So Gundam OO has returned with it’s second season that’s set 4 years after the events of Season 1. How does Season 2 live up to the high bar set by Season 1? Read on to find out

Opinions: (A+ Episode)

Okay so the second season is upon us. I have nothing but positive opinions about this episode. Gundam OO Season 1 really moved toward an epic season finale, and that epicness is just as much preserved in the first episode of Gundam OO Season 2. No longer are things slow, is celestial being being introduced, are the characters confused. They’re strong, confident and ready to act. That’s a huge contrast (For the better from season 1).

I really loved how much Setsuna F Seiei has changed since the last season. He’s no more the idiotic Gundam fanatic that’s beyond confused. He’s confident, he knows what he wants, and he’s actually doing that he feels right. THAT is how the main character of a show needs to be, and it’s been well done. Setsuna has transformed from an annoying kid to a very likable main character in the 4 years time gap that we’ve had in between seasons.

Saji has changed for the worst IMO, and I think he’s been designated as the baka of the story. His moments were very annoying. He’s a dumbass that’s riddled with grief and not really using his head. It does make sense, since Saji was never really that bright.

Louise on the other hand, that was a really NICE touch. The fact that Louise is the next step in an enhanced soldier and is on pills and all that. Its really good. That and she’s connected somehow to the big villain (who’s actually a cute pretty boy XD)

Tieria has also undergone some changes. No longer is he the annoying pompus arrogant asshole XD He’s actually become a much more interesting and slightly more human character. I especially liked how he was trying to explain and defend Setsuna in front of Saji.

That aside, the lovely doveyness between White haired Enhanced soldier chick (I forget her name) and her colonel was really nice XD I’m guessing he asked her to marry him? Dawwww.

And then, Boom! Returns the prodigal son to take his dad’s girlfriend away XD I couldn’t stop laughing and yet it was really well done.

The final thing, that sorta pissed me off is how Lockon is actually alive. Of course, his eye is healed and he has no memories of the past. That killed a lot of the epicness of Season 1 IMO. Lockon dieing in the line of his mission was something that really affected everyone in Celestial Being… And to ruin that was not a good move IMO. it would’ve been better to add a new character, but ah well… Lockon was too popular so Sunrise pulled one of its “amazing character revivals” (Its done that a lot in Code Geass R2 XD)

Next Episode:

Okay, so there’s the whole Twin Drive thing, which is pretty interesting if a bit obvious. The new Celestial being is going to have more powered up Gundams that are made to destroy other gundams, since literally every mech now has the GN Drive from last season.

I eagerly anticipate the next episode. If anything, Gundam OO Season 2 is a fitting replacement for Code Geass R2, and I’m glad that my Sundays are going to be livened up again 😀

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