“Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth.” Such a fitting title for this episode—straight and to the point. So finally, after 59 episodes, we have reached the point in which the series has been building up to. But before we get there, I want to start from the beginning.

Episode 59 left off with some strings untied. Back in the upper levels of the underground, the chimera and Hawkeye have yet to escape. And Scar and Bradley have only just begun their fight. After a heartfelt reunion between Denny Brosh and Maria Ross, the battle between Homunculus, creator and human sacrifices begins. Ed finds out that Pride has used a technique at high risk for him when they forced Mustang to open the Gate. This, apparently, has left him withering away and vulnerable. May-chan declares she will take care of Father despite a round of disapproval only to quickly find out that he is much more powerful than he seems.

We skip right to the surface where some mysterious things above ground are occurring. Military personnel have reported sightings of Ishbalans all over the city, but for what reason they are unsure. A couple more appear at a woman’s home, asking her about the direct location of her house on a map while a few are shown in a rundown shack somewhere. They, too, appear to be in the right spot and stare up into the darkening sky as the moon slowly takes its place in front of the sun.

Back underground, Scar and Bradley begin their fight. This scene begins a little shakily, starting with some sketchy animation. You can always tell if something is going to be epic when the animation is pristine and flows with a sort of grace that must have taken some time and effort. Maybe it’s just me and noticing the little details, but the small annoyances do not last for very long. The fight isn’t as amazing animation-wise compared to some of the previous showdowns, but it makes up for that in the sheer awesomeness of its context.

Despite always joking about his old age as being not so much of an issue in his ability to fight, Bradley has some amazing skill. That does not uphold here as he is fatally wounded and quite obviously so. He’s practically puking up blood on top of bleeding out of the wounds Scar has inflicted on him. He is no longer the ultimate fighter we’ve seen in previous episodes. In this case, Scar is the victor with a little help from his brother. Before, he has always fought and deconstructed with his right arm. However, in this scene, his last attack is a little something different. It’s taken this long for him to realize the purpose of his brother’s research, but he has finally grasped that the left can be used to reconstruct, much like what we see Ed and Al doing.  If there is one thing you should keep in mind, it is that Bradley has not yet been defeated.  That much will become apparent in the following episode.

I found the next scene to be quite interesting. As Ed, Al and everyone else have been fighting to overcome, Father simply seems to be playing games. There is one moment in particular where he fashions a gun out of the end of his hand, shooting bullets at May. This is merely a game to him as he is shown having a bit of fun until the real show begins; a sort of prelude to what is coming next. Shortly thereafter, when everything is in its place, the metaphorical sh*t begins to hit the fan (pardon the language). This is emphasized by an odd and discomforting scene in headquarters.  One of the military personnel who’s been tied up and held captive in headquarters shouts something about this place being no good and to take him to the center. His cries fall on deaf ears, but it is much too late to heed his word. The solar eclipse has finally reached its high point and now Father can execute his plan.

Before anything happens, he explains that the Earth is not a living thing, but rather a system of information that one human could never grasp. In such an expansive universe, the amount of information is colossal, beyond anything we could ever fathom and he is going to use that power to open the Earth’s gate. There is a slight hindrance when Greed shows up attempting to spoil the party, but his efforts are futile. Father activates the transmutation circle; thus, sucking the energy, the life force, out of everyone on this massive land.

When I say everyone, I mean it; from Paninya, Brosh and Ross, Mrs. Bradley to Winry and Pinako, Garfiel-san, random people on the street, babies and dogs—everyone. The gate to the Earth has finally opened and an enormous form, Father, emerges from it, reaching to the sky. He summons “God” to come forth and Heaven’s gate opens at his beck and call. This “God” is portrayed as an eye, just like the Eye of Truth, which he harnesses the energy of, pulling down to Earth to be a part of him. There is a massive explosion that swallows the land and the episode comes to an abrupt conclusion.

Be sure to watch next week, “The One Who Devoured God”.  Although we’ve reached the pinnacle, it is not over yet.

~Blogged by Dee

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