Episode 62, “The Violent Counterattack” picks up where last week’s episode left off. Father, now in a weakened state, though still immensely powerful, has headed above ground in search of Philosopher’s Stones.

He is using anyone he can suck energy from, but the only people around are soldiers. He might’ve been successful had Hoenheim not’ve been there to stop him. They get into a bit of a tizzy about how humans should just accept their fate and how the homunculi cannot reproduce anything of value—they cannot give birth, if you may. Thus, prompting Father to play a nasty little trick. From his ‘belly’, these figures, these ‘humans’ emerge. They are people they once knew. King Xerxes, Izumi’s child.  This has always and forever will be nothing but a game to him. From that, a large and devastating blast of energy is shot off and the scene heads underground.

Greed has come back to warn everyone about Father’s otherworldly powers. Those who are injured must stay back and those who can fight must do so. The scene is rather heart warming, but it doesn’t last for long. Back up in the rubble that was once Central headquarters, half of which has been blown away, Mei-chan awakens bloodied and covered with dirt. She realizes that her wounds would have been much worse if it wasn’t for Al who protected her through the blast. Ed awakens as well, followed by Izumi. Like Father like son…Hoenheim has also protected them, but the sweet moment is quickly ruined when Father appears from behind, smacking Hoenheim at least ten feet away; another brilliant show of his physical strength.

Father attempts to suck the life out of Izumi and Ed; however, a shot to the head interrupts his plan. What soldiers are left have joined forces and attempt to take Father down by firing at him with whatever ammo they can spare. They put everything they have into it; rockets, bullets, even Mustang manages to get in a few hits despite him having lost his sight. He has Hawkeye by his side telling him just where to hit. When Father fires back, Mustang reacts quickly, blocking the attack with his new found skill.

From above, Greed is watching the fight. He marvels over the power that Father possesses and thinks to himself how wonderful it would be to have such strength. He could rule the world with it. Of course, Ling has to bust in and ruin all of his fun. Despite Ling’s warnings, Greed joins the fight as well when it becomes apparent that the humans are running out of resources. Bad idea. Since Greed has a Philosopher’s stone, he has practically given Father exactly what he needs, or so Father may think. In order to obtain the stone, Father must remove his defenses, leaving him completely open and vulnerable.

The few last attacks from Ed, Armstrong and Izumi seem to do nothing. Ed’s automail even shatters into hundreds of pieces, but that doesn’t stop any of them from attempting to take down the last of Father’s barrier. Hoenheim notices he is using his hands to defend himself now, which means he can no longer contain God. Another large explosion follows and, once the dust clears, the devastation is made apparent. Still hell-bent on getting those stones, Father zeroes in on Ed who has been thrown against a pile of rubble; his left arm pinned to the cement by a piece of rebar.

Realizing there isn’t much Ed can do with only one arm, Al decides it is time he must sacrifice something in order to repay his brother. After a bit of begging, Mei sets up a path for Al to transmute his soul to the gate where he can rejoin his body. In return, this allows Ed to get his right arm back, much to his dismay—he has lost his little brother, for now. Despite his disbelief, he knows he cannot bring Al back just yet and gives Father the beating of a lifetime.

Everyone cheers Ed on as the Fullmetal Alchemist unleashes the shit storm of the century. Through this, as he watches, Greed reflects on his one and only true wish: to have companions like them.

“Get up, you punk!” Ed shouts, having knocked Father to the ground. The episode ends there, but his ass kicking is not over just yet. There are two episodes left; a bit of a disappointment, but such a huge relief to finally have an ending. This episode doesn’t spoil much in the previews, which is nice. The last few have been doing that, effectively ruining the element of surprise, but not this time. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the story animated. And oh so disheartened that it is almost over!

~Blogged by Dee

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