Summary Key Points:


  • Kida reflects on his past where he formed the Yellow Scarves & met Saki
  • Kida met Saki one day because Izaya had told her about him
  • Saki worships Izaya and believes he knows everything, and Izaya  is her legal guardian it seems
  • Saki and Kida eventually connect and start going out
  • At the same time, the Yellow Scarves and the Blue squares are having a gang war
  • The Blue Squares fight dirty and the yellow scarves start to get annihilated.
  • Kida, despite not trusting Izaya, is convinced by Saki to ask him for information
  • The Yellow Scarves start winning thanks to Izaya’s information
  • One dark night, Kida gets a call from the leader of the Blue Squares, to come to a parking garage and he breaks Saki’s leg on the phone
  • Saki captured, Kida realizes that this is no longer a battle between middle schoolers, its a full fledged proper war, and one that he started
  • At the same time, Dotachin, Yamasaki, Erika and Togusa hear of what the Blue Squares are doing, and decide to leave the gang and save Saki
  • Kida, on the way, ends up being too scared to move, and freezes up
  • Saki is saved by Dotachin and the gang.
  • Saki is in a coma, and Izaya and Kida talk, where Izaya tells him that he won’t be able to run from his past
  • Kida is told by Kyohei/Dotachin to not run away and face his present and future, even if he wants to run away from his past
  • Kida tries, but he can’t seem to, and still hasn’t told Saki that he wants to break up
  • While Kida is still gathering information about the Slasher and the Dollars, Anri infiltrates the Yellow Scarves, and sees him
  • The Episode ends with: “Why is Kida-kun in the Yellow Scarves?”


Opinions: (A)

Not a bad episode here. It neatly puts Kida’s backstory in place and firmly explains and grounds his character into the Durarara!! universe. Kida’s character is perhaps the most realistic and less bizarre of the other ones. He’s just a kid, who wanted to gain acceptance and thus formed  a gang, but then got in over his head. He also had the person most important to him get into trouble because of his actions.

While Kida’s story doesn’t lack the umph! of say Mikado or Anri, its still a pretty strong one. It also seems like Kida is the weakest and stupid of the three. If a battle does happen between Anri, Mikado and Kida, Kida will be absolutely butchered. He has no forces, and most of the other people are in the dollars. Anri has already gone a few steps ahead and already found about Kida. I don’t know how she’ll react to this, but it is an interesting development.

I do feel a bit sorry for Saki and Kida. Her complete and utter faith and worship of Izaya is what caused her to become crippled. Her worship of him is definitely a bit creepy, although I can understand how Kida liked her and wanted to free her of Izaya. The last line that Izaya throws at Kida, clearly shows that he knew of what Kida was trying to do, and didn’t appreciate it. In a few quick moves, Izaya totally destroyed Kida’s world. The whole incident did show one thing. No matter how much Kida seemed to know everything, he’s just a kid at the end of the day, and at the mercy of the master manipulator Izaya.

Izaya is still pretty much using Anri, Mikado and Kida as  pawns, and his plan is working perfectly. As he says, it really comes down to how quickly people like Shizou, Celty and the rest of the characters get what the hell is going on. Considering how well people know each other in this series, Its possible that some clever thinking could resolve the issue after a few casualties. I can probably see Anri taking down Kida to protect Mikado, and then Mikado seeing her kill Kida and then going after her. They’ll stop midway or something to that matter, and then their anger will be directed to Izaya.

Of course, with unstable elements like Shizou thrown into the fray, I’m sure things could go from bad, to the worst.

Next Episode:

Seems like the next episode is when things starting spiraling out of control. The next episode is called “Anarchy”

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