Amazing Story & Characters, Epic Conclusion to the Franchise, Great Production valuesMinor pacing Issues, minor plot threads are not resolved


Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, you’ve at the very least heard of the awesome anime that is Code Geass. A direct sequel to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Code Geass R2 picks up approximately a year after the events of the first season. With such an exceptionally well done first season, it’s obvious that expectations from R2 were through the roof.

Was Season 2 as good as Season 1? Was it even better? Or was it a complete disaster? The answer to all those questions is a flat “No”.  Code Geass R2 is an exceptional anime; it’s well done, and provides a solid conclusion to a phenomenal story of the Geass series. Unlike its predecessor season, however, Code Geass R2 is not without faults. (For anyone who hasn’t seen Geass Season 1, we strongly suggest that you not read ahead at all and watch that first)

cgr2-1 cgr2-3

Code Geass R2 continues the tale of Lelouch and his crusade to exact revenge on his father and recreate the world into a much better place (After destroying it). Code Geass R2 features a superb story. The series’ highlights have always been the plot twists and surprises that it’s delivered along with the superb story, and not it’s action or mecha elements. Season 2 goes a step further in everything Code Geass Season 1 did while making a few mistakes along the way.

Unlike last season, every episode ends on an impressive cliffhanger. Each episode provides some major shocks and you can pretty much expect a twist (or two) at the end. What’s so impressive is the simple fact that each of these plot-twists are beyond impressive. The story twists and turns so much and yet remains exciting, impressive and interesting throughout, and THAT is no small accomplishment.

Much akin to the first season, each of Code Geass R2’s episodes are worthy of being considered important. Not one episode is meaningless or “extra”. The entire series is a tightly packed, content heavy package. The story does take some rather unprecedented turns, and one may argue that some of these twists actually hurt the anime a bit, and we believe they do.

Code Geass R2 goes a bit overboard in being extremely dramatic, and the results aren’t always favorable. As a week by week show, Geass R2 has done well. For anyone who’s going to watch this show together as one package, however, it will probably be somewhat confusing and draining because of all the plot twists and complexity. Code Geass R2 is a show for those who DO NOT mind mind boggling plots, because it has one of the most complex plots seen to date.

The characters in this season do not fail to please. Each character is done and handled very well. Most of the cast of characters consists of characters from Season 1, and each character’s return is handled with impressive care. The evolution of each character is very visible and apparent in the series, and another thing that Code Geass does so well is not change or upset the basic fundamentals of its characters while giving them such altering and life changing roles.

 cgr2-5 cgr2-6

The new characters are just as good, and some are very memorable. Rollo, as an example, is a new character in Geass that will annoy most people to a point, after which he will gain respect beyond what anyone could have ever imagined for him. Many characters are introduced, but some are underused at times, and that can be considered one of the show’s flaws.

Some characters, like the Knights of Rounds, do not get enough screen time. The Knight of One, who is supposed to be the empire’s strongest warrior, is downplayed quite a bit as well. Some characters appear in one episode, only to vanish from the plot entirely in the next, their roles fulfilled. It does seem odd at times, and while Code Geass has MANY impressive characters, it does not (and probably could not) do justice to all of them.

Of course, the only real stinging flaw of Code Geass R2 is its pacing. This is something that Season 1 did masterfully. It paced each episode perfectly, making sure there was enough content in each episode that it seemed chunky and meaty enough, while not going too overboard with information either. Geass R2 doesn’t make an episode feel empty, it just makes it feel congested. This, in particular, can be felt in the last few episodes, where the plot feels rushed.  Some small subplot points are never even fully resolved, which can annoy quite a bit when you look at the series in retrospect.

The small subplots are sacrificed for the overall story, and while it DOES work, we can’t say that it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to split Season 2 into two seasons, and expand on some of the other subplots a bit. The pacing isn’t horrible, it’s just a bit too fast for comfort. This doesn’t ruin the show of course, but it does prevent it from being a perfect series like Season 1.

Code Geass R2 has an amazing and unpredictable story, complete with an impressive and conclusive ending. The ending is one of the best seen to date in anime. Anime like Tengen Toppa Gurren lagan, Full Metal Alchemist e.t.c, the best of the best, cannot top this ending. It’s classy, open ended, and very conclusive.
So… While it does have some pacing issues, and while in SOME small parts there are some unbelievable events and tidbits that do stick out, overall Code Geass R2 delivers a story and conclusion that’s some of the best seen to date.

On the Artistic side, Code Geass R2 does not disappoint either. Clamp once again provides it’s impressive character designs, and Sunrise does exceptionally well with their area of expertise, mecha designs. The mech battles, the action, the animation are all exceedingly well done.  Rarely does the animation quality drop, and when it DOES, it’s so unnoticeable and cleverly covered up that you barely notice. Props to Sunrise for a job well done in the animation department. Everything in the show, from the animation or artistic side is near perfect.

cgr2-7 cgr2-8

The Sound department doesn’t lag behind either, having one hell of an OST. The OST is impressive, and really well utilized for each and every event that occurs in the anime. The story is great an all, even plot twists are impressive, but they really come to life with the impressive music that sets the mood for each scene. The opening themes are also very good, particularly the first one, done by Orange Road. The Ending themes are alright, but definitely not as memorable as Season 1’s.

Jun Fukuyama and the rest of the voice actors also do an AMAZING job all the way through the show. The voice acting is beyond impressive, and even though it’s in Japanese, as English speaking viewers, we were still blown away. The show’s characters wouldn’t be half as amazing without their talented voice actors in control of their voices.

All in all, Code Geass R2 is an amazing show. It’s VERY well done, but it’s not perfect. Some flaws do stick out, and at times, some parts of it DO feel rushed, but at the end of the day, Code Geass R2 stands in the hall of fame as one of the best anime to date, right behind it’s exceptional first season. We give Code Geass R2 an A Grade.

~Reviewed By Setsuken

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  • LittleBlueMan

    Great review!
    Code Geass R2 is an amazing, amazing show. Its ending is one of the best in all T.V shows, let alone Anime.

  • Kai

    R1 was a masterpiece.

    The review hit it on the spot… R2 takes fortitude to get through because if you even take a 20 sec nap in an episode, u’d be sooo confused due to a brilliantly (and often painful) plot twist.

    i DID NOT see the ending coming.

    i felt bad for EVERY major character in the show, which makes this show a gem to me (also, no other show inspired me to post on a random forum!).

  • Burton Haynes

    Hey, amazing site! Keep it up! I will be difinatley be coming back in the near future =)

  • Honestly, i’d have to disagree. Whilst R1 was a good job well done, if not perfect and certainly lacking in some fields, R2 dropped the ball significantly. They tried to make us see the point of too many characters at once, and became a convoluted mess because of it. Also, I have to question your high rating for a frankly ridiculous art style that seems almost physically impossible, and often very narmy.

    On top of that, I can’t see how you can possibly give it an A given the two faults that you most certainly did nail, namely the pacing issues and lost plot threads. If a show can’t keep track of all its plot threads, I can’t honestly see how it can be worthy of an A, considering how bad a job it did tripping over it’s own direction change. As well as this, the pacing was just the poorly-positioned cherry on a very unsavoury cake.

    • My reviews generally go for enjoyment and overall interest that a series or show can generate.

      I don’t believe R2 dropped the ball significantly, it did quite well for the majority of the series, and the only place where I think it had somewhat of a problem was the last few episodes, particularly when a certain character that can “travel through” bodies came into the picture.

      I think the comment below yours echoes my thoughts on the side characters. Most of the important plot threads are taken care of, and with something on the large scale as Code Geass, I don’t think its even reasonable to expect everything to be finished off. I honestly could care less about what happened to Tamaki XD

      The art style, is a clamp thing. Manga and Anime art isn’t supposed to be realistic all the time. Appreciating each art style for what it is, is a big thing for many watchers and fans of Clamp. I don’t think you’re supposed to take the art so seriously, and I personally think its works quite well and fits with the feel of the series.

      A lot of Lelouch’s more dramatic poses would hardly be possible without the art style.

      At the end of the day, my reviews are a pro and con evaluation. I feel that the Pros of the series far outweigh the cons, and thus I think that while there are minor issues like say… the pacing being rushed a bit near the end or some minor plot threads not being adressed, I think the series hits on the all the necessary things it needs to.

      Could it have been better? Yes. Its not as good as Season 1, or a perfect score for that reason.

  • Sumeiia

    I gotta disagree respectfully on the pacing aspect. I kinda liked the feel of R2 more than R1 on that aspect. I liked that rushed feel to it and I think that kinda lent to the story as well. Made me jittery and nervous every damn week too. And then I’d spaz like a loon after watching it before wailing for the next episode XD

    Y’ can’t give enough screen time to every side character and if they’d have gone on for that, then the pacing would be REALLY screwed up 😛 and its CG, i’d wait for the Picture Books od sound drama’s for more focus on the side characters. and i fucking ADORE the Drama CD’s! 😀

    The art was done by CLAMP. NUFF SAID. (is a CLAMP nut)

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    • mharvi_27

      ,,yeah!!i also waiting for r3,,all my life,,

      • Phantom Assassin

        Actually there is nothing left to show in code geass so r3 would be boring….without Lulu

        • TheAmbitiousOtaku

          No my friend code geass season 3 is announced!!!!!!!
          It will be code geass: lelouch of the ressurection

  • mharvic_27

    ,,i really hate rolo,,because his’ only role is to pretend to be lelouch’s brother,but he gets jelous to nunnally,he tried to kill her,,he also killed,,shirly,,because she mentioned nunnally’s name?,,,

  • cheche_

    idk how ppl think r1 was better, r2 blew it out of the water

  • Jeremy

    The ending and the characterization makes no sense. How are the Black Knights heroes, anyway?

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