OP 02 “Baptize” by Yousei Teikoku :

I got four words for you which explain how epic i find the new OP of Qwaser : ‘Earworm’ and ‘Ominous Latin Chanting’ (Why yes, I am a TV Tropes nut!) Okay so I’m not sure at all whether the start of the OP is latin or not but its still pretty damn bad ass. I like that it gives off a more sinister and more serious feel to the story line and I LOVE seeing Lizzy and Sasha clashing swords. Though seeing Pheonix there made me think “aaah you stole that move from Roy you cheater!” The animation is slick and we get some sneak previews of the up coming characters which definitely makes you sit up and go “Who the hells that?!”

And ive been listening to this song all damn day and its STILL ringing in my head.I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep properly tonight…Note to self, don’t be surprised if I someone have oppai related dreams.

ED o2 “Wishes Hypocrites” by Ayumi Fujimura, Aki Toyosaki, Minori Chihara, Aya Hirano and Yoko Hikasa :

Now when the ED starts and you see the girls like that…don’t be alarmed. You arn’t the only one having very very ecchi thoughts. I got em too XD But other than that, I love the sound of this new ED. Its totally different from ‘Passionate Squall’ which had a more…rock feel to it but this is definitely more pop. But y’ know what are the two things that make this more win than the old ED? Sasha in his maid outfit and Sasha and Mafuyu kissing in the bathtub in the end (YES~! WOOHOO~ *does cartwheels around the room* Icon fodder!) I love it when the song picks up and it enters the chorus, its got an awesome catchy beat to it that makes you hum and snap your fingers along.

Though someone explain to me two things. How can Katja not get dizzy going all twirly twirly on that egg? (No, answers like “cause shes Katja!” dont count!) and whats with the bathtub again? Is there some significance to having another bathroom shot in this ED too? Don’t tell me….the epic final battle of this series will be held in the bathroom?! D:  *gets smacks with a harisen*

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