Summary Key Points:


  • Rei and Takashi attempt to contact Rei’s father via Takashi’s cellphone
  • The call comes through, but they aren’t able to talk through the connection
  • Rei’s father warns Takashi that the entire city has gone in panic and that they should evacuate
  • Rei and Takashi use a fire hose to escape the roof and head down
  • Meanwhile Takagi and Hirano come together and go into the utilities room to get some sort of weapons to defend themselves
  • Hirano manages to make a makeshift gun from a nail gun and some wood boards
  • At the same time, the school nurse Dr. Marikawa is saved by Saeko
  • Saeko and Dr.Marikawa head to the Faculty room to get keys for a car to escape
  • Takagi and Hirano are attacked, and it almost seems like Takagi is about to get done in by one of the zombies
  • Takagi manages to use a drill to pierce the zombie to shreds as she screams
  • Her screams bring Rei, Takashi, Saeko and Marikawa to her and Hirano.
  • The zombies are quickly annihilated by the group
  • Introductions are made, and an alliance of sorts is formed
  • Inside the faculty room, Takashi suggests that they take their families and then escape the city
  • Rei startles everyone, as she motions toward the TV
  • A reporter and news crew is annihilated by Zombies, and the screen goes static, ending the episode


Opinions: (A)

I admit, my initial impression of High School of the Dead was more along the lines of: “Super powerful girls and weak guys, but from the looks of this episode, it only seems like there are less guys than girls in this series. The guys that are there, are pretty darn cool!

We get introduced to gun-maniac Hirano in this episode, and even he doesn’t disappoint. A cheery light hearted fellow, and a bit of a geek is a nice contrast to the rather typical tsundere Takagi. The one character I wasn’t that fond of was the Nurse, who seems like the typical big boob air-head. Nurse+Air-head+Big boobs = classic cliche fanservice character.

Finally, we’re introduced the purple haired Chick, Saeko Busujima. Saeka’s a pretty neat, cool character, and she pretty much won me over with her: “Protecting the pride of men is the way real women of class are”. First time I’ve seen a woman so strong not be an arrogant bitch or full of pride. Its refreshing to see a female character who’s calm, composed, cool and nice.

Not much happened this episode, as it was more of about introducing the remaining cast of characters and making them come together. I look forward to blogging this series now, and hopefully we’ll have more story, interesting character moments and less boob jiggle in the coming episodes, as while there some present in the episode, it wasn’t as focused on as the first episode.

The fact the entire city is pretty much overrun with zombies, really seems to make me  remember Resident Evil. I’m pretty sure this story is going to go outside, into the city. I do find it a bit odd that the only people who can survive this whole incident are high school students with bats, kendo sticks and spears, and Police officers with guns have been unable to deal with these zombies. Wouldn’t make for a good anime if these kids weren’t the only survivors though I guess XD


Seems like the gang is going to take to the streets next episode. Also, there’s a scary snake eyes lady who somehow figures into the mix. Can’t wait for next week! XD

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