or else his bleeding will start again. Kiefer asks how he got the injuries but Ryner brushes the question off and tells her that her younger sister is already dead – she was killed quite some time ago.

Kiefer’s surprised to hear that and asks how does he know? And then starts prattling on that he’s another pawn of Roland isn’t he? She didn’t want to hear that that her sister was dead and not from him of all people. He knew didn’t he? He knew all along and was just laughing at her the whole time? Even when she told him that she loved him, he was laughing at her. She falls to her knees saying that she did have the vaguest idea that it might be possible but she just…Ryner sits down against the wall and asks Why do they have wars in the first place? Personally, he doesn’t care who owns what lands and which is why he said that he liked afternoon napes the best.

Kiefer stops crying and listens to him as he laments the fact that Tahile, Tony, Fahle – they all died senseless deaths. He rests his head on his arms and ponders that it must be the motivated people who start wars but those without motivation get sucked into them. So where does that leave the guys with no motivation? He stands up, saying that he never wanted to be a part of this whole crazy and troublesome thing like changing the country, unlike Sion. He wonders if there is some place where he could just…take his afternoon naps and live without hurting people? Suddenly he asks whether he said something too strange?

Another guard comes at the door and asks whether they’re read. Kiefer looks in surprise at the guard and then at Ryner as he calls to her. She asks what is this about but he just tells her not to worry and pushes her out the door and closes the door. Shes staring at him behind the jail bars as he congratulates her on her release and himself on his imprisonment. Kiefers confused as to what just happened and the guy asks whether he’s satisfied with just this as his request. Ryner smiles and declares it to be perfect and the end to the deal. Again Kiefer asks what is going on and the guard explains that they have written orders that basically her release for his imprisonment. The guard chuckles and asks just what kind of a major fiend is he for making direct deals with the military? Ryner sighs and that’s it’s not like that at all. Kiefer clings to the bars, asking him why did he do such a thing. After all, she did betray everyone and all that came with that.

He gives her a smile and explains that it’s not people who kill people. Monsters do. War, Kingdoms, Greed – they are all monsters….and he is one as well. But Kiefer is still a human. He tries to lighten things up by saying that at least here can have his naps with ease. As hes going on, trying to comfort her, Kiefer pulls him down and kisses him through the bars. Ryner’s staring her, eyes wide open as she quietly says that she finally knows just why she fell for him. She laughs slightly as she explains that it’s because he was so unmotivated that she never felt like she had to be cautious around him, she could be at ease around him. But it wasn’t just that…he’s just very kind and very strong. She reassures him that he’s not a monster.  To the point that she’ll guarantee that fact. She thanks him, tells him to live on and one day she’ll – but she suddenly shakes her head, stopping mid way her sentence before saying that she’s ready to go.

Ryner watches her go and lets out a loud and long sigh as he thinks that really surprised him. He says out loud that he thought he was gonna suffocate. A door opens and we see Sion sitting in a really dungy little room as he asks Ryner about his injuries. Ryner brushes off saying that it’s not much. Sion scolds him, telling him that he’s an idiot for volunteering himself for imprisonment – it was enough of a pain to get visitation rights to see him. Ryner tells him that he shouldn’t have bothered with that, he’s just being kept in a prison cell instead of a school now. Sion waits for the door to close before he pulls Ryner’s hand across the table and over his. Ryner looks at the small …thing in his hand and asks what is it? Sion quietly explains that he’ll be leaving a horse in the northern woods that night (Ryner pushes at the small rectangular thing and..OH it’s a lock pick, niiiiice) Ryner stares at the pick and says if Sion were to do that, he’ll be a suspect. Sion says that they wouldn’t have the guts to imprison a war hero. Ryner immediately retorts that then he could ruin his name as a hero.

Sion says that he’s managed till now. Ryner comments that Sion’s really got a long list of people who seem to be out for his ass. Sion ignores the comment and bids Ryner to listen to him for this is the only chance they have or will have. Who knows if they’ll be able to meet again and more importantly, Sion is not feeling that confident in himself anymore. All his friends are dead, a war just started and he’s not a king – all of these are failures on his part. Sion looks at the table as Ryner slaps his hand down. Sion looks at the lock pick in surprise before asking, “Ryner?” The man in question sighs and says that it’s just too much of a bother! Anyways, who knows what’ll happen if things go well after all. Sion asks him if he wants to stay like this. Ryner replies that he’s enjoying all the naps he wants at his own leisure but Sion gets pissed at this reply and asks him just what do those naps accomplish? Ryner doesn’t even bat an eyelash as he softly replies that he’ll take a nap and think about it after that.

Before Sion can say anything else, the guard outside says that it’s time for him to go. Sion quickly grabs the lock pick before the guard comes in to take Ryner away. His last words to Sion are that given that they also give three meals a day, this place ain’t that bad at all. As Sion walks away, he thinks to himself that he’s decided that because he has lost everything, he will not be led astray anymore. As he lies in bed, Ryner recalls Sion’s words that if he had used his powers sooner, no one would have died and he recalls all the Knights who he slaughtered and he sighs, saying that it just never changes. Wars really do suck. Who would want to have war in the first place? It’s all too troublesome. As he lies in the moonlight, Ryner reflects that a lot has happened…but not much will happen tomorrow though. Which just means that he’s got plenty of time now.

Opinions: (B+)

Okay this just keeps getting better and better to me!

First off, what was up with Ferris knocking out Iris before she could make out Lucile? You can’t tell me that she didn’t want Iris to see the head in his hand – its gotta be something else. Looks like Lucile is pulling some serious strings here. I mean…pulling a stunt like this? It’s obvious that Sion’s being tested and you only do that with the wild card candidate if you get what I’m saying!

Personally, I don’t care for the romance at all. Give me more political intrigue and politicians that’ll make me wanna claw their eyes out and more shadowy death attempts 😀 No sappy romance from girls who come across just a bit too desperate. :< Though Ryner….*eyes Kiefer* Seriously? I know you can’t help who you fall in love with but…*pats her on the shoulder in comfort* This guy just aint interested in any romance of any form…cause he’s already got afternoon naps as his mistress(^^ ;;)

The whole fight sequence and Ryner losing control over his powers was just…amazing. Though it seriously made me go just a bit green around the gills…especially Roll losing his head. That was just…urgh.  Anyone else think that Ryner’s slaughter of the Estabul Knights was kinda like when Guyer had his brain split open and he goes on autopilot and then kills his Dad? He went into shock and despair at what he saw and he couldn’t cope with that and he just….went on the defensive and killed everything in his path.

Or perhaps this is the result of what happened at the old war camp he came from? More likely yes no? But still, there’s a lot of questions about the Alpha Stigma that’s left. Did he lose control of his powers or unleash the whole lot of it? Cause in the first ep, he’s clearly in control of his powers. Needing more and more back story please =D ALL of Ryner’s ominous and seriously creepy monologue about destroying everything accompanied by people just blowing up like balloons with too much air was SERIOUSLY AWESOME.

Who was the old man in the cell with the other guards? The guy who looked after Ryner at the old reformatory? The plot against Sion is still completely in the dark and DAMN IT I WANT DETAILS *clings to the directors leg* I NEED MOAR D8 Ahem….

Oh oh oh *raises hand* Question! Was maybe Lucile’s plan to turn Sion into a war hero and ergo making it harder for anyone to knock him off and at the same time giving him some solid political power which would them further Sion’s goals? A two strikes with one shot kinda thing?

Ryner giving up his own freedom to save Kiefer…saw that one coming a mile away…but again, don’t really care for Kiefer and all her …. Yeah… bleh… though some props for landing a surprise kiss at Ryner – he looked so surprised XD. And do want to hug Ryner till he’s blue when he says that he’s a monster. NO YER NOT DDD8 And looks like he’s very much comfortable and at home at the prison. I had thought that he’d take up Sion on his offer to escape but…very surprising that he didn’t.

Loved it that Sion gets pissed at Ryner’s laid back attitude but his reply that he’ll sleep and then think about it made he think “Okay that’s…a kinda cool reply there.” So we’re in for more back story about how Sion got from being a war hero to the King right? I look forward to it, I seriously do 😀 Give me episode four already dammit!

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