Hai hai~ signing in to preview Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu or Legend of the Legendary Heroes! Hey it’s got Jun Fukyama in it, that’s enough reason for me! And yes, that logic applied to me even getting Uraboku. Yes…some of us fangirls are more nuts than others. For everyone else? Read on…


We start with a narration that some time ago, countless beings existed with enough power to control the entire world. They were called demon lords, devil and dark gods. The world was always in danger of being destroyed at the hands of these demons. But there were warriors, now referred to as the Legendary Hero’s. Using his magic and combat strength that was far greater than these demons, he fought against them. But who were these so-called ‘heroes’ who had this crazy mad strength that enabled them to kick demon ass? Its said that if any of their relics were to be found, their value would be enormous. But did these demons and heroes really exist? The ‘Alpha Stigma’ should help in that matter.Shift to the present where a young boy is facing down some soldiers.  Looks like the Alpha Stigma power is kinda like analysis of other magics and being able to reproduce it…I think…The guy blinks, the symbol of the Alpha Stigma in his eyes as he makes a hand gesture and the other side immediately fires a round of magic, Flare Burst. The kid returns fire, the same magic to be precise. The soldiers are shocked, stating that he’s from Roland so how could he know the magic of Nelpha. The leader of the soldier’s recognizes the symbol and everyone’s generally freaked out that they’re facing a monster. Leader from the top of nearby large rock structure yells to his soldiers to stop using their magic, this boy will steal their magic. The fact that Roland sent an Alpha Stigma monster as a spy..does Roland intend to start a war against Nelpha?!

The guy starts to retort that it’s not like that when he is interrupted. A sharp eyed, long haired blonde with a big ass…sword? Or is it a lance? named Ferris is introduced. Can I have her hair? Anyhows. Her agument is rock solid. Can a foppish man like him look like he can spy on anything? Ouch….that hurts Ferris-chan~

Of course our guy isn’t happy at such a follow up and asks then what exactly is SHE supposed to be, she who follows that fop around. A haughty smirk and hair flip, but of course she’s the beauty. Cue one pissed off hero and a bunch of utterly smitten soldiers. Oh look, the General and our hero are the only ones who aren’t deceived~  General tells his soldiers to resume the attack! Our guy exclaims for them to stop for all they are looking for is the artifacts of the Legendary Heroes in Nelpha but the soldiers aren’t interested in talk and they attack. Ferris jumps in her with her sword and makes quick work of the small fry. She breaks their swords and helmets. Freaked out, the enemy beats a hasty retreat.

Our guy chases after them, stating that they’re just looking for the artifacts and they aren’t part of the war, all they want are the hero’s *WHACK* Ferris slams the hilt of her sword into his face. And that’s one big hilt…understandably, it hurts. Ferris keeps her sword to his throat and ‘kindly’ asks him if he is aware of the concept ‘covert operation’? What could be accomplished by him yabbering on about the artifacts?So can he please do his job without any unnecessary comments?  He falls into a daigoza and apologizes. Smart man this one. Aha, his name is Ryner. I shall call you Ry-kun~ Well Ry-kun isn’t really all that keen on missions or hard work (I know how you feel man…) but still runs after her. As the two make their way, they fail to realize that they are being followed by *counts* three people. One of them being a young girl with orange hair.

We have a nice shot of a lovely little stall outside a fort-like structure near the Nelphan Border and Ryner inquires that if their mission is to find and recover the artifacts of the Legendary Hero for Roland…then how is it that they’re sitting around while Ferris eats dango. Looks like our Ferris-chan has a dango-fetish. Her and Nagisa would get along peachily I reckon….Like Tomoya, Ryner doesn’t really share in the same dango love. But unlike Tomoya, he gets smacked on the head by the blunt side of her sword sheath for stating that he doesn’t really care about how awesome the dango’s are. Yowtch.

Looks like Ryner’s the guy who writes the reports on the artifacts while Ferris is just his guard. His situation won’t change with him just sitting around. With a heavy sigh, Ry-kun sits up and looks over the map. They’re near the border but the relic is somewhere southwest. Some mumbling about how much they’ve walked and the direction of the mountains…Ry-kun sighs and considers it a pain as he is tired and he wants to nap. To the point he could sleep for about 80 years (^^ ;;).

The storekeeper over hears them and inquires whether they are from Roland and hesitantly, Ryner admits that they are. The shopkeeper says that sure there are plenty of Nelpha who hate Roland but she’s doesn’t. In the past, the kings of Roland fought plenty of wars all over the place and it was pretty bad. But the revolution starts since the new king was crowned two years ago and since then, things have changed and become pretty different. The Hero King, Sion Astal, so young and yet so impressive and so handsome to boot~ the shopkeeper fangirls.

Ferris cuts in and says that she must correct her for that person wasn’t a hero. Rather, he was a demon. For that smiling face of his concels the nature an evil devil *dryly* A heartless monster who holds dango’s as hostage to scare her. Or yes, the devil’s right hand man he is…Ryner agrees – saying that he may look nice but in reality he is a workaholic bully of a king who likes to work his best friend down to the bone! (Ryner, yer just steamed that you can’t nap like you want too XD) Ferris agrees with Ryner, saying that for once he’s onto something right. Ryner agrees, saying that he got saddled with this crappy, troublesome job. And then they agree to get it done. I’m not wholly sure what (^^ ;;)

Back in Roland’s capital, there’s a parade in progress with the people lined up and cheering for Astal and Roland. UWA! Sion Astal is a bishounen! I mean holy crap! Stick him in a dress and you could TOTALLY pull a Bridget! :O A pair of shopkeepers discuss Sion and how popular he is and Roland will prospers in the future. He is the hope and savior of Roland, as a dark haired figure watches from the shadows. Looks like a more pleasant faced Kanda *grins*

Shift to the royal castle where Shion has returned and is asked by his vassal how was the situation in the Celyoa region. Sion states that it was worse than expected – last years flood has left heavy damages. And due to this, that region will be granted a tax exemption.  Calne, orange haired vassal is told to make immediate revisions to the budget. The other two guys (one red head and the other brown, Miller) are asked about the situation in the capital.

Miller says no problems of supreme importance. Just a Duke Sterleded and Count Klausberr made a big move – end game being to show off their political clout.  Sion sighs and says that its the same like always. He turns to the red head, Claugh, and asks whats the state of the neighboring lands. Claugh sighs and tells him does he really have to start working the minute he returns? He ought to rest a little! Sion brushes that aside saying that change has just begun for this nation, should he ease his grip but a little, everything will be lost. And everything will be like it was before…kings and nobles consumed by their greed as they devoured the world as they so pleased.

Claugh tells him that were he to collapse here, that also would lead to naught in the end. The hopes of the whole kingdom lie upon Sion’s shoulders. Calne teases Claugh that even he can say something deep sometimes. Claugh obviously doesnt like the ‘sometimes’ hit to his ego XD Calne asks Sion to rely on them more. Calne already handles the domestic affairs while Miller handles the military and he’s got Claugh, for what its worth.  (Are you cruising for a bruising? :P)

Claugh asks whether Calne has any problem with him? A clear denial but in a tone that makes you say “But you so DO!”. Aha, the issue doth reveal itself~ seems like he DOESN’T hold a grudge against his sempai who had to run around fixing things after he hit on a noble’s daughter… XD So while Claugh and Calne are arguing with each other, Miller informs Sion that a message has come from Nelpha and that ‘they’ are still wandering around the border. Sion smiles and wonders what those guy are planning. Back to our kooky couple, they are at some forest ruins and Ryner is asking Ferris is she’s sure that this is the right place and he replies that it seems like the place. Ferris ignores him and walks up to the door and pushes against it. And states the obvious that it won’t open.

Grumbling Ryner walks over, places his hand on the door and activates his Alpha Stigma. Several magic circles appear on the door and Ryner comments that there is a rather troublesome barrier and its like he’s trying to break the magic down by analyzing the magic when… Oh crap I knew it. Ferris tells him to step back as she takes her sword out and slashes at the door. HOLY SHIT, SHE JUST SLICED THE DOOR IN HALF D: *stares at the sword* Is that made outta adamantium? And oye oye! *sweating profusely* What a dangerous approach you got there ojou-chan…

Ferris and Ryner go in and whoops, looks like they’re still being followed. And its four people who are stalking them. The lil red head, one blue, one grey and one blond. Inside the buildings, Ryner states that he’s released all the traps and now he’s drowsy after tending to all these tedious traps. Ferris tells him that for a sex-crazed pervert (?!?!?!?!?!) like him, it it doesn’t involve stalking women or abducting little girls (!!!!), he wouldnt put forward any efforts at all. Ryner asks when the hell did he do any of that stuff? As the two bicker on their way, the foursome is still following…is this girl smitten with Ryner? Or Ferris?  As she’s peeking around the corner, the girl accidentally trips and as she grabs at the wall, she pulls at a piece of brick and…uwa!

THAT is one HELL of a dangerous trap! Err actually…it takes talent to save yourself that way Ryner (;;;;;) Looks like Ryner just deal with the traps on the floor…or maybe he just missed a few? Ferris jumps away but OF COURSE the place where she lands, her foot activates ANOTHER trap. If it’s a giant rock I’m outta here….Oh no, its fire XD UWA THAT is way too close for comfort! As the red head runs forward, screaming for them to freeze..she activates another trap. Ferris slashes away the spears holding Ryner in place and says that “It’s coming.” Rei asks what is, like I did. She tells him to run away. And then uses his face as a jumping aid, slams her sword up into the wall and hangs there as she states, “There it is”. It’s a giant rock isn’t it?

Oh crap, I was wrong again. It a flood of water. So while Ryner literally gets carried away, Ferris states that she did tell him to run away. Ferris-chan *sweating buckets now* The four stalkers…oh crap they’re five of them?! WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE COMING FROM?! But err..looks like their red head got swept away too (^^;;)  Shift to Roland where the sun is setting and a single carriage is making its way through the empty streets. A young kid is watching the carriage from the shadows and recognizes the coat of arms on the coach as Count Klausberr’s. Looks like it’s an assassination attempt on the guy. The kid jumps down on the carriage but inside we have Sion. He is surprised at the sound of something falls on the carriage.

The kids breaks the window and sticks his head in, holding a dagger in his hand, yelling for Klausberr to prepare himself when he realizes that his target ain’t there. The carriage stops and Claugh yanks the kid back and off the carriage. He asks who sent a third-rate assassin after Sion. Not really feeling hopeful, he tells Claugh to kill him.  Claugh is surprised at that and the kid goes on to say that it’s all over and if he can’t Eslina (his little sister) back, he’d rather die.  Apparently that morning she went out for a walk but then Klausberr kidnapped her. He laments the fact that hes not strong enough to fight the nobles. And without her, he finds no point of living in this corrupt world. *eyes the kid* Yer 16 arnt’t you? Only kids say stuff like that….

Sion comes out from the carriage, asking when would he abandon his sister and give up on everything?  And thats when the kid recognizes who was in the carriage. Sion steps down and says that just cause he was born in the wrong country, wrong world, would he just give up? Indeed their land IS corrupt but regardless, he has a dream. He will bring change to this corrupt land and he will not stop from doing whatever it takes to bring about that change.  Back at the ruins, Ferris inquires whether Ryner is still alive? Looks like our red headed jou-chan got swept away with Ryner as they both wake up (one cursing Ferris and the other cursing her hurting stomach).

Ryner looks at her and ask who exactly is she? As she realizes that she’s sitting almost on Ryner, she jumps away (remarkable impersonation of a fish flopping around on dry land) (Oh yea…she’s a Ryner fangirl) She’s a leader of of the Roland Empire Taboo-Breaker Pursuit Squad, Lieutenant Milk Callaud. . . . . Milk? . . . Okay. I learnt to not question the naming sense while I was in my Tokyo Mew Mew phase. I mean Cabbage? For a girls name? *shakes head* PUDDING? I’d have liked to have seen the look on the nurses’ face when THAT name was put down on the family register… Ahem sorry, back on track. Seems like Milk has been tracking the two down because he acquired  Rolandian magic and attempted to leave without permission. Ergo, he has been recognized as a taboo-breaker. To protect Roland’s magic secrets, he must be put restraint aaaaaaaaaaaand she bites her tongue. I suppose that was supposed to be a moe point but its only moe with Mizuki-san does it~ Moe moe~~~

*comes outta her day dream about the same time as Milk’s tongue stops hurting* Ara…they’re both walking away while stating that they’re both hungry. Of course Ferris says that they should get dango after they’re done (dude, all that sugar ain’t good for you seriously…) Milk yells at them to stop for she will restrain them! She makes her magic circle, its a thunder spell. Ryner catches sight of the attack and blocks it, using a similar looking circle as a shield to boot.

Ryner seems more or less…bored as Milk yells that she gets it that Ryner has been forced to obey that beautiful but violent woman. Aaaaaah…it’s that huh. She begs for Ryner to go back with her, he can still get off easy. *eyes Milk* HOW old are you again? Cause you look…err…15. But she can’t be 15 and a captain right? Ryner is not really wholly pleased and Ferris interrupts that she gets it! OBVIOUSLY this girl is one of his poor victims that he cast away after….sinking his poisoned fangs in them and toying with them… *stares at Ferris* I kinda wanna open you head and see your thinking patterns….

Ryner’s like “WHO was toying with them?!” and Milk’s like ‘I haven’t been abandoned!’ (Yeah, shes not a cat although shes got the name of one *badumtch~!*) Ferris is impressed that they have a casual relationship , how very mature (pft~!) Two loud ass denials. Milk’s mad that they’re making fun of her and she gets ready to bring out her big guns! (No not those..even those are small so they’re not reallt big guns now are they? *gets smacked for being perverted*)

But before she can attack again, an attack from behind has her falling face first into the ground. A…I dunno what to call this…a globe of light shoots up out of the ground and reshapes itself into a…I can’t say what it is. No really I don’t know what to call it…a..*squints and tilts her head* No…dunno what to call it…random rock formation?

Milk’s about to get crushed when she gets swept up by one of the stalker parties. The long haired white guy, Luke gently scolds her that she can’t go about dying in this place.  They quickly decide to run away and the ruins they explode in a huge blast of light. The light transformed into a weird rock like giant…half scorpion weird ass enemy. I DON’T KNOW HOW ELSE TO DESCRIBE IT SO SHUT UP! *huddles in her corner* And this thing packs a major punch too it seems. Ryner and Ferris face it down. Ferris asks what he can gather about this thing. He says that even with his Alpha Stigma, he can’t analyze its structure at all. So it’s got to be an artifact of the Legendary Heroes. So the question is how to defeat it. Ryner says that he can’t make out its structure so how the hell is he supposed to know? They get shot at and they run away as fast as they can. And that is when Ryner comes up with a plan! So simple and so brilliant! And it is GUARANTEED TO WORK if you ask me! Its ingenious! Its….

Run like hell. Ferris considers it one of those “Well duh obviously” plans. And they run away. As fast as they can…while being shot at by this..weird…rock giant-ass thing that looks like a cross between Donkey Kong and a scorpion…(- -;;)

Back in Roland, at the Klausberr Mansor,  looks like the kid got his little sister back. Awwww <3 Their story is that they lost their folks back in the war and they’ve been living by themselves since then. Yet another relic of a dead king. Sion comments that though the king is dead, as long as the nobles hold power, these things will keep happening.He bitterly comments that some Hero King he is – he knows that the noble’s continue in their corrupt ways yet he still lacks the power of overcome it. Sion gets interrupted by a pompous ass…oh its Count Klausberr.

He asks if Sion has seen the “flower” he placed in his chambers….You’d BETTER be talking of a real flower and not a girl or else *makes a shooting motion* Sion replies in the affirmative and Klausberr continues that its a simple, wild flower he…plucked today…THAT BETTER NOT MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS! Oh yeah…he’s a pompous and cunning ass. It’s all in the way they talk. They exchange fake pleasantries that makes me glad I’m not in politics or any of that stuff. 130% agreement with Sion when he declares the Count as scum! :<

Ferris asks what they should do, how can they recover that relic. (^^;;) As they watch the monster pretty much randomly blow the landscape up, Ryner says there ain’t no way in hell. Ferris cheerfully agrees and they decide that they’ll go back to their work (OYE OYE!) and leave the cleanup to that workaholic. Suddenly Ryner notices that Ferris is wearing a jewel around her neck and asks her where she got it from. She admits that she found it in the ruins.

Ryner scolds her for not telling him and that it may be another relic. He’s barely finished his sentence when the necklace turns into an orb of light and flies off into the air. It bursts into a huge pillar of light and the rock creature fires off a beam at it but gets totally swallowed up by the white light. The ledge on which Ryner and Ferris were standing breaks away from under them and they fall. Ryner wakes up and is shocked to see most of the landscape is…well…its more or less a huge ass crater. Ferris is still as calm as ice as she says “As you’d expect from a hero’s relic” *falls outta her chair*

Ferris calmly says that she believes that the past should never be repeated and walks away. Ryner sighs and says that he’s jealous of her outlook on life. But then there’s another beam of red light, oh crap is that rock head still not dead?! Apparently not. And they run for their lives…again. Ryner narrates that people hate dying and they hate killing too. They don’t like crying or making others cry. How must it fell, not being able to choose your own life? What about when a loved one dies? Or a noble? Nobody wants that to happen but still the world years and laughs for such suffering. Roland ponders that he’s never had any burning desire to change the way things were but without change, it’d be too sad. He doesn’t want to lose anything else and it’s a major pain in the ass and troublesome at various degrees but…its time to move forward.

Someone asks Sion if he is looking at ‘that’ again. Sion is looks up from some papers at Lucile. The latter states…a bunch of rather cryptic mumbo-jumbo if you wanna call it anything. “Alpha Stigma..a pleasant dream that a lone monster clings to as it weeps. Its a fairytale.” Sion crumples the document in his hand as he recalls the time when he swears to Ryner that he will become the king and fix everything and so, Ryner should join up with him.

But there’s a battlefield, the sky is blood red and bodies litter the ground as a girl is crying and Sion looks on down at the single boy standing in the middle of the battle field. Its..Ryner…? What the hell happened here…And are those kids from the Academy or where ever Ryner and Sion were studying at? Sion simply states ‘Kudaranai’ (Senseless), black out and episode end.

The next episode looks like more flashbacks, particularly Sion  and Ryner’s time in the academy! Oh Ferris was there too!…and her dango…ara ara, who is this kawaii blond? Looks like next week will be interesting as well!


All in all, I found this an interesting first episode. Good pacing and I like the dynamic between Ryner and Ferris. A lot of good humor and poor Reyner for always being the butt of Ferris’s jokes XD Now I can’t wait for Sion and Ryner to meet up again cause I get the feeling that Sion teases Ryner a lot. I really liked the ending of this episode because it makes you go “What..the…how…?” it raises a lot of questions and makes you wonder about Ryner and what happened.

And also about how one goes about achieving the Alpha Stigma, cause after all, it’s never easy to get such a power. The price tag its always…it always makes you flinch. So yeah, what happened on the battlefield? Was that the first time Reyner’s powers kicked in and he was the one thanks to whom Roland won the war?

I hope that this develops more because I’m sensing some excellent potential in this story. It could be a kickass story between three friends. I look forward to the next episode!

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