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Opinions (A):

I’ve personally decided on removing the “summary” part out of these episode blog posts, mostly because these shows are available online and easy to find, and my interests lie more in expressing my views on an episode, rather than providing a recap. As such, I think I won’t be doing ant more episode summaries effective immediately XD

That said, this episode was another good episode. Izaya is easily becoming my favorite character, with his craziness, philosophical babble and the sly cleverness. He’s a very unpredictable and thus, interesting character. He clearly sees some interested Mikado (Ryugamine) and I don’t think its coincidence that he helped him out in the alley. Kida also seems to fear him quite a bit, callhimg him Izaya-san and everything, not even looking directly at him.

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We finally get introduced to the Bartender dude, Shizou. His interactions with Izaya were very entertaining. He and Izaya seem like polar opposites, in practically every way. Shizou is berserk, angry and the very personifcation of violence while Izaya is more of fast, sweft and clever type. I can’t wait to see these characters interact more with each other, the dynamic between them seems very interesting. Simon suddenly jumping down from the building and grabbing the vending machine was cool. I think the highlight of this series is in how interesting, odd and over the top its characters are.

I also loved the short segment with the Otakus. That was pretty interesting and funny, and I especially loved the references to Shana and Dokuro-chan. This oozes with comedy, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole part where Shizou punched one of the thugs and sent him flying, also undressing him in the process.

Harima also found what he was looking for, a love interest. By this episode, we’ve been introduced to most of the characters (save for one or two more). There’s a lot of history and mystery behind each one, and I can’t wait to see how each character’s background, story and everything else is revealed. Needless to say, I’m loving this series, and quite enjoyed this episode.

Next Episode:

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The next episode will focus more on the Black Rider again it seems. There’s also going to be more of Izaya and of Shizou from the looks of it. That can only mean more entertainment. I honestly can’t wait! =D

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