Summary Key Points:


  • Mikado and Celty arrive at the scene where Kida is a bloody mess
  • As soon as Anri, Mikado, Celty and Kida are about to be attacked, a cry for “betray them now” is heard amongst the crowd
  • A battle erupts between the gang members present in the warehouse
  • It turns out that Kadota had brought a bunch of dollars members and infiltrated the warehouse
  • Kida learns that it was Horoda who broke Saki’s legs, and punches him hard
  • As Kida loses consciousness, he and Mikado and Anri reconcile their problems
  • Kida asks to be taken to the hospital where Saki is just before he passes out
  • Kida ends up at the Yellow Scarves base, and attempts to attack Horoda, and is sevearly beat up
  • As things look bleak for him, Anri appears, slashing the iron door of the warehouse
  • In the confusion, Horoda attempts to escape, but Celty follows him.
  • Mikado and Anri take Kida to the hospital and Kadota/Dotachin’s van.
  • Celty stops midway through the chase, and see Shizou
  • Shizou demolishes the car with a road sign in hand
  • Horoda and his two minions are then arrested by the  Police Man, Kinnosuke
  • Back at the hospital, Mikado finds that Anri is gone
  • Anri confronts Izaya, and tries to slash him in order to control him, but fails
  • Izaya declares war on her, stating that he loves humans and won’t give them over to a sword
  • Izaya leaves, only to be punched by Simon
  • Simon states that Izaya shouldn’t destroy the town too much
  • Simon also states that he can see that Izaya has a complex with Shizou and that is why he does what he does
  • Back at his office Izaya concludes that it was Namine who told everyone about the fact that Mikado was the leader of the Dollars
  • Kida and Saki get back together, and Kida finds out that Saki has been pretending to not be able to walk because Izaya asked her to
  • Kida and Saki disappear together, and everything goes back to normal
  • Back in the Dollar’s chatroom, a new member appears, and it happens to be Kida
  • Mikado asks that Kida come back some time, and that he’s always welcome
  • The Episode ends with a Montage of all the major characters, going about their daily lives
  • Shizou is still hurling huge objects at people
  • Izaya is still looking from afar and smirking
  • Celty and Shinra are as lovely dovey as ever
  • Seiji and Mika are walking along as well
  • Simon is still trying to get Customers for the Russian sushi
  • Mikado reflects on the fact that while it may seem like some big things happened, nothing really changed that much


Opinions: (A)

I have to say, this was a solid ending episode. While I guess I’m still a little disappointed by last episode and how quickly everything ended without anything getting too ugly, I do believe that after one is over that initial disappointment, the ending episode is a nice, clear ending to the series.

A few notable things happened this episode of course. The first, was the realization that this was Izaya’s twisted way of making everyone grow and mature and move past their conflicts. It was a hard lesson for Mikado, Anri and Kida, and one that actually did propel them to become better, more open and mature people. I can honestly see how Izaya thinks he really does love humans, and Namie’s point that Humanity probably hates Izaya’s gutts is quite true, but nonetheless, it makes sense that Izaya didn’t go for a more complete, killer plan. It was never his intention to have anyone die, but rather to put them through some really trying circumstances.

Even during the talk with Anri, he pretty much made it clear that Anri was fooling herself with her whole: “saika will love others for me” crap. She’s just more or less confused if anything else. Of course, Izaya does  have his own issues, as Simon so expertly points out. I’ve got to say, Simon smacking the crap out of Izaya and sending him flying was pretty awesome, especially with the signature nice guy smile Simon had when he did it. The conversation between him and Izaya was pretty enlightening too, and it makes sense that Izaya has some sort of complex as far as Shizou goes. He really does hate Shizou’s gutts.

Beyond Izaya, Kida finally moved past the whole issue of blaming himself for Saki’s condition and not being to do anything. The moment between the two was heart warming, and brought a nice smile to my face. The fact that Saki was actually able to walk, and defied Izaya was even more powerful, as perhaps her only creepy aspect was her worship of Izaya. It was interesting to learn that Izaya had asked her to get caught by the Blue Squares, and also to pretend to be a cripple. Judging by how Izaya smiled when he heard from Simon that Saki was done with him, it was quite his intention to have her do things for herself.

Her and Kida running away together was nice, and to top it off, the montage of all the characters was a nice way to end the series. Also, Kida finally chatting in the Dollars chatroom was a nice thing to see, especially with how he kept bad mouthing Izaya XD. It occurs to me that I never really talked about the chatroom stuff, because I deemed it laregely irrelevant, but it is a big part of what makes Durarara!! unqiue.

Since this is an episode blog, I’ll save my opinions for the full series for the full review I’ll be posting of the series. In the mean time, its good to have blogged Durarara!! all the way from start to finish. Its been a great ride!


No, there’s no more episodes for Durarara!! airing, and these are just screenshots from the last episode. There IS going to be a DVD only, 25th Episode though, so look forward to that!

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