We start in the midst of battle; Al fighting alone against Pride and Kimblee but with the help of a Philosopher’s stone. He attempts to use some of the very basic tricks: smoke screening in order to hide himself and trapping the homunculus inside of yet another dome, but Pride is not stupid enough to fall for the tactic a second time. His flash bangs do work, however, allowing Al enough leeway in order to seal Pride up in once more. It is just him and Kimblee sharing a rather interesting conversation. The scene breaks back to Central in the midst, back to Olivier and her brother Alex battling Sloth.

None of their attempts to stop the homunculus have worked. Bullets are useless, as are the large, stone arrowheads that Major Armstrong has been sending his way. Things only get worse when they discover that, despite his size, Sloth is the fastest homunculus. However, his sheer size makes it difficult to control his direction. Sloth simply charges in a straight line and whoever is in his way is royally screwed.

Back in the forest, the cone that Al had trapped Pride in has crumbled thanks to Kimblee. The homunculus is now free, but Al is hiding in the dust again. He is caught, much to his dismay, but not for long. From out of the dust, Heinkel appears; the big cat catches his prey, delivering one fatal blow to the neck. As this happens, Kimblee spots Dr. Marcoh, with a Philosopher’s stone in hand. There is a brief scene just after back in Central. Ross, Mustang and Hawkeye have transformed the ice cream truck, which has got an APB on it, into a meat truck.

Meanwhile, underground, Ed, Scar and the chimeras are still fighting against the dolls. Alex has saved his sister from being smashed into oblivion by Sloth and the two get a bit roughed up in the process. The story skips back to the outskirts of Central, where Heinkel is using Kimblee’s body as a shield to protect himself against Pride’s oncoming attack. He learns, however, that Pride will not attack Kimblee, but he is saved anyway thanks to the unlikely assistance of Yoki. The once proud military man has saved the day, knocking Pride off of his feet with a car. After the group manages to get away, we see that Kimblee has not died off entirely. Pride instead uses him like he did Gluttony. He takes the man, takes his essence as one.

In Central again, Alex has managed to stop Sloth by driving a very large spike through his mouth. It protrudes out of the back of his head—ew! As if things couldn’t get any worse, some of the dolls that escaped from underground have managed to make their way into headquarters and are now attacking. Olivier, still a wanted woman, gives the man in charge an ultimatum: ignore orders and let us help or kill me. She even points his gun at her forehead. “Learn to think for yourself!” she shouts as Sloth has managed to grow himself a new hand, using it to crush the spike that is wedged in his mouth.

We don’t get to find out the answer until next week, but that is not the end of things. In the underground tunnels, May-chan is still fighting off Envy. From around the corner, behind her, a group of dolls appear. Envy attempts to rattle her nerves a bit, but May cannot be swayed. She knows the dolls are made of Philosopher’s stones and therefore, are exactly what she’s looking for. May manages to get away unscathed, bringing us back to Ed, Scar and everyone else.

They know they cannot hold the dolls off like this by themselves. They need more manpower before something goes wrong. When all hope seems to be lost, there is an explosion that blasts the door open; even the dolls have stopped fighting. A familiar voice echoes in the large, white-walled room. Mustang appears from the smoke as it clears along with Hawkeye and the rest of their backup. And thus, the episode comes to an end.

~Blogged By Dee

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