Summary Key Points:


  • Celty goes to find Mikado
  • At the same time, Kida is walking around and gets a call from Horada, telling him that he’s fired from the Yellow Scarves
  • Shizou arrives at Shinra’s place, to get fixed up and states that he plans to kill the Yellow Scarves and Kida Masaomi
  • Anri gets worried and leaves, along with Shizou, Shinra calls Celty to let her know
  • Mikado is told of Anri and Kida’s secrets, and heads out to find Kida with celty
  • Kida decides to kill Horoda, and end this
  • Kida runs intto Simon, who tries to stop him, but fails
  • Kida ends up at the Yellow Scarves base, and attempts to attack Horoda, and is sevearly beat up
  • As things look bleak for him, Anri appears, slashing the iron door of the warehouse
  • Soon after, Mikado and Celty arrive, and the three friends look at each other in wonder, as the episode ends.


Opinions: (B)

Considering how much they’ve been building up to this, I found the near conclusion of this arc quite disappointing. I mean, I guess since we’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, I was expecting some uber umph! The same kind that I felt when we heard of Mikado or Anri’s secrets. All I can say is that this has been really disappointing.

In the end, I did find Kida’s actions very impressive though. It was definitely a time where the character matured and developed, realizing his flaws and facing his problems head on. Of course, Shizou hasn’t appeared yet, and from the looks of it, I doubt Shizou will try to kill Kida now that Celty is around. Even if he does try to, the fact that both Anri and Celty are there, is enough to hold even him off.

I’m guessing Kida will head back to Saki after this, forgiving himself for what he did and moving forward.  I do wonder what Saki said on the phone to the  Russian Sushi owner though, and I’m hoping Izaya has some end game in mind still, as I can only guess that he was the only she was talking about.

I guess… as  Kida centric arc, this more than delivers. At the same time, the problem is that this is the END of the series, and a part where we want a significant pay off for all the time we’ve invested in the plot and characters. The last few episodes have been advancing the plot at a snail’s pace, and I can’t help but feel that this could have happened much sooner.

I’m also guessing that Izaya intended for things to happen the way they did, and this is perhaps, the first stage of his plan. Bringing all three factions together seems to have been his intent, for whatever reason. To add to that, it seems that Izaya initially planned to use Namie to orchestrate this whole event, but had to use Shizou in the end because of Mikado’s quick thinking and ability to stop Namie. I am seriously wondering what Izaya’s end game is, and whether he truly is a villain or just a wild card. He’s obviously not a nice guy, but his final intentions don’t seem entirely evil either. Either way, I guess Izaya’s intentions are going to remain mysterious XD

With only one episode left, it seems like Durarara!! will be ending on a dull note. I guess its been quite the ride, even if the last part was a bit anit-climactic. I guess I would be less worried and sad about how the last part of the series didn’t end on a high note, if there was a chance of a second series. Considering how Baccano! has about 3-4 other light novels that were never animated, I doubt we’d ever get a second season of Durarara!! I doubt the Light novels will ever be translated either.

I look forward to seeing what the last episode provides, but unless there’s a big announcement of a season 2 with an epic cliffhanger, I can’t see it being anything short of disappointing.  Quite sad indeed.


The last episode of the series! See it  next week!

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