Last week’s episode left off with a bit of a cliffhanger, but before we jump right into this week’s installment, episode 54 begins in the past at the end of the Ishbalan war. We see a young Riza Hawkeye making a grave for a child that had been shot and left for dead on the side of the road while Mustang tells her to come home. As, I’m assuming with any war, she tells Roy that the war is not over; at least, not in her heart. Unfortunately, her good intentions and naïve mind at the beginning of the war had brought about devastating results. In order to compensate for her involvement, she asks Roy to burn the secrets on her back so that the world may never see another flame alchemist. Mustang, on the other hand, isn’t terribly keen on the idea—understandably so. Although reluctant about her wishes, he agrees to at least erase as much as possible without leaving behind too much scarring; thus, giving us a bit of background on their relationship and picking back up where we left off.

Hawkeye has her pistol pointed directly at the back of Mustang’s head, or so that is how it seems to be. She has a reason for her actions, having suspected that Mustang is not who he appears to be. Of course, it is Envy having disguised himself as the colonel. She fires off a good number of shots, but it is not enough to take the homunculus down. Envy attempts to retaliate, using his other form to ensnare her. He does not keep a hold of her for too long, however, as Mustang shows up just in time and with enough revenge to take down an army of men. As calmly and collected as he seemed to be after Hughes’ death, Mustang has been harboring these feelings for quite some time. He is no man to be messed with, seething with a frightening rage and will stop at nothing until Hughes’ killer is put to death.

As he goes to town on the homunculus, firing off one attack after another, Hawkeye watches with a pained expression, saddened to see Roy so filled with hate. He manages to rid of the body that Envy used and reduce the homunculus to his true form; a small, weak little green creature no bigger than a small rodent. Mustang traps Envy under his boot, fully intent on dealing the last blow which will get rid of Envy for good, but before he can do that, Hawkeye points her gun at the real Mustang, stopping him before the hate consumes his entire being.

As Hawkeye attempts to convince him that she will handle Envy herself, the tense moment is interrupted by none other than Ed and Scar. Ed uses his alchemy to toss the little green creature his way, safe from Mustang’s flustering rage. It is a sad scene to watch. Mustang even threatens to burn fullmetal’s arm off, but Ed and Scar attempt to convince him that disposing of Envy this way is not right. Scar uses a bit of reverse psychology on him; however, it is Hawkeye’s words that seem to do the trick. And, cue the depressing montage of clips starring Hughes. Tear! Seriously, this is painful! Mustang poses one last question, “What will you do after you kill me?” Hawkeye responds that she does not intend to live the rest of her life so ‘free’ and ‘easy’. She plans on taking the notes inscribed on her back to the grave. Mustang, unhappy with this, unleashes his anger down an empty hall, snapping his fingers, sending a wave of fire to light up the darkness. He will not allow that to happen. He confesses that he cannot lose her and finally lets go of his anger, collapsing in defeat.

This next part is pretty sad, too, but it gets a little tedious until the end. Envy, having watched this display of pathetic human behavior, attempts to rile everyone up again. Much like his taunting before in the big white rooms with the dolls, Envy hopes to rekindle the hate that Mustang harbored for so long; even targeting Ed, Scar and Hawkeye on a personal level, but his efforts go to waste. Defeated as well, Envy offs himself by pulling out his Philosopher’s stone. “What a coward,” Mustang says, and the scene turns over to Central.

Reinforcements have come to help Olivier and Alex in the fight against Sloth. A wave of dolls has also appeared, which they take care of first, but they won’t go down easily. Olivier tells them to take off their heads; at least that way, they won’t be eaten alive. Poor stupid but adorable Sloth has completely forgotten about what he was doing only to suddenly remember his task. He is stopped when he finds a chain around his ankle. Alex is going to deal with him. A fight ensues between the two muscled creatures and Major Armstrong comes out the victor—sparkles and all.

Over at the main gate, the Briggs soldiers have arrived in a tank. This acts as a distraction so that the other soldiers can infiltrate headquarters. There is an explosion and suddenly Buccaneer appears, trapping one of the military generals in his claw. Falman is there, too. He’s the one who helped get them inside HQ. But they could not have done it without the help of Izumi. She had dug them a tunnel in order to get through the city to headquarters without being spotted.

As the credits role and the ending music plays, we get a shot of Hoenheim walking through the underground tunnels. It is now time to confront Father; thus, the real fight begins.

My take:

I quite liked this episode a lot; especially how they portrayed Mustang and his quest for vengeance. It was a very heartbreaking scene, even the part with Envy, despite it dragging on a bit. I especially loved when Buccaneer busted his way into the room and the ending music started playing. It certainly worked together to keep the excitement flowing for next week’s episode.

~Blogged by Dee

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