The main highlight of episode 448 is the big face-off between Magellan and Ivankov. Starting off with an intense chase by Magellan who is hot on the trail of Luffy and gang, we see everyone in a desperate bid to escape Level 3. Ivankov motivates everyone to make for the stairwell that connects the Starvation Hell to the upper levels and orders Inazuma to escape up them, leaving Ivankov alone on Level 3. As Inazuma makes his way up, he uses his Devil Fruit powers to destroy the stairwell behind him so that Magellan has no chance of catching up. We do see however that he is extremely worried about Ivankov and the showdown that happens below. Ivankov uses his Hormone powers to revert back to his male self and gets ready to battle Magellan. Using the Newkama Kenpo style he displays, Ivankov urges Magellan to come at him with full force.

Back on Level 2, Luffy realizes that Ivankov has stayed back and wants to help him, but is dissuaded by Bon Clay who says they need to trust the Miracle Worker and not waste the chance given to them. Crocodile and Jinbei speculate the condition on Level 2, which seems completely deserted, with even the cell doors left open. In reality, the prisoners were already set free by Captain Buggy and his ever-growing posse. Arming them with whatever weapons they can find, Buggy and Mr. 3 use the inmates to battle the remaining guards up on Level 1 and rejoice their almost-in-hand freedom. Back on Level 4, Sadi-chan is left with a broken spine after her fight with Ivankov and musters up all her strength to get her Demon Guards to pursue the escapees using the lift. The communications remain knocked out thanks to the traitorous Head Jailer Shiryuu of The Rain, and the prison is surrounded by a number of Marine ships, according to Jinbei, that Luffy can commandeer and proceed to Marineford to rescue Ace.

Down on Level 3, Ivankov toys around with Magellan in an effort to stall him while the others escape. Finally getting serious, the two battle fiercely. Standing guard up on the now broken stairwell, Inazuma waits for Ivankov to make a return, but instead witnesses Magellan push through. Shocked by what this means, Inazuma prepares to take Magellan head on. Meanwhile, the Demon Guards make their way up to Level 1 and now face off against Captain Buggy’s escapees. While running away from them, Buggy and Mr. 3 bump into Crocodile and learn that Luffy and group have finally made their way up to Level 1. The remaining guards on the floor witness the two groups joining forces and become desperate. Just then, Magellan appears before them, shocking everyone. The episode ends with Luffy stunned at the fate of Inazuma and Ivankov and the terrible plight that they have been forced into once again.

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