Summary Key Points:


  • Things in Ikebukuro get considerably worse, and a full scale gang war between the Dollars and Yellow Scarves seems iminent.
  • Mikado wonders throughout the episode if the Dollars should exist, and if he was right to get involved with them
  • Anri meanwhile, blames herself for what’s going on and tries to use her Saika army to stop the fighting
  • Kida learns of Anri’s involvement, as do the members of the Yellow Scarves
  • The Episode ends when a group of the Yellow Scarves see Anri on a street and take her away
  • Mikado learns of what’s happening on the Dollars website, shocked.


Opinions: (C)

This was a pretty obvious Transition episode, and personally, I wonder if it was even a needed one? It was more or less Mikado moping and being depressed and wondering what to do. Meanwhile, things did heat up on Anri and Kida’s fronts. It seems that all three of the main leaders are under immense pressure and are doing some really stupid things.

Meanwhile, Izaya’s plan is going into full force, and its mostly because of the stupidity of some of the characters. Its easy and hell for Celty to fix this entire thing if she gets involved and intervenes, but instead, she decides to listen to a high schooler? I guess it suits her character, and Izaya is indeed playing on the character faults of all the members in this game.

That said, Kida now knows all the players, and Mikado is still totally in the dark. I’m wonder if Kida is indeed going to be the casuality that sends this series to its eventual path of everyone figuring out Izaya was behind this and attempt to stop him. All in all, Kida took it pretty hard, and no doubt it’ll get worse when he finds out that Anri was the slasher. The extent of his friend betraying him will be endless.

The serious stuff aside, there was no real anime reference this time that particularly stood out to me (There might’ve been a subtle one here or there). One thing did sorta make me laugh, if maybe unintentional. I can’t help but find it funny how everyone uses Anri’s breasts as a way to indentify who she is. “Big Knockers”, everyone, including Mikado and Kida immediatly got it was Anri. Now, it may be just me, but there’s more to her appearance than “Big Knockers”, “Glasses” and a school uniform. ROFL XD


Seems like Anri is rescued by Kida, and then Kida disbands the Yellow Scraves. I wonder how the blond haired guy lying on the floor at the end is. It could be Kida, or it could be Shizou. Either way, we’ll know next week!

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