Lucy manages to defeat her opponent by tricking her into controlling Aquarias, the very uncooperative spirit. As soon as she does, however, The big Rat named Angelica comes jumping into to flatten her. Things don’t go as planned for Angelica either, and Erza finally arrives on the Island and cuts Angelica down. Lucy is quite happy too her, but Erza is not. She says that she’s there to punish the rule breakers of the Guild.

Next morning, Gray wakes up and finds out that the village was destroyed last night, but the villagers were saved thanks to Natsu and Lucy. He is directed to their tent, where he finds a very angry Erza sitting, with Happy and Lucy next to her, all tied up. Erza says that she wants to find Natsu, who can’t is still unaccounted for. Gray says that he needs to complete the job he’s tasked with, but Erza is hardly interested in anything other than to preserve the order of the Guild. She points a sword at Gray, who takes her challenge head on and tells her that he MUST complete this job. He tells her that if she wants to cut him down, she should do it, and leaves the tent. Erza changes her mind, and frees Happy and Lucy, saying that they will finish this problem first, and then the punishment will be dealt.

Near the Ruins, Natsu is thinking about how he had such a great idea but instead overslept. He proceeds to try and topple the ruins, but ends up breaking 5 floors of roofs above him and is seen by Reitei and his minions. Natsu engages in a fight with him. Reitei reveals his goal of wanting to surpass Ul. Natsu doesn’t care for the past, and says that he will not let all these people suffer because of it. He vows to open Retei’s eyes. As it seems that Natsu has the upper hand, the floor beneath him crumbles, and Retei avoids a deadly attack. One of his allies, the man with the mask and the green hair, is what saved him. Retei tells them all to leave, and that he will deal with Natsu himself.

Meanwhile, Gray, Erza, Happy and Lucy are heading towards the ruins. Gray reveals Reitei’s plans, and the fact that Ul is not actually dead yet.

Opinions (B+):

A bunch of things happen in this episode. Lucy takes down her first opponent, albeit in a bit of a sloppy way, and Erza appears. Natsu also takes on Lyon/Reitei and does a decent job of it. As much as I like Natsu, I still feel this is more of Gray’s fight than anything else. I hope Gray does more than just tell Lyon that Ul is still alive.

Erza also irked me a bit, but it was sorta expected of the character I guess. It also makes me wonder about the so called, S-Class quest. I mean, this wasn’t much of an S-Class quest if Natsu can handle it just fine. It either argues that the quest is too easy, or that Natsu is just too strong. I dunno, I just expected a sense of danger and dread, and I was even thinking Natsu and co would have bitten off more than they can chew, rather than, you know, powering on through.

Still, the episode had some nice moments. Natsu’s little solution to the moon drip problem was very in character, and had me chuckle. Gray standing up to Erza was definitely the highlight of the episode, and it showed us just how attached Gray was to this request of theirs, with his hands shaking as he clutched Erza’s sword.

Next Episode:

Next episode seems like its going to be a flashback episode that deals with the past. We’ll finally find out what happens to Ul. I’m betting the ice around Deliora, IS in fact, Ul. The next episode is called “Eternal Magic”, so I’m pretty sure I’m right on this. Lets see what happens though!

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