Summary Key Points:


  • Mikado enlists the help of the Dollars members to help save Anri
  • The Dollars help Anri escape from the Yellow Scarves via some elaborate Bunny switching and van usage
  • Anri is found by the Yellow Scarves again, only to be saved by Kida
  • Kida questions what Anri is trying to do
  • Anri slaps him and runs away after hearing his harsh accusations
  • Anri is found by Shizou and Celty, and taken back to Celty’s place.
  • Celty lets the dollars know that Anri is safe
  • Mikado then disbands the Dollars, very depressed.
  • Celty decides its time to let Mikado know after she hears of the entire situation from Anri and goes to get him
  • Meanwhile, Mikado is lying depressed in bed, with Kida trying to reach him
  • On another side of town, Shizou is shot by some crazed Yellow scarves, who blame the attack on Kida
  • The episode ends with a shot of Anri contemplating what happened


Opinions: (A)

Some pretty amazing stuff happens this episode. Anri is saved by the combined efforts of the Dollars, only to be confronted by Kida. It seems he thinks its all Anri’s doing, whatever is happening right now. Anri obviously, doesn’t take very kindly to his accusations, and there’s also the issue of her already considering herself a monster.

The most shocking thing, however, was Shizou getting shot and being left for dead. Its a wonder if he’ll survive, but you’ve gotta hand it to Izaya. He took out his most troublesome enemy, and got the gang war back on track, even though Celty and Shizou, along with Mikado and the Dollars had just prevented it.

Mikado disbanding the dollars was also unexpected. Given how depressed Kida was, I was expecting HIM to be the one to do any form of disbanding. Instead, Mikado disbands the dollars, and his reasons for doing so are unclear. I’m sure he thinks this is the best way to stop all the fighting, although I doubt it’ll do much. Kida also seems to be going down an either darker path, with both of his friends giving him the cold dark shoulder.

Celty FINALLY decides to step in. She took her sweet time, and only after Anri decided to let her. Anri still doesn’t know that Mikado is the founder of the Dollars though, so next episode should definitely be quite exciting and eventful.


Kida has decided to act, and put a stop to things? It’ll be interesting to see what he does next XD

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