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Well, so far for this series we have had a little plot, character development, the obligatory pool/bath house episode, more character development and now we are on the eighth episode.


The eighth episode revolves around the summoning system, which has yet to be all that much explained. A supposed student sneaks in to the depths of the school to find out its secrets, but is barred by the strangely high security network in place at the school. He accidentally activates the ESB field, tripping a wire in his escape, causing the system to malfunction.

With Teachers unable to control the battle fields or even summon their beings and the students summoned beings going haywire everywhere, there is only one person who can save them. The heroic idiot, Akihisa Yoshii. No one can get to the server room due to the security lockout and seeing as Yoshii can create his own ESB field as well as owning a being that can interact with physical objects, the headmaster enlists him to send his being through the treacherous and well guarded vents in hopes of fixing the problem.

Fighting through the ridiculous security network, his friends malfunctioning summoned beings and his own stupidity, will Yoshii be able to save the school before sixth period?


This episode is an interesting one, as I am confused whether it is plot or not, either way this is a good episode that can be watched by people wanting a taster of the series. I say this as we lack any ground breaking plot coming through and it practically covers the plot explained up till now.

Episode 8 contains a boat load of references and you can pat yourself on the back nice and hard if you get them all. The largest part of this weeks episode was a huge shout out to an all time classic, Evangelion with subtle references to games and other series in place. It was done well and is probably one of the funniest episodes to date, which says a lot.

It also proved it can stand on its own feet without too much fan service from our ambiguously gendered Hideyoshi, or exploring the harem that Yoshii has unwittingly been trapped in, which both have played a large part of the last few episodes.

With this episode it brings a few more questions into play, like; Who was the student sneaking in and does he play a large part in the story? What does the headmaster have planned and why have the summoning system? Is there a deeper meaning behind this series humour or is it all for the laughs?

All I can say is, watch on and enjoy.

Next Episode: Kiss and Bust and Ponytail

-Arc of The Otaku 2.0

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