Summary Key Points:


  • The Mage council has a discussion on how to deal with the Tower of Heaven
  • It turns out that the Tower of Heaven is a way to revive the dead, and is a forbidden magic
  • The one behind the erection of the Tower of Heaven is Jelal, Siegrain’s twin brother
  • Siegrain urges the council to use Etherion, their most powerful magical weapon
  • The council is reluctant, as Etherion has the power to wipe out an entire country
  • Ultear and one other council member pledge their support of the action, and only 2 more are needed before the weapon can be used
  • Meanwhile, Erza escapes from her confinement and begins to seek out Jelal
  • At the same time, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Juvia arrive on the Island as well
  • Natsu and co break through the first line of defense and are led onto the first floor
  • They run into Erza, who beckons them to leave
  • Natsu refuses and runs off to find Happy
  • Erza is convinced by Lucy and Gray to allow them to help
  • Erza shares a bit of her past, and how she was a slave when the first Tower of Heaven was being built
  • She also lets it be known that Jellal was the leader of her old group of friends
  • Finally, she starts her tale of what exactly happened between her and Jellal
  • She recounts of how Jellal saved her, and got caught in her place
  • It was also jellal who led Erza to direct a rebellion against her captors
  • The Episode ends as the fighting between Erza and the resistance and their captors begins and Jellal begins to get some sort of dark aura rise around him


Opinions: (B+)

Not a bad episode! The story moved forward quite a bit, and we still got a few nice juicy tidbits about Erza’s past, as well as some of Fairy Tail’s signature humor. Natsu and co relaxing and eating and changing clothes in between their battles was funny, as was the growing jealousy that Juvia has for Lucy.

Seeing a small, cute Erza was nice too. I think I’m beginning to like her character a lot more now that I see she’s human and more than just an angry bossy sisterly character. She’s generally scared of whatever Jellal is planning, and of him, and the very fact that she feels fear and is so afraid is great for the character. That aside, Lucy and Gray insisting on helping her was pretty sweet too.

The revelation that Jellal was actually Siegrain’s twin, and not Seigrain himself was surprising, but not all that bad. I wonder what kind of relation the two brothers have, especially since Siegrain seems to know Erza, but isn’t present in any of the flashbacks of her childhood. Siegrain seems pretty afraid of the R-System himself, and wants to end things quickly with Fairy Tail’s version of an Atom Bomb XD

As for Jellal’s actual plan, I wonder who he wants to revive, and what his real plan is. It may be that eye that we get a glimpse of in the preview, or some evil demon much like Deliora from  Gray’s past? Eitherway, its nice that while the series continues to keep the action and humor in each episode, the emphasis is clearly on the story.

Also, I still can’t stand Wally, that blocky weirdo should just… disappear. Jeez XD


It seems next episode will conclude the backstory and whatever happened to Jallal after he was captured.

~Blogged By Setsuken

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