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Opinions (A):

The episode centers around the otaku group and also reveals a good deal about the dollars group that we’ve been hearing about for a while. This episode continues the trend of adding more mystery and intrigue to Ikenburo, the ubran legends and some of the characters. The biggest and most hyped character has definitely got be Izaya. Not only does the guy know literally everything that’s going around, but he even seems to have put together the entire dollars system. I can’t wait to learn more about him and his motivations for what he’s been doing. He’s easily the most unique and interesting character, and that’s a big thing considering how great all the characters are in the show.

In contrast to previous episodes, there’s a little bit more humor this episode, as expected when we were hanging around the Otaku group. The ticket and idol stuff made me laugh quite a bit. Dotachin and co are also an interesting bunch, and who can’t love references to Dokuro-chan? XD

It seems the show is sticking with its “go into the middle of the story” and reveal how we got there, and then continue to the conclusion. I should note, the human experiments storyline, as well as the female scientist’s relation to Yagiri is quite a bit disturbing. Especially with the head in the tank!

Could that be Celty’s head? or is the head on that girl the real head of Celty’s? Either way, it seems that things are still building up around the main story. Everything seems very well connected, and needless to say, I can’t get enough of this show.

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IZ..A,..YA! Next episode should clue us in on Izaya and Shizou, and why Shizou can’t wait to beat the pulp out him. Seems like this show isn’t pulling any punches, and the minute you start to want to know about something, it shows it to you and adds more mystery and new elements. Next week can’t come any sooner!

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