Legend of the Legendary Heroes starts off with a punch this week. And I mean a literal punch not the other kind. Young Sion  is getting punched and tossed around by a small group of kids who are insulting him along side as he recalls his mother words that she’s been happy because he’s been by her side. The fact that he’s grown up to be such a sweet child is enough to make her feel very proud of him.  As Sion lies on the group, bleeding and beaten on the ground while the others laugh at him, he looks up and a young lord (with a voice fit for a 30 year old lord) steps forward.


In the typical “I am holier than thou and therefore allowed to look down my nose at you” attitude, he snubs Sion and they continue to kick Sion in the ribs. Again he recalls his mother’s words, “It doesn’t matter who speaks poorly of you, because you’ll find plenty of people who will love you.” We see that his mother has passed on as he recalls her words. “So, even if I’m not there, you’re still not alone.” He’s remembering her funeral as he is standing by her open coffin when a knock comes at the door. A ribbon wrapped box is placed at the door step and he opens it to find a…oh crap that is disgusting. It’s a dead bleeding puppy.

A few years in the future at the Roland Royal Special Military Academy, the academy war games are to being soon enough. Sion is being told that they need to form a team soon but Sion cuts the guy off and says that he already has a lead. The guy asks “You mean..him?” Sion simply replies that that that guy has yet to show up for the practice sessions though.  He’d like to see what that guy can do for once. Roll (no dice jokes please XD) starts to object but Sion quietly states that he’ll decide in two days and walks out. Roll asks where too and Sion replies that he’s going to the usual place for research.

Sion narrates that the academy is a place where orphans and children of class A-criminals comes too. Here, weapons of war are raised in order to keep the nobles off the front lines. And Sion refers to himself that “Even children of lowly curs, like me…” But then he switches topics faster than you can change gears on a Ferrari and talks about Ryner. He pulls out a key and opens a locked door as he narrates on. Bearer of the Alpha Stigma, Roland’s greatest magician – one Ryner Lute. He left the Germer Kleisrole Training Institute for Roland’s Special Institute #307. He is called The Black Haired Devil. Sion looks into the room and is surprised to find someone sleeping on the table (how can you tell that when it’s so dark?) Sion asks who it is and the person stretches with a yawn, making Sion start backwards and bang his head into the door (smoooooth~) Tis Ryner as he complains that he had a really bad nap, got up too early and now has a head ache….and his head falls back on the table clearly ready to catch more Z’s.

Sion asks whether he’s been sleeping in the library the whole time? Ryner says that he knows. Sion says that its night so the library is closed. Ryner waves his hand, yawns and tells him “See you in the morning, good night~” Sion walks forward saying that that’s not really what he meant but too late, Ryner’s out for the count again. Clearly Ryner wasn’t what Sion was expecting (^^;;;) to the point that he looks at his documents, then at Ryner and goes “Na no way it could be him.” *chuckles* Oh man you’re in for a rude awakening there Sion! So he walks out, closing the door behind him on a fast asleep Ryner. We shift to the Academy Exercise Field where kids are fighting/practicing when Sion walks on by and its stated that seeing him there is a bit of a rare sight. A girl uses a magic circle and blows a guy clean away *whistles* Teach me that girl! Err…okay she clearly didn’t mean to make him fly that hard and that far away (^^;;;) And every laughs at Ryner who, finally came to practice yet is getting his ass handed to him (and by a girl too..). Sion is all “THAT’S Ryner Lyte?” While the girl asks Ryner why is he always so unmotivated? There’s no person who twitches so obviously and then stays collapsed. Ryner states that she’s looking at one right now. She turns away, saying “Back to practice.” She walks back to her position saying that she’ll be using her next spell so he’d better be ready. Still lying on the ground he’s like “Nope.” She turns, another spell already mid cast when Sion mutters that “With such a simple spell…”

She blasts Ryner with a straight thunder spell but Ryner takes it head on and falls head first. The girl is surprised that he didn’t avoid it. She’s worried and asks if he’s alright…after eating a face full of thunder would YOU be alright?! Ryner, with eyes closed replies, “No response. It seems to be a corpse.” ;;; You shoulda kept your mouth shut boy XD. And the boy gets a magnificent smack to the back of his head that has him sitting up faster than being forced to sit on a porcupine~ but then he falls back in a cloud of dust. While on his back he declares that he’s tired today. The girl scolds away while the onlookers talk about Ryner, calling him a troublemaker and the shame of the academy – within earshot of Sion. The girl helps him up and tells him that shes not cutting him any slack today. If he doesn’t train today, his grades are gonna be in danger. And if that happens, he’ll get held back while the others get promoted. The others don’t seem to have a problem with that as they tell him more or less that he’s about as wanted as a boil on the bum (^^;;;). Sion steps forward and tells everyone to stfu. In a very polite way of course~. He steps forward towards the two, thinking back to the last attack the girl made and we see that Ryner did block the attack by using a very small magic circle to deflect the attack.

In a sleepy manner, Ryner asks who the silver haired guy is and the girl quietly informs him that its Sion Astal, a noble. Of course Ryner doesn’t know him. Our red headed girl Is Kiefer Knolles (uwuuuu why can’t you call have easier names to remember?!) and Sion knows it, much to the girls surprise. Sion states that he tries to remember the names of the excellent students and Kiefer is surprised. Ryner listens on, his back to the two as Sion smiles and says that she has gotten above-average grades in every course and she’s cheerful, attractive and popular. . . . Sion-sama…are you hitting on her? XD She blushes. Ryner tells him he’s going overboard. She gets pissed. Ryner’s head gets a solid punch to the head. Sion states that he has a proposal – he would like for Kiefer to join his team for the mock battle training. Kiefer is hesitating even after Sion states that they would at an advantage if together. Ryner tells her to just do it, then he can relax but then Sion says that he wants him too. Ryner says that just sounds like a major pain to him. Kiefer points out that with Sion, he’s sure to be promoted. Ryner not really all that worried…or more like doesn’t look like he cares about the whole thing. Sion knows about his grades and its clear as day that Sion wants Kiefer and not him.

Kiefer doesn’t like what Ryner says and in a quiet tone says that then they’ll get separated. Sion insists that he really wants Ryner on his team. Curious, Ryner asks why. Sion says that if he had to give a reason…then it has to be his eyes. (pushes away all BL thoughts ‘OUT OUT OUT! STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!’) Of course Ryner’s confused at THAT reply. A bell rings and Ryner says that with THAT kinda reasoning, it’s a clear ‘No’. With another yawn, he walks away saying that he’s beat after a long day of real practice. Sion runs up to Ryner, pulls him back by the shoulder and tells him not to grumble so much. As he said, he likes his eyes. To be precise, he wants the bearer of the Alpha Stigma. The last part said quietly as Sion walks past him. They stand with their backs to each other as Ryner says that he has no idea what he’s talking about. Sion tells him not to be so modest, he’s looked up his history. Ryner starts to walk away, saying that working under others isn’t really his style. Sion quietly states that he doesn’t join with him, Sion will expose Ryner – to everyone. Ryner stops mid stride as Sion turns around and meets Ryner’s surprised look.

At night, Roll asks if Sion is serious about having Ryner join his team. Sion says that the issue is more if he can control his eyes or not. Roll tells him to be careful before handing over the war game documents. Oh dear God…I think I know where this is heading…Then again, I think you can guess what happened and what the battle scene from the last episode was… A new day is dawning. Sion is explaining that the aim of the game is elimination of all enemies within four hours. A general exclamation of surprise as someone asks Sion how they are supposed to find their enemies in the first place. Sion replies in a bit of a smug tone that he already knows where they are located – apparently he’s done some research ahead of time. So all they have to do is wait and ambush the teams. Kiefer points out that wouldn’t that be a little cut throat? Sion replies that looking up information on the enemy hardly counts as cheating – at least not to him.  Ryner asks, “How about looking up people’s pasts and using them as blackmail?”  Kiefer’s confused at the question but Ryner brushes it off as nothing.

A blue and white haired guy (resisting…urge…to make…skunk joke….) tells them not to worry and to just stick with Sion for an easy win. Sion states that in a war, information is everything. To use the information available is just another way to victory. Ryner scoffs at the line, asking what victory when Sion tells them all to hush up. Seems like they’ve already come across the first team AND they haven’t noticed Shion’s team either. One of the guys points that that fact could mean that it’s a trap. Megane-chan asks Sion ‘Whats the plan?’ Sion says “Smash them in one shot”. Well…that’s a reckless plan..not as much as jumping off the cliff while saying that though (- –  ;;) Oh he did some levitation magic while jumping, well that’s a relief! The others follow, using the same magic – except Ryner who rolls down the cliff – CRAP that looks painful. How do you not have broken bones after that fall? Talk about Awesome but Impractical.

While falling, Sion hits the group with ‘Izuchi’ – the same thunder spell that Kiefer hit Ryner with. WHOA! What fireworks! A clear victory for Sion’s group and they’re celebrating that that night in some bar. The guys are all “As expected of Sion” and “Believe in this guy!” They’re totally high and happy on their victory but Ryner’s quiet as he sips away on his beer. Everyone’s pretty much wasted and out for the count by the time dawn rolls out. Ryner is sitting on the balcony, back to the railing and he watches Sion come and sit beside him, leaning on the railing. He goes straight for it and asks Ryner about why he joined the academy. Tact…he has it. Ryner smirks and replies that Sion’s already looked that up hasn’t he? Sion smiles and says “You got me.” He goes on, “Roland Special Institute #307. The orphanage you grew up in….”

In a flashback scene, we see many children standing in an open field as Sion says that on paper it was supposed to be an institute means to raise children who were orphaned by the war but in actuality, the children were being gathered and put through a harsh military training. The whole barbed wire fence thing is reminding me a lot of the concentration camp at Auschwitz…anyways, the talentless were gotten rid off and those who managed to make it through, we sold off to the nobles or tossed into the battle field.

But once the war ended, the institute lost its purpose. The orphans present there were then faced with a tough choice – either stay under military command or…be murdered. Ryner chose the former and that’s why, he’s in the Royal Special Military Academy. Sion suddenly asks Ryner whether he wants revenge against his country. Ryner’s puzzled by this question and Sion asks that hasn’t he ever wanted to crush this corrupt land? This land which shuns Ryner’s existence as a taboo just for his Alpha Stigma. Ryner points out that Sion could land himself in seriously hot water for saying stuff like that. Sion laughs and say that maybe but Ryner hates the country too and so, he wouldn’t turn him in. Ryner smiles and replies that its just far too much effort to bother. Sion disagrees saying that he knows that’s not his true reason. Ryner tells him not to go about deciding that on his own. Sion seemingly ignores Ryner and declares that he’ll do it. He’ll become the king of this country and change everything – change the world to the one which he once desired. And he asks Ryner to join him – holding his hand out to him.

Ryner raises his hand but then drops it, saying that he’ll pass. He stands up and asks that should Sion become king, could be make a law that gives promotions to people who take lots of afternoon naps? Sion is surprised at this request and laughs before clasping Ryner’s shoulders. Maybe its Ryner’s sense of humor that makes Sion want him and no the Alpha Stigma.  Sion suddenly notes a bunch of guys dressed all in black, robes and faces covered as they get ready to attack the two. Sion tells Ryner to run away but he asks who these guys are. Sion doesn’t reply and says that they’re after him and Ryner simply says “Oh is that so? Well have fun with them!” and jumps off the balcony. OYE OYE~ Yer WAY too much man XD. Like Sion yells “Show a little concern!” While running away, Ryner yells to Sion that if he wants to be king, he shouldn’t die from something that weak. Sion says that he does have a point before turning and running away. XD

Sion’s being chased through the alleys and streets by the black guys, looks like they’re five of them. Sion turns into a street and three of the guys give chase. Crap, looks like Sion’s headed for a dead end when one of the robed dudes jumps in front of him after climbing over a wall. Sion turns into an alley and now has his back to the wall as he’s facing the guys. They pull out a knife as Sion watches and tells himself that he will not die from something this weak. He’ll become the king and he cannot die here. The guy chants out a spell, his magic circle already out but before he can complete the chant, a small..arrow? hits the guy in the wrist. A young Ferris jumps over a wall and in front of Sion. She gives him a brief look before turning to the guys. Ah I stand corrected, that wasn’t any arrow. That was the stick on which you get dango (^^;;;). There see, she’s even holding more dango in her hand. She asks whether the group will continue their misconduct? She will not permit any criminal actions within that area as that is the task that was given to her by her nii-san.  Last part said with a dango in her mouth.

The men in black clearly aren’t intimidated and get ready to shoot off another spell. Ferris clearly considers their acts stupid and states that if they insist on continuing that she’ll kill them. She pulls out her sword as one of the guy rushes towards her with his knife, yelling that she won’t make a fool of them. She jumps and pushes herself off the wall, putting her in the air above the creeps and she turns around and tosses the dango sticks at the guys – both of them hitting the guys in their wrists again.

The main guy pulls out his magic circle again, casting the Izuchi thunder spell again at Sion. Ferris tossed a dagger in the path of the spell, stopping it before it hits Sion before jumping behind the dagger and hitting it with her sword, redirecting the spell back at the caster. With her sword still in its sheath, she attacks the guys. Two of them run away with Ferris watching as they turn tail. She turns towards Sion saying that when dogs receive a favor, they remember it all their life.  Sion’s confused at the reference when Ferris explains that a rescued dog should remember his debt and buy a recommended combo set #4 from the Wynnit dango shop. *falls over laughing* Oh this one… ….XD I LIKE HER.

Next day, Sion is buying the dango from the shop and the shopkeeper comments that its for the lovely lady right? Sion doesn’t look all that…excited at all and is told that the Eris family home is just a little ways ahead. So our reluctant do…hero is on his way , surprised that she belongs to such a distinguished family. The Eris family is a distinguished sword clan who is charged with guarding the Roland royal family, so how come she rescued him? (Probably saw it as a chance to get some dango for a reward I’d reckon) A door creaks open and a figure is kneeling on the floor as a voice announces that Sion Astal has arrived. The guy looks up, oh tis…ole whats his name…Lucile? As he says that no need for today, he’s left this to Ferris. Oh are these two siblings? Yes they are, he is her older brother! Ferris meets up with Roland and tells him that her older brother wants her to help Sion out for a while. Sion asks why. Ferris simply replies that her brother’s orders are absolute. She asks back why he is being targeted.

Sion thinks about it for a brief moment before asking that would she mind if it took a bit of time to explain? She nods and Sion explains that his mother was a commoner while his father was a famous nobleman. Basically, he was an unwanted child and was kept separated from his father since he was very young. His mother raised him but through the years he was bullied by his step brothers. But after his mother’s death and that he kept enduring his step brother’s bullying, their hatred towards hit just kept increasing. His half brothers really hated him and most likely, it was one of them who is trying to kill them. As Sion is telling this, we see flashbacks of him growing up – ending at a shot of him sitting in the corner and wincing as he tries to move forward towards a bloodied figure in front of him (most likely his mother. He looks like he’s around..I dunno…anywhere between 13 to 16 maybe?) Was his mother murdered then? Hmm hmmmm, the plot thickens.

Sion says that he also wants to know who it is, even just to know where he is. So can we rely on Ferris for that? She replies that she’ll try or else her brother will kill her. Er…I do hope you mean that like..not literally. Sion looks a bit confused at her wording as well and Ferris says that she’ll hire a henchman and see what she can find out. And as payment, from the next day she’ll need two recommended dango sets (one for her and one for her henchman). ( _  _ ;;;;) Why do I get the feeling that she’ll be eating them both? And woman, ALL THAT SUGAR CAN’T be good for you! Dear God in heaven…Then again, as far as payments goes I suppose Sion is getting off easy? XD

Before leaving Sion asks whether he can meet Ferris’s older brother but she says that when he wants to meet Sion, he’ll come on his own to him. As Ferris watches Sion walk away, a blond jou-chan pops up from behind Ferris and asks who that was. Ferris says just a new delivery boy from the dango shop *falls over flat on her face* Have you no shame woman?! Oh wait…stupid question. Never mind…Iris, the little jou-chan, is told to rejoice~ for from tomorrow she’ll be Ferris’s henchman. *points to the little one* HER?! Buwah?! O___O Seriously?! Isn’t that…a bit too dangerous of a job for a little girl?! Er and looks like Iris-chan has a bit of a sis-con towards Ferris (<< ;;;) Of all people to hero worship….*gets smacked in the back of the head by Ferris* ITA!

Back at the Academy, Ryner is still napping away as Kiefer asks just how long does he plan on sleeping? Sleepily Ryner states as long as he can. I like this guy’s approach towards life…or maybe I’m just saying that cause my own vision’s blurry cause of sleep (^^;;) Kiefer tells him to get up and have lunch which gets no reaction from Ryner but a heated response from some jealous guys sitting by the window sill. Guys..grow up :P. Ryner asks whether Sion is taking another day off and Kiefer goes, “Ah.” Like she just noticed it ;; Back at the Eris estate, Sion asks what comes next. Ferris says that its to make direct contact with the mastermind but she’s noticed something that’s a bit off. The castle is in a bit of a frantic state – their coming and goings are have gotten a bit hectic in the past few days. But well it makes covert action easier for them. Sion states that he’s looking forward to a good report from Ferris when we shift forward a few days maybe (not told how far ahead we are now) and its raining pretty heavily as a carriage is making its way down a muddy road.

The students are gathered together in one room, chatting away when two kids burst in yelling for Sion. Sion asks what’s got them so worried when the other kid asks can they do, they could die. This gets some of the kids frightened and panicked but Sion tells them to quiet down but the guy at the door is panicking and freaking out worse than a Twilight fan who hasn’t seen her Sparkly pants in 5 minutes and says that it’s all over and falls to his knees.  Sion walks over to Roll and asks him what’s happened. Roll says that he’s heard that the kingdom of Estabul has invaded their territory meaning that war is starting again. Ryner looks around as Kiefer worriedly grabs onto his shirt as Roll further explains that this year in Estabul, they’ve had a long rainy season and their main river’s flooded over. Because of this, they’re facing an unprecedented food shortage which they are trying to counter by hiring more soldiers and invading the neighboring lands. Sion reflects on this new piece of news, calling it a war with no end in sight and curses the incompetent kings. Can they do nothing other than harm their kingdoms and destroy things?

Sion looks up as a call sounds through that a dispatch order has come through. A fierce looking soldier announces that as of that morning, all students are to advance to the front lines. That night, Ryner comments that it’s so quiet but that’s not really a surprise. He rolls over, saying that he’ll nap until they’ll march when the door opens. Kiefer has apparently overheard his last statement and asks how he can maintain his cool even in such a situation. (I’m more worried why a girl is coming into a guy’s room in the middle of the night…) She sits down on his bed, saying that the thought of people dying on the battle field is terrifying but the thing that scares her the most is Ryner dying. He begins to argue against her last statement when she turns around and tells him to run away. She’s afraid that he’ll die too easily should he go out to battle. Way to make a man feel emasculated there Kiefer. She goes on, in a desperate manner, telling him to get away from the academy right away and is now lying halfway stop him. *shoos the romance out of the show* Get outta my way please, for once I’m here for the story and the potentially awesome magic fights and not the romances. Ryner tells her that he won’t die that easily because he has no intention of dying. Keifer looks away as the tear roll down her cheeks.

At the Brophs Manor, Iris is cheerfully singing “Water~ More water~” as a man tied much like a calf at a rodeo is being put through a more…initial version of the Chinese water torture method. Iris is flinging buckets of water at the guy while Ferris is standing by the wall and watching before she states that that’s enough water, next is the nails. The guy tells them to stop because he’ll tell them anything they want. Ferris asks whether he was the one who ordered the attack on Sion. Brophs asks if they are pawns of Astal before laughing and saying that he’ll be dead soon enough. Ferris steps forward, asking what does he mean by that. Brophs explains that it’s a trap clear and simple. There are 50 Estabul Magic Knights assembled on the Roxanne Plains waiting…(who look a fearsome bunch of mean ass fighters)

Sion meanwhile is trying to calm everyone down. They have indeed been deployed to the Roxanne Plains which is essentially a remote non-combat region. Looks like at least the people on his team are calm and at ease at being with Sion. But Kiefer is still worried as Brophs explains that Astal may think that he’s heading to a safe place but in actuality he’s gonna get slaughtered.  Broph states that its hilarious to think that Sion thinks that he can bare his fangs at the prince and win? It’s a hilarious idea on its own. Even amongst Sion’s friends, there is a spy present (DDD: <!)  We see the kids making their way to the battlefield through the rain. Ryner looks back at Kiefer who seems to be…off in a world of her own – looking somewhere between shit scared and worried. Ryner calls to her and smiles at her reassuringly as a nearby soldier tells them that they will not fall behind Estabul and last thing we see is a far away shot of the group’s fires burning away as they walk on.

Opinions: (B+)

Well well well that was interesting – interesting indeed! Seems like there’s a big ass plot afoot against Sion! Interesting comment by Brophs about Sion which makes me asks ‘When did Sion meet the prince? One of his half brothers? If its one of his half-brother’s then it’s a ploy to kill him because he’s a threat? Perhaps Sion is the eldest from them? If its not one of his brothers, then what happened? Did someone overhear Sion and Ryner talking when Sion stated his intention of becoming the king and changing the country? Given the fact that there is a spy amongst his friends I would reckon that the bigger chance is of that. Or maybe one of the two black robed guys who got away blabbed to whoever hired them?

But who is this spy amongst his friends? Kiefer perhaps? But she’s more friends with Ryner than Sion so that…I may be wrong on it. Plus sure she’s clearly shown to be scared and frightened about something but given her rant to Ryner, she could just be worried about the prospect of people dying around her. Could it be Roll? He wasn’t part of the group around Sion in episode 1 and he would kinda make sense given that he seems to be the one closest to Sion so far.

Seeing Ryner in the past was a bit of a kick and I gotta wonder whether he’s really being a lazy ass or if there’s a bigger reason behind him not wanting anyone to know about the Alpha Stigma. He can use magic that much is clear when he diverted Kiefer’s blast of thunder and Sion saw that. But his reluctance to use magic more apparently…that’s the real question. Can he not control his powers? Sion did say that the real issue is whether he can control his eyes or not. That could be the reason why he doesn’t use his magic for sure.

Next question then is what happened in his past that he doesn’t want everyone to know. The fact that he came from the Special Reformatory? Did something happen there and he was the reason for it? Did he have some kind of freak accident which resulted in some major deaths and that traumatized Roland to the point that he uses magic to the minimal of levels? Maybe something like a limit breaker’s been placed on him so he can’t use a lot of magic?

Ferris…nice to see you aint changed at all over the years (^^ ;;) So now I’m thinking that the battle scene we’re shown was the battle at the Roxanne Plains but at that…we saw that some of the dead bodies were wearing the uniforms of the Academy. Which means some major shit will go down indeed. And speaking of…where be Kiefer in the future? Did she die? Was she the spy in question? Did her and Ryner have a falling out after he kicks ass of the 50 Magical Knights?

Given that proper subs have come out of episode 1 *runs off to correct her review of episode 01* Till next week peeps!

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